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An Introduction to Hurworth Grange

API-BBC3_2Hurworth Grange is located in Hurworth on Tees, co. Durham, in the northeast of England. Although not our first investigation location, it was our favorite, and was considered our official team headquarters, or, our “home away from home.”

Of all the locations we investigated over the years this one received the most time and dedication. It also the location where the BBC program, “Inside Out,” filmed us for a feature spot on their television show.

This is not a location where you will find so-called demonic entities or negative spirits. It is a very peaceful place, with equally peaceful ghosts. However, the invisible residents will act out with mischief if they happen to take a dislike to a new guest investigator, as we found out on a couple of occassions. Only twice did we ever really encounter something that appeared “negative,” but we believe these were only otherworldly visitors, and not and regular ghostly inhabitants of the location.

This beautiful Victorian manor house has been home to a highly respected Quaker family, a Jewish business man and his family who sheltered numerous Jewish refugees from Europe during WWII, as well as allowing the military to set up headquarters on the property, and the St. John of God Hospitallers also ran a seminary here for young men who wished to join the order.

This is also the location where we captured some of our best paranormal evidence, including photographic, video and EVPs. Our research into the home, and those who lived within its walls, lead us all over the world, from England to the Swiss Alps in Zermatt, Switzerland, and to the United States. Our research was very indepth and extensive.

These reports and histories will be added, as will photographs, video footage and EVPs.


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