Hurworth Grange / Locations / United Kingdom

The Legs on the Stairs

During the investigation of the Hurworth Grange on 17 June 2005, an anomalous pair of legs was captured going up the main staircase. The account below is in the words of Colin Nunn, the investigator who captured the image.

Hurworth Grange – Main Stairs


The camera, a Fuji S602zoom, was placed on the banister newel at the bottom of the stairs to negate camera shake and blur with extended exposure. I was in a locked-off area, away from any other investigators. As I like to avoid using a flash wherever possible in order to avoid the possibility of refraction or illuminating dust particles or bugs the ISO of the camera was set at 1600. While this results in a grainy picture it also provides increased light absorption thus enabling relatively decent exposure in very low light. In addition the aperture was set at 2.8 with an exposure of 3 seconds. A series of frames were then taken approximately ten seconds apart. In the first frame you can clearly see the edges of the steps from left to right. In the second frame there are sections that are distinctly darkened, one to the left and two to the right. When applying a despeckle effect and adjusting the brightness and contrast of the frames it very much seems to be a pair of legs on the right of the frame. I have attempted to explain this frame rationally but have failed to do so. I would remind you that no flash was used and the illumination of the area was particularly dark. Later on, in an effort to replicate this shot, a test frame was taken while one of the team members were climbing the stairs, and while blurred it could easily be seen as a team member with brightly coloured clothing and relatively distinct shape and depth. It in no way resembled this mysterious capture. At the very least this currently unexplainable frame is very interesting.


Photo in its original state. Notice the shape of legs on the right side. To the left of the legs it almost appears to be a woman’s long skirt.


Photo in greyscale.


Photo after contrast has been lightened.


This photo was taken within a few seconds of the one above. Notice that the shape of legs are now gone.


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