Harperley POW Camp / Locations / United Kingdom

Harperley – Team Reports


30 JULY 2005

Cindy Nunn (API), Terry Smith (Team Phenomena), Paul Loseby (guest), Gav Hitchinson (Team Phenomena)

Vigil 1: Hut 10
Start time: 23:30

Equipment used:
digital camera, temperature gun, dowsing rods, crystal pendulum.

Dowsing rod results for vigil:

The rods moved when asked if there was a ‘spirit’ present.
When asked if he was a POW he answered ‘yes’. He
Said that he couldn’t show himself but could touch
Someone. He said that he’d been killed in the camp and
that a second ‘spirit’ was present. (At this point one of the
cameras moved by itself, witnessed by all.)
The team then moved to the corridor. No further to

End Time: 00:00

Cindy Nunn (API), Terry Smith (Team Phenomena), Gav Hitchinson (Team Phenomena)

Vigil 2: Theatre
Start time: 00:30

Equipment used:
digital camera, temperature gun, dowsing rods, crystal pendulum.

00:40 TS Whilst on the stage, TS felt something ‘touch’ him.
CN sensed ‘something’ in front of her.

01:00 CN Something ‘pushed’ CN’s right shoulder.
ALL Dowsing results for vigil:
TS is using dowsing rods and asks for a ‘positive’
and a ‘negative’ response. Asks if presence a POW,
answer ‘yes’. Asks if presence could touch anyone,
answer ‘no’. Asks to indicate where it is in the room,
rods move and point to TS’s right hand side. This question
is asked a further two times with the same result. It seems
that this presence is not friendly. TS asks where the
presence is now and it indicates that it is next to CN.
01:10 TS TS sees an ‘orb’ beside CN.

Dowsing continued:
TS asks if the presence wants to harm anyone and the rods
point to CN. It indicates that it doesn’t like women as it is
afraid of them. It doesn’t like Americans but does like the
British. It indicates that it is German. TS asks if it pushed
CN, ‘yes’. Asks if it agreed with the war, answer ‘yes’.
It indicates that it is angry at CN being in the room. (At this
point CN feels sick and feels a presence next to her). ‘Rank,
nasty’ smell appears to be following CN. This presence
claims to like CN and the rods are following her
movements. A digital camera keeps going out of focus
when pointed at CN. There is a three degree difference in the
temperature of CN’s hands. The presence indicates that it is
between CN and G . THE presence is still following CN. The
team still report smelling something ‘rank’.

01:35 CN Something is playing with the clasp on CN’s bag and pushing
her left shoulder.
ALL CN’s body temperature is reported to be 17c and the ambient
room temperature to be 8.5c, dropping suddenly to 6.5c.

01:45 CN, TS Both report feeling something ‘walk’ past them. Room
temperature drops to 5.5c then increased to 6.5c.

01:48 CN sees light on the wall.

01:50 TS is ‘pushed’ in the back, then again a moment later.

End time: 02:00

Cindy Nunn (API), Terry Smith (Team Phenomena), Gav Hitchinson (Team Phenomena)

Vigil 3: Hut 22
Start time: 02:30

Equipment used:
digital camera, temperature gun, dowsing rods, crystal pendulum, camcorder.

02:38 ALL TS using dowsing rods. Presence says it is friendly.

02:50 ALL TS asks for a sign of a spirit present and his camcorder
switches itself off.

03:15 ALL A ‘sighing’ noise is heard by all present. A white mist is
seen in the back doorway.

End time: 03:30


Colin Nunn (API), Karen Smith (Team Phenomena), Tony Liddell (OWNE), Janet

Vigil 1: Hut 22
Start time: 23:20

Equipment used:
digital camera, temperature gun, dowsing rods, crystal pendulum, camcorder, dictaphone.

Time Witness(es) Occurrence .
23:25 J J heard a ‘cough’.

23:30 TL TL heard music ‘like old gramaphone records’.

23:35 KS KS started chocking and feeling sick in the room with the
Union Flag in it.

23:40 CN CN used dowsing rods, no result.

End time: 00:20


Colin Nunn (API), Karen Smith (Team Phenomena), Tony Liddell (OWNE), Janet Dodds (OWNE)

Vigil 2: Hut 10
Start time: 00:55

Equipment used:
digital camera, temperature gun, dowsing rods, crystal pendulum, camcorder, dictaphone.

Time Witness(es) Occurrence .
01:04 CN CN suffering from ‘intense’ pain in his side.
ALL Motion sensors triggered.

01:40 ALL Motion sensor swapped over, still going off.

01:45 KS J KS and J feel as though they are being followed. The door
at the end of the corridor is open, it was shut earlier when
the team arrived at the location. No team member has
been near it. KS and J see a ‘shadow’ moving.

End time: 01:55


Colin Nunn (API), Karen Smith (Team Phenomena), Tony Liddell (OWNE), Janet Dodds (OWNE)

Vigil 3: Theatre
Start time: 02:35

Equipment used:
Digital camera, temperature gun, dowsing rods, crystal pendulum, camcorder, Dictaphone.

Time Witness(es) Occurrence .
03:15 KS KS feels something ‘prick’ her on the ankle.

No further reports

End time: 03:35


Chris Carnegie (API), Sarah (OWNE), Mel (Guest), Joseph Smith (Guest)

Vigil 1: Theatre
Start time: 23:00

Equipment used:
digital camera x2, camcorder

Time Witness(es) Occurrence .
23:30 ALL Orb seen beside the left hand side window on the stage.
(2308 on S video counter.)

23:40 ALL Whole team smells a musky smell ‘like an old church’..

23:44 S S smells a ‘sickly sweet’ smell on the stage.

23:45 ALL The musky smell is back.

23:55 CC CC sees a ‘figure’ on the stage.

End time: 00:00
M had to leave after this vigil due to a prior engagement.


Chris Carnegie (API), Sarah (OWNE), Joseph Smith (Guest)

Vigil 2: Hut 22
Start time: 00:55

Equipment used:
digital camera x2, camcorder

Time Witness(es) Occurrence .

Various orbs caught on camera’s and video. Nothing further reported.

End time: 01:55

TEAM 3 disbanded after this vigil as S had to leave. It was felt unwise to continue with a team of two, for health and safety reasons.


Darren Ritson’s Report:


Hut 22, Location 1. 10.54 pm.

Room temperature 9 degrees.
Sheila temp 11 degrees.
Darren temp 16 degrees.
Jo temp 11 degrees.
Kevs temp 17 degrees.

A preliminary EMF sweep showed no anomalies.

11.00pm. Kev asks for phenomena and a scrapping noise is heard by Jo.
11.01pm I feel a cold blast of air, however the hut IS open to the elements, although its not actual windy outside at this point.
11.05pm The Room temp raises 3 degrees to 12 degrees.
11.05pm. Jo continues to hear the scrapping noise.
11.06pm. Sheila then feels a blast of cold air across her.
11.08pm. Kev asks for more phenomena to no avail.
11.10pm. Myself and Sheila both hear a clump, or one footstep emanating from with the hut. I then see a light as though someone shone a torch, (no one did).
11.15pm Sheila picks up the name LUTZ. (pretty close to LUX don’t you think, RUDI LUX who was a prisoner here back in the day, he died in April 2004).
11.16pm. Kev photographs an anomalous light. Reflections and dust is ruled out.
11.17pm. Kev asks everyone how the actually FEEL at this present time. I state I feel dizzy and headachy, and feel as thought the room has went oppressive. Kevs legs felt like jelly for some reason, Sheila too reports having a headache, and Jo reports feeling heavy legs……so two people with head complaints, and two with leg complaints.
11.20pm. Room temperature at 12 degrees.
11.30pm. I get the feeling we are being watched by unknown people from outside the hut windows. As does Kev and he says “Its as though we are being watched as we try to watch them, The watches being watched” so to speak. As a matter of a fact, as it turns out we all feel the same sensation of being watched at the same time. (all four of us).
11.35pm. The German words “Shisen Housen, or shit house! (Not sure if spelt correct) come to mind…why? only god knows , Maybe hut 22 was a sanitary block or toilet block or something, then a blast of a disgusting stench hits me right in the face and it is Foul. Making me think my first assumption is correct.
11.40pm. A second EMF sweep showed no anomalies.
11.45pm. I approach Jo to ask her how she is feeling and get sudden pains in my chest and throat, (not telling her this) she tells me at that point she suddenly felt pains in her CHEST AND THROAT!
11.47pm. I distinctly hear a the sound of a man moan. Its was not Kev as he told me this. It came from the area Kev was and he then reported minor blips and beeps from his EMF reader. Not only that the room temp drops by 3 degrees. ( so we have the auditory, the temperature and the EMF anomaly all recorded at the same time) Were these incidents connected? My gut tells me they were.

11.50pm. I decide to ask for phenomena to encourage whatever it was to try and come forward and either communicate, or show its self. I feel is a shooting pain across my head and my body temperature dropped from 16 degrees to 9 degrees!
11.55pm. Kev gets the image of a small man with glasses on, and get the word, or the name Rouse / Rows???
11.56pm. Punishment is sensed in this room, and people get the idea that the energies are not really that good. We have all had minor complaints since entering this room i.e. Head pains, funny legs, Pains in the chest and throat, dizziness ect. A lot of mysterious lights have been seen throughout this vigil too.
11.57pm. I get the impression that people have been laid out in here, for what reasons I do not know.
12.00 midnight. Kev feels very dizzy indeed on leaving the hut.

End of vigil 1.

12.30pm. On our break we were standing outside of hut 13 near the base room, I was chatting to Tony and Suzanne when I become aware of a figure out the corner of my eye. At first I thought it was an investigator and when I turned to look , I realised it was not an investigator, for it proceed to move forwards straight into the back of the tractor that happened to be parked in its path and simply vanished before my eyes. All I can ascertain was that it was a figure of a man. I could not tell what he was wearing for some reason (maybe because it was dark, and he was wearing dark clothing) and it was, I believe, an apparition. Obviously the ghost would not have been aware of the tractor and that is why it walked into the back of it. I was dumfounded, gob smacked and rendered speechless for a minute or two, simply because I saw the ghost in the first place and it was when I least expected too. My guard was down and I was not even thinking about ghosts. Some people may believe my account, and I have a feeling that some people present on the night do not. But all I know is, is that I don’t lie, I don’t make stuff up, and I don’t exaggerate anything in any way. I know what I saw, and I saw this figure vanish with crystal clarity.

Hut 13. Location 2 12.45am

Room Temp. 15 degrees.
The preliminary EMF sweep shows no anomalies.

12.46am On entering hut 13 Kev tried some rod dowsing to no avail. He then tried some dowsing with the crystal pendulum, again to no avail.
1.00am Jo said she could hear men murmuring in her ears, we were not talking at the time and on listening out for anyone in the vicinity, we could hear no one although people were not far away from our location. Her dowsing rods were then tugged out of her hands and hit the floor.
1.10am. Jo gets the word deutsch, (as in Deutschland) and says she doesn’t know what it means. I tell her it is indeed a German word but I don’t know what it means exactly.
1.20am Jo also gets the impression of 6 tables in the room while people are sitting at these tables stamping stuff. (weather it be forms, passports, or paperwork in general).
1.25am. Kev and I both feel a very strong and cold blast of air. It hit Kevs back and got me right in the face and neck. We both agree that it was not the breeze coming in through a gap in the window, however we could be wrong. It just felt otherworldly.
1.30am. A short but sweet stint of dowsing indicated that there was indeed a spirit man in the room, who said he was indeed a POW and could spell his name for us. But he did not.
1.31am. I photographed a nice moving light anomaly then Jo feels a tug on her coat.
1.35am Myself and Kev try to get a response from simultaneously shouting out German phrases. I also asked for phenomena and I taped this effort in the hope to get a response on cassette. Unfortunately all to no avail. Nothing at all was picked up on the Dictaphone.
1.40am Kev and Sheila complains that they are feeling ice cold.
1.40 – 2.00am It was very inactive between these times and no phenomena was documented.

End of vigil 2.

Hut 22b, Location 3. 2.38am.

3.45am. I called out for phenomena to no avail, this vigil was extremely quiet indeed, we ventured in to the opposite building and again nothing much in the way of phenomena.

3.30am. End of vigil 3.

End of Investigation.

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