Harperley POW Camp / Locations / United Kingdom

The Harperley Investigation


Sepia - POW012 copyOn the night of 30 July 2005 the API Team were conducting an investigation of the Harperley Prisoner of War Camp, in Firtree, County Durham, England. The guest list included members from other North East teams – Otherworld North East, Team Phenomena and UK Ghost In-Spectres. Also included were members of the band “Shine On.”

The night did not get off to a promising start. Our security team had been making their way to the camp from their base in Yorkshire when one of them began to suffer from abnormal abdominal bleeding. They had no other choice but to turn around and head for the hospital. We were pleased to hear that Ted would be fine after spending a night in hospital. Without a security force certain members of API would have to do double duty as both hosts and security. There was a very good reason to have security details for this investigation. Not only were we the first (and only) team ever allowed to investigate Harperley, we were also the first to team to even conduct an official investigation of ANY prisoner of war camp in the UK. As a result, when word got out that we were choosing select guest teams to join in the investigation we were flooded with literally hundreds of requests from teams throughout England, Scotland and Wales. Some of these “teams” had a less than professional or savory reputation and were denied outright.  We had received intel that there were plans by some of these “investigators” to crash the investigation. During the night of the investigation there were numerous attempts by certain members of those teams to try and climb over fences to gain entry to the POW compound. Fortunately we were able to find and stop them before they could enter. As a back-up plan, the owner of the compound had four very well-trained German Shepherd guard dogs that would have been released if it had become necessary.

Once the guests all arrived we began investigations into various huts. The most active locations of the night were the theatre and huts 10 and 22. Numerous “orbs” were captured on video and digital camera in these locations. Strangely, one area just outside of the former barber shop also seemed active and three “orbs” were photographed in this area in a number of shots. The “orbs” appear to have been moving about in a triangular formation, almost as if they were moving with purpose.

Most teams felt that there were two presences in the Theatre and they seemed to take particular ambiguous interest towards female members in the groups. It was remarked that one of the presences enjoyed the female company, while the other did not like having them in the Theatre and indicated a desire to cause upset, yet did not wish to cause harm.

A number of people felt a sense of sadness in Hut 22, yet they also felt as if a protective presence was present. A number of people unfamiliar with the history of Harperley stated that a man named “Rudolph” was following us around and enjoying our company. One team set up their video camera at one end of the building and then sat in chairs away from the camera. Upon asking for any presences to make themselves known all members heard the video camera shut off as if done manually by an unseen hand. Other members pointed their digital cameras at the video camera at this time and found that their cameras would not snap any shots.


Hut 10 was the most sinister feeling of the locations covered during the night and most could not wait to get out of there. Just under two weeks before the investigation I had been wandering around this hut taking photos while on break from scraping paint. While in there I saw a shadow moving along the wall towards me in the small walk-way between hut 10 and hut 1. As I slowly walked backwards away from the area I snapped a number of shots in quick succession. In the area where I saw the shadow “orbs” appeared in the photos. I didn’t like the feeling I had then, and two weeks later during the investigation others also reported a distinct dislike for this hut. A number of people felt that someone might come to harm in there from whatever presence or presences were resident in it.


Suzanne McKay of Team Phenomena kept hearing the song “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer” playing in her head.

Kevin Gray of Otherworld North East said he had the image of a small man wearing glasses and he was saying “rouse” or “rows?” He felt at the time that this might have been the man’s name, but further investigation found that the German word “Raus” means “OUT!” Could it be that the spirit of this man was telling Kevin that he was not happy about our presence in his territory?

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