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Ghost Radar -Investigation Results

Back in January I did a solo investigation of a cancer rehab center, which will remain unnamed. I used a program called Ghost Radar that you download to your cell phone. Here are the results I got….

January 25th…. Just returned from a two-hour paranormal investigation that I was asked to do. Got the request via cell phone while hubby and I were eating at Burger Express. The location… can’t give specifics due to the nature of the location and who one of the silent partners is. I can reveal that the silent partner is a very famous person and the location is a place for people who have survived cancer or are going through treatment. I was contacted directly by the silent partner because of my reputation in the field and their past interest in another location I investigated. Apparently activity has become so prolific that they wanted me in as soon as possible. The activity is not scary, but they still wanted answers.

So, for the first ten minutes I sat out in the parking lot, letting my Ghost Radar “warm up.” As soon as I walked in the door the GR went off. I got the word “Months.” I looked around and noticed a calendar on the wall to my left. Just as I turned to look at the calendar the word “facing” came up on the GR. Then, the silent partner came out of another room to greet me. He took my hand into both of his to welcome me and thank me for coming on such short notice, and the word “Chosen” came over the GR.

I began to walk around the lobby area and asked “Is anyone here who would like to speak or show themselves to us?” Immediately the word “Akasha” popped up on the GR! For those unfamiliar with the term, Akasha is the Element of Spirit. Akasha is the fifth element, the binding part that runs through all matter, and it is also the collective unconscious of life-forms. The word itself is Persian/East Indian and means ‘inner space’. So I found this particularly interesting.

I stayed in this area for about another 10 minutes, and since the activity seemed to have waned I went into the next area, called the Reading and Quiet Meditation room. As soon as I entered the word “Bible” popped up on the GR. Sure enough, on a table about 6 feet away from me sat an open Bible. I stayed in here for about 10 minutes.

Next, I went back to the lobby area on my way to the Arts & Crafts room. I briefly stopped in front of the reception desk, and the word “Informed” popped up on the GR. Right there on the desk was a display rack full of booklets about cancer. Then, the name “Kristin” came up on the GR. On the way from the lobby to the art area I had to pass a wall full of artwork created by the cancer patients. The word “Express” came up on the GR.

In the art room I sat down for a few minutes, just kind of looking around, and my eyes landed on the bronze bust off a woman’s head and face. At that moment the word “Cast” came up on the GR, and right after that, the word “Cancer.” At this point I asked if anyone had a message for me and the word “Sent” came up.

I left this room and went back to the lobby to meet up with the silent partner. In the lobby is an area with plants. The silent partner bent down to fix one of the plants that had come out of the shallow soil and rocks. The word “Stick” came up at the same time.

I decided to go outside for a few minutes to take a break, but before I went out I asked if anyone had a message. The word “Nothing” came up. Then, walking through the parking lot I walked past a mini-van and the word “Wagon” appeared on the GR. I now turned it off so I could enjoy a few minutes chatting with my husband and the silent partner. I did not discuss anything that came up on the GR. I was waiting until the end.

After about 15 minutes I turned on the GR and the three of us went back into the lobby. Immediately the word “ill” came up. Since my husband and the silent partner heard this they obviously knew that I was indeed picking up activity, so we started to discuss some of the things that had been going on. As we talked the word “solve” came up. I then revealed the contents of the GR readings, which had the silent partner very interested. Of particular interests were the following… Kristin (a cancer patient who, after going into remission, became ill with another cancer, which she did not survive), Cancer, and Cast. The bronze cast of a woman’s head and face was actually of a cancer patient who had also died.
All in all, a very good investigation.

And this update to the account, which I received later that night… Update… was just phoned by the silent partner and he informed me that “Kristin” also helped to set up the library.

All in all, I personally believe that any of the Ghost Radar programs are a handy tool to have along on a paranormal investigation. I personally use the Ghost Radar Coonect, but have also used all of their other options, including the free Ghost Radar Classic, available for both Android and Apple iPhone/iPad devices. Check them out at the link below:

Spudpickles Ghost Radar App.

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