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Newbottle – 1st Investigation – Report

Newbottle Workingmen’s Club and

St. Matthew’s Churchyard

Tyne & Wear

11/12 November 2006

Venue: St. Matthew’s Graveyard

Weather: cold, windy, dry, clear

Date: 11/12 Nov. 2006

Participants: Colin Nunn, Cindy Nunn, Ivan Brown, Sharon Brentnall, Kevin Curry, Sharon Cobb

Vigil No. 1, Vigil Site: St. Matthew’s Graveyard, Newbottle Start Time: 21:30

21:35 Orbs caught on camera. Witnessed by Ivan, Cindy

21:35 Camera batteries going flat, cameras malfunctioning. Cindy changes camera. Witnessed by Cindy, Kevin, Colin

21:37 Orbs caught on Camera. Witnessed by Colin


21:37 Cindy’s camera malfunctions again. Changes to yet another camera. Witnessed by Cindy

21:40 Kevin complains of suddenly feeling ill. Witnessed by Kevin, Cindy, Sharon B.

21:43 Kevin moves to different area and no longer feels ill. Witnessed by Kevin, Cindy, Sharon B.

21:44 Cindy keeps getting “lightning effect” when taking a photo. Might be due to light emitted from another camera near by. Witnessed by Cindy

21:45 Ivan trying pendulum experiment with gravestones. Witnessed by Ivan, Cindy

21:47 Cindy reports feeling dizzy. Witnessed by Cindy, Kevin, Colin, Sharon B.

21:52 Sharon C. experiencing malfunctions in camera. Witnessed by Sharon C., Cindy, Colin

21:58 Due to very cold and strong winds the vigil is ended.

* Notes taken by Sharon B. *

Venue: Newbottle Workingmen’s Club

Weather: cold, windy, dry, clear

Date: 11/12 Nov. 2006

Participants: Colin Nunn, Cindy Nunn, Ivan Brown, Sharon Brentnall, Kevin Curry, Sharon Cobb, Dave Wilson, Pam Patterson

Vigil No. 2, Vigil Site: Upstairs Concert Room Start Time: 23:50

23:53 Committee member asks if wife, Pam Patterson, can participate as a guest. Team all agree to allow it. Dave Wilson, manager of the club, also joins the investigation. Witnessed by all members.

00:10 Team are approached by an employee of the club and told about a possible haunting by a Sarah Maxwell, as well as two children. Note is made for later research. Witnessed by Cindy, Sharon B., Pam

00:30 Ivan sets up pool/snooker balls as trigger object. Witnessed by Ivan, Cindy, Sharon B., Kevin


00:37 Drinking glass placed on bar in lounge, due to reports by employees and patrons of activity taking place in this area. An orb was almost immediately seen and then photographed. Witnessed by Cindy, Sharon B.


00:40 Vigil started.

00:43 Sharon C. reports capturing orb on camera. Witnessed by Sharon C.

00:46 Drinking glass placed upside down on small table. Witnessed by all.

00:47 Cindy feels too warm all of a sudden. Witnessed by all.

00:52 Cindy, Ivan, Dave, Pam and Kevin place right index fingers lightly on upside down glass. Request of ‘spirit’ to move glass results in glass moving first towards Cindy, then Pam and Dave. Witnessed by All.

00:54 Sharon C. reports feeling too warm. Witnessed by Sharon C.

00:55 Cindy reports a breeze on her neck. Temp on neck is 27.5 c, 26.5 c at the hip. Ivan also reports a breeze on his hand at the same time. He states that his hand feels very cold, yet temp reads at 30 c. Witnessed by All.

00:59 Temp taken in centre of everyone. All 24.5c

00:59 Cindy tries to continue communication, this time with no significant result. Witnessed by All.

01:01 Ivan attempts to communicate with wooden pendulum. ‘Yes’ and ‘No’ indicators given. When asked “Are any spirits present?” answer is ‘yes.’ “Are there more than one of you with us in this room?” Answer is ‘no.’ “Are you in this room now?” Answer is ‘yes.’ “Are you happy with our presence here?” Answer is ‘yes.’ “Are you happy to communicate with us?” Answer is ‘yes.’ “Are you male?” Answer is ‘yes.’ “Are you visiting?” Answer is ‘no.’ “Are you grounded here?” Answer is ‘yes.’ “Did you pass recently?” Answer is ‘no.’ Indicates through further questioning that the death was natural, around 1805. Did not die in this building and is not buried in the local cemetery. Aged between 40 and 50 years at death. Witnessed by All.

01:10 Sharon C. hears voices outside door. Cindy and Sharon C. go to investigate. Nothing found to account for voices. Ivan continues communication. Sharon B., standing near Ivan, feels very warm on the left side of her neck. Witnessed by Sharon C., Cindy, Ivan, Sharon B.

01:12 Ivan reports pendulum tugging and hanging at an angle. The phenomena is visible to those present. Ivan requests that the presence make the pendulum swing noticeably, and receives a positive response. Witnessed by All.

01:14 Cindy and Sharon C. report hearing a man’s voice, clearing of throat, near the stairs. They leave to investigate. Witnessed by Cindy, Sharon C.

01:14 Ivan continues communication. Presence responds that ‘he’ has never made himself visible. Ivan goes through alphabet to get a name. G-M the pendulum swings in a circle. For N-Z there is a positive response. Settles on ‘T’ and when the name ‘Thomas’ is stated the pendulum indicates ‘yes.’ Witnessed by All.

01:20 Communication ended. Stop for short break. Witnessed by All.

01:25 Cindy felt a tap on her head. When Sharon attempted to photograph Cindy her camera malfunctioned. Witnessed by All.

01:28 Ivan sees an orb move across the room. Witnessed by Ivan.

01:28 Sharon C. still unable to get her camera to function. Witnessed by Sharon C., Cindy.

01:29 EMF sounds when Ivan prompts the presence to come closer. Witnessed by All.

01:30 Colin reports that he keeps seeing something passing through the door. Witnessed by Colin.

01:31 Ivan receives a rap on the door in answer to his request for the presence to make a loud noise. Witnessed by All.

01:33 As Ivan further requests the presence to come closer his temperature begins to fluctuate between 23 c and 26 c. Colin gets an EMF sounding as he scans Ivan. Witnessed by All.

01:34 Pam reports that the waste basket under the table has just been knocked over. Upon closer examination it looks as if something has tried to crush the waste basket. Witnessed by All.

01:36 Colin’s S602 Camera has suddenly malfunctioned and will not read the memory card. Upon moving from the area the camera again begins to access the memory card and function properly. Witnessed by Colin, Sharon B.

01:38 Vigil Ends

* Notes taken by Sharon B. * Please Note: The debris you see on the tables and floor, such as plates, bottles, full ashtrays, etc…are NOT the doing of API. An engagement party had taken place at the location earlier in the evening.

During Break Time in Dave’s Office

Venue: Newbottle Workingmen’s Club

Weather: cold, windy, dry, clear

Date: 11/12 Nov. 2006

Participants: Colin Nunn, Cindy Nunn, Ivan Brown, Sharon Brentnall, Kevin Curry, Sharon Cobb, Dave Wilson, Pam Patterson

Break Site: Dave’s Office Start Time: 01:39

01:54 Pam reports hearing the sound of something being dragged outside the door, like a crate or box. Cindy, Sharon B. and Kevin go investigate. Below is the photo taken by Cindy while investigating the corridor where the sound occurred. The area become suddenyl very cold. The mist was not viewable by the naked eye, but showed up in the photo. Witnessed by Cindy, Sharon B., Kevin.


01:55 While Cindy and Sharon B. investigate the corridor Kevin goes to investigate a noise that is heard coming from the downstairs concert hall. Cindy and Sharon soon follow, where footsteps can be heard walking behind the service bar and an extreme drop in temperature can be felt by all. Witnessed by Kevin, a few minutes later Cindy and Sharon B.

* Notes taken by Sharon B. *

Venue: Newbottle Workingmen’s Club

Weather: cold, windy, dry, clear

Date: 11/12 Nov. 2006

Participants: Colin Nunn, Cindy Nunn, Ivan Brown, Sharon Brentnall, Kevin Curry, Sharon Cobb, Dave Wilson, Pam Patterson

Vigil No. 3, Vigil Site: Lounge Start Time: 02:40

02:42 Colin sees an orb near the front seats just as Cindy and Pam feel a draft flow between them. Witnessed by Colin, Cindy, Pam.

02:48 Glass communication. Indicates a ‘yes’ response that presence is a female, formerly employed here. After much questioning indicates she was a midwife. Witnessed by All.

02:50 Colin reports that his camera lens is going in and out of focus on the s602. Witnessed by Colin.

03:00 Ivan witnesses seeing a light flash between Pam and the bar, just when Cindy and Pam again feel a cold draft. Ivan and Sharon B. also feeling a cold draft. Slight possibility that cold air is coming in from near the door, which leads to the outside. Witnessed by Ivan, Pam, Cindy, Sharon B.

03:01 Colin reports capturing quite a few orbs on camera. Witnessed by Colin.

03:05 Colin attempts communication with wooden pendulum. Gets ‘yes’ and ‘no’ indicators but cannot garner any further responses. Witnessed by Colin.

03:10 Cindy hears a shuffling sound in the far corner. When Cindy, Ivan and Sharon B. go to investigate they notice a chair has been moved out of place and set into the middle of the path. Sharon C. follows and manages to take one photo. When she attempts to take another one her camera again malfunctions. Witnessed by Cindy, Ivan, Sharon B., Sharon C.

03:12 The team begin to hear a “tutting” sound near the bar. Further investigation reveals that this noise is coming from some sort of timing box on the wall. Witnessed by All.

03:21 Sharon B. feels something playing with her hair. Witnessed by Sharon B.

03:23 Pam feels cold breeze on right shoulder. She is not sitting near any outside doors. Witnessed by Pam.

03:25 Cindy hears the sound of keys jangling. Slight possibility that they are Colin’s keys, but he is sitting down and not moving. Witnessed by Cindy.

03:25 Orbs seen over pool table by Sharon C. and captured in photographs by most members. Witnessed by Sharon C.

03:27 Cindy attempts to communicate with any presences, receives no apparent response. Witnessed by All.

03:29 Tapping noise heard on exit door. Possibly wind? Witnessed by All.

03:34 Ivan and Cindy again hear tap noises on the door. Cannot find any indication that winds are making the noise. Witnessed by Ivan, Cindy.

03:39 Chalk placed near cue ball on pool table has been moved about 1 inch while team members are standing next to the pool table. At the same time Colin took a photograph and after reviewing the photos and orb can be seen in front of Cindy, just above the pool table. Witnessed by Cindy, Ivan, Sharon B., Colin, Kevin.


03:42 Cindy feels a sudden pressure headache in temple just as Colin reports seeing an orb near her. Witnessed by Colin, Cindy.

03:55 Vigil Ends

* Notes taken by Sharon B. *

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