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Schooner Hotel – Investigation Report

Schooner Hotel

Investigation Report




10 JUNE 2006

Before proceeding it should be noted that the team caught a member of staff wearing a ‘Scream’ mask and black clothing. He laughed and stated that he would scare team members at sometime through the night. API feel that this is an unprofessional attitude for someone to take, especially when we are trying to conduct a serious investigation.
Furthermore it should be noted that bar staff conducted an investigation in the cellar moments before API were due to go down there and were using candles as a light source. Due to the inebriated state of some of the staff, plus one young woman who could hardly stand unaided and stumbled, falling down the stairs, this was a major health and safety issue.


Cindy Nunn (CiN), Colin Nunn (CoN), Jo Carnegie (JC), Chris Carnegie (CC)
As only the founder members were available for this investigation it was decided to keep it to one team.


Rooms 7, 29 and small cellar. Base-room situated in Resident’s Lounge.


Time: 21:30 Weather: warm, bright evening, light breeze. 21c

Time: 21:35 EMF: 1 Temp: 23.8c Humidity: 49%
Boundary Temps: Wall 1: 24c Wall 2: 23.5c Wall 3: 23c Wall 4: 24c
Ceiling: 22.5c Floor: 22.5c

Room 29:
Time: 21:47 EMF: 0 Temp: 28.2c Humidity: 42%
Boundary Temps: Wall 1: 17c Wall 2: 16c Wall 3: 18c Wall 4: 18c
Ceiling: 24.5c Floor: 24.5c
*CiN had to straighten bed sheets and a large painting on the wall

(EMF reading of 7 en-route to Room 7 on second floor landing)

Room 7:
Time: 21:50 EMF: 0 Temp: 28c* Humidity: 40%
Boundary Temps: Wall 1: 20c Wall 2: 19.5c Wall 3: 20c Wall 4: 20.5c
Ceiling: 19.5c Floor: 19.5c
*When first measured, the temperature of the room read 86.5c

Small Cellar:
Time: 21:53 EMF: 0 Temp: 25c Humidity: 49%
Boundary Temps: Wall 1: 13c Wall 2: 11c Wall 3: 11c Wall 4: 10c
Ceiling: 11.5c Floor: 11c

Readings taken by: CC and CiN


As there were several ‘occurrences’ in the bar area and base-room prior to and between vigils, it has been decided to give them their own report. Due to the times of some of these events, it has been decided to put this report first.

Bar Area
20:10 CoN CoN senses ‘small Scotty dog, black, called

20:13 CC CC ‘sees’ shadow of ‘small child’ running
around in his peripheral vision.
20:32 ALL All of the team’s electrical equipment is
playing up. New batteries were inserted and all
equipment was checked at the Founder’s
meeting, the previous night.

21:05 CC CC complained of someone ‘blowing’ in his
ear. No doors, windows or any other area this
could have come from.

21:08 CiN, CoN Both smell perfume, CoN complains that it’s
‘stinging my nose’. Team digi-cam 2 is down.

21:13 JC, CC Both report seeing a male sitting in one of the
chairs by the bar, in front of the window.

21:35 ALL The team all sense a ‘negative energy’.
Hygro-thermometer 1 is down.

23:12 ALL The mic from the laptop is thrown at CoN

01:10 ALL A guest at the Hotel has seen the apparition
of a female in the Ladies toilets. The team
are asked to investigate this area immediately.
Nothing is seen but photos are taken of area.

01:20 ALL CoN has asked for it to be recorded in the
notes and reports, that he has taken a full dose
of his pain relief medication.



5 x digital camera, 1 x video camera, digital Dictaphone, 2 x laser temperature guns, 2 x EMF meters, 1 x crystal pendulum, 1 x wooden pendulum, 1 x sonic ear, 1 x crystal ball

AREA CONSTRUCTION: Brick walls, plaster board dividers, wooden floor covered with wall to wall carpet. Poor state of repair.



22:26 ALL CoN starts dowsing with wooden pendulum
with the following results: only the spirit of
a lady present, here by her own choice, and
died between 1765 and 1770. (CiN ‘picked up’
name ‘Billy’ or ‘Willie’ at this time). When
asked, the ‘spirit’ claimed to be that of ‘Billy’
and that he had been a fisherman, (The whole
team could smell rotten fish at this time).

22:30 ALL The lights in the room are turned off by CoN

22:31 JC JC complains of a ‘clammy’ head.
CC CC smells ‘death’ between CoN and himself.

22:34 CiN CiN hears something moving over by the
television set. She also hears ‘gaanin for a

22:35 CiN CiN feels something tickling her arm, she is
still hearing the same phrase.

22:36 CC CC feels a breeze on his face.

22:38 ALL Con turns light on. Bed clothes ruffled as if
someone has been sitting on it. NO team
member sat on any bed at any time out of
courtesy to the staff of the Schooner and due
to professional conduct.

22:41 JC JC hears ‘toss the coin’ (she is using the sonic
ear). She also hears ‘Turn the light on and the
smell will fade, turn it off and the smell will
get stronger’. This is as the team are
discussing the smell of rotten fish. CC feels
breeze across his right hand as he is writing.

22:48 CiN CiN hears something both behind and in front
of her at the same time

22:49 CoN CoN can taste ‘bile’.
CiN CiN hears ‘was a mackel’.

22:50 CC CC reports that the sleeve of his T-shirt has
been tugged.
CiN CiN feels like something just poked her in
her buttocks.
CoN CoN hears ‘wait until you get in the cellars’.
ALL A distinct tap is heard.
CC CC feels as if something is tickling the back of
his head.
CoN CoN complains of a headache.

22:56 ALL The video camera turns off.

22:58 CoN CoN sees a cross in the crystal ball.

END TIME: 23:00

The smell of fish in this location could be attributed to the rubbish bins outside the Hotel. Upon arrival they were noted to be overflowing and a strong fishy smell was detected in the area. Room 7 is directly above the bins.


The Schooner Hotel have asked us if we would take one of their guests, Sharon Bretnall (SB), on the rest of our investigation tonight.


6 x digital camera, 2 x video cameras, digital Dictaphone, 2 x laser temperature guns, 2 x EMF meters, 1 x crystal pendulum, 1 x wooden pendulum, 1 x sonic ear, 1 x crystal ball

AREA CONSTRUCTION: Brick walls, plaster board dividers, wooden floor covered with wall to wall carpet. Again in a poor state of repair.



00:05 CiN CiN is feeling dizzy.

00:10 ALL CoN turns the light’s off.

00:12 JC JC hears whistling, via sonic ear.

00:13 ALL CoN tries dowsing with the wooden pendulum
with no results.

00:15 ALL CC tries dowsing with the crystal pendulum
with the following result: it appears that there
are the spirits of two women present. CC has to
ask CiN to take over the crystal as it is being
visibly pulled out of his hand. CiN’s results
follow: they claim to be playing with us, are
angry that we’re in the room and want us to
leave the property. (The pendulum jumped up
and down at this point.) They claimed to be
sitting near us and when CiN asked the crystal
to stop moving, it replied by swinging in the
direction indicating ‘no’. The pendulum keeps
swinging towards JC. SB tries the pendulum:
it is still clamed that they are two females and
that they’re playing with us, they lived and died
in the building, both were married. No more
activity with the crystal.

00:34 ALL Strange smells are picked up by team members:
CoN smells incense, CiN smells vanilla, CC
smells ‘fart’. Due to the Hotel having a
restaurant, it is probably that the smells radiate
from there.

00:46 CC, CoN Both smell burning.

00:51 ALL CoN’s camera has been spun around on its
tripod. No-one was near it.

00:58 JC, CC Both hear a tap on the door.

END TIME: 01:00



6 x digital camera, 2 x video camera, digital Dictaphone, 2 x laser temperature guns, 2 x EMF meters, 1 x crystal pendulum, 1 x wooden pendulum, 1 x sonic ear, 1 x crystal ball

AREA CONSTRUCTION: Brick walls, concrete floor. Poor state of repair, with ceiling falling in and woodwork showing. (See pics.)
The ceiling in this location was so low that the team had trouble standing. Whilst the females all managed to find somewhere to sit, CC elected to stand even though he had to bend so much. His logic was that at 6’3” tall, if he sat down then stood up he would hit his head.



02:03 CC CC sees a ‘big black shadow’ move behind

02:05 CiN CiN hears tapping noise behind her.

02:06 SB SB complains that her chest feels tight.

02:09 CiN CiN complains that her left shoulder hurts.

02:10 ALL The entrance door to the cellar opened by itself.
Nobody was in sight outside it.

02:12 CoN CoN feels pressure and weight on his head.

02:16 ALL The whole team saw a black shape on the
stairs. CC investigated and saw a black figure
near the door, the door was closed at this point.
The figure vanished as CC spoke to it. CoN
was standing at the bottom of the stairs and
was pushed.

02:21 CiN CiN has a pain in the back of her head.

02:23 CoN CoN has been touched lightly on the back of
his neck. He suspects dust has fallen from the

02:24 JC, SB Both report hearing heavy breathing coming
from the area between them.

02:26 CC Something touches CC’s left arm. Dust?

02:29 ALL The team hear what sounds like a clock
02:30 SB SB has heavy feeling on her chest.
CiN CiN reports that something grabbed her hair.

02:31 CC CC hears a dog howling.

02:33 CC CC is touched on his right arm. Dust again?

02:34 CC Same again, only on the left arm.

02:35 CC, CoN Both inspect the ceiling. It looks remarkably
like asbestos so an immediate halt to this
vigil is called, due to health and safety

02:36 CC, CiN As the team were leaving the cellar, CC was
in the lead to light up the stairs with CiN right
behind him. CC felt as if he was pushed up the
stairs and stumbled, at the same time CiN felt
as if she’d been pushed down the stairs. Only
the quick reactions of SB stopped CiN hitting
the wall with force.

END TIME: 02:37

UPDATE 07 July 2006
Strange light anomalies were photographed during this vigil (see photo page). The team had looked at them and had decided that these were due to the camera’s flash reflecting of Chris’ torch, which would cause a prism effect. However, it has since been noted that due to the angles involved and the fact that Chris was on the stairs whilst one of the photo’s was taken, that this might not be the case. API are currently conducting further experimentation with the camera and torch concerned, trying to replicate these anomalies. Results will be published upon conclusion.

After conducting several experiments with digital cameras and the torches used on this investigation, API can now clarify that the above anomalies were indeed caused by Chris’ torch. Chris himself has stated that he had a head torch slung over his shoulder and it kept slipping. He is certain that it wasn’t lighting up the staircase when he was at the bottom of the stairs. Colin and Chris took photos with the camera and torch concerned and have managed to replicate the results.

This is yet another case where API have successfully found a rational explanation for occurrences encountered, through experimentation and by replicating situations.

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