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Vane Tempest – 2nd Investigation

Vane Tempest Hall


29 July 2006

Cindy’s Report:

Investigators Present: Colin Nunn, Cindy Nunn, Kevin Curry, Sharon (Shaz) Brentnall.

Vigil 1 – Sports Hall, former Epidemic Hospital area

Time Started: 8:20pm

Temperature: 21 Celsius

Humidity: 62%

EMF Reading: 0

Note: At the beginning of the vigil Cindy and Sharon’s watches were in sync with each other. However, during the vigil it would be found at times that their watches were strangely off by 5 minutes, appearing at times to have begun to run slow or fast.

8:41pm – Colin spots orbs at the far end of the room, in the area where those who died from small pox were once kept. This is otherwise known as the “dead room” area. Note: This spotting of orbs was within 5 minutes of starting the vigil at 8:20. Both Cindy and Sharon’s watches appear to have jumped forward by about 16 minutes within a 5 minute span. The clock on the wall read 8:25pm!

8:49pm – Cindy attempts to take photos and manages to get two shots before the Fuji A101 camera jams and then goes dead. The batteries were fully charged when they were inserted just before the start of the vigil.

8:51pm – Cindy replaces the camera batteries with new ones. While doing so the team hear a door open and close somewhere in the building. Colin and Kevin investigate but find nothing. Cindy and Sharon compare the times on their watches and it is found that Sharon’s now reads 8:55pm to Cindy’s 8:51pm.

8:56pm – As Colin attempts to contact any presences with the dowsing rods mumbling voices can be heard talking in the room, and a cold, heavy air brushes against Cindy’s left arm. Kevin also feels the cold air. A cold spot can be felt between Kevin and Cindy for about 30 seconds and then the air rapidly warms up.

9:05 – Kevin tries the dowsing rods. As they move to indicate “yes” Kevin can feel a cold chill along his right side. The temperature is taken and measures 28.5 on his right side and 30 on his left. Kevin begins to feel warmer and then no longer receives a response from the dowsing rods.

9:07 – Colin takes an EMF Reading, which registers at 0.

9:11pm – Sharon and Cindy both hear the sound of a foot scuffle in the walkway outside of the sports hall main doors. Right after this they hear the sound of a door closing. At this time Colin’s camera (S602) stops functioning and gets a “write error.” He gets it working again but it appears that the memory has been wiped clean of photos. Cindy, Kevin and Sharon go to investigate the foot scuffles and the closing door. After walking through the entire location and trying to emulate the door by opening and closing doors throughout they building they cannot find anything. However, while standing at the bottom of the stairs that lead to the old officer’s and married quarters they all smell something like sulphur. At this time the barrier alarm at the top of the stairs went off as if disturbed by some unseen movement. Cindy, Kev and Sharon return to the Sports Hall. The time is 9:25pm.

9:30 – Vigil ends.

Vigil 2 – IT Room

Time Started: 10:10pm

Temperature: 22 Celsius

EMF Reading: 0

10:16pm – The team have settled in after taking some photos. Cindy asks any presences in the room to give us an indication that they are present. A very loud “Bang” is heard somewhere outside the door of the IT room. The noise could have been a door slamming. Upon investigation by Cindy and Sharon nothing is found.

10:21pm – Colin uses the pendulum in an attempt to contact any presences. As he does so the room begins to feel very warm. Strangely enough, the outside walls are warmer than the inside supporting walls. Outside walls had a temperature reading of 24.5 Celsius, while the inside walls were only 22 Celsius. While Colin continues with the pendulum Kevin, Sharon and Cindy hear a grumbling noise, almost like a hungry stomach. Then Cindy hears a “sighing” sound near her ear.

10:25pm – A door can again be heard to open and close somewhere in the building. Colin and Kevin quickly leave the room to investigate, but again, nothing is found. As they come back the room feels as if it is rapidly cooling, yet the temperature reads 22 Celsius.

10:31- As Cindy asks any presences to make themselves known Sharon feels coldness on her back. Temperature reading shows that her back is 27.5 Celsius while her front is 28 to 28.5.

10:37pm – Temperature has rapidly jumped from 22 to 28 then back down to 22.

10:41pm – Cindy, Sharon and Kevin hear a noise out in the hallway as Colin attempts to make contact with a presence through the dowsing rods. Upon investigation nothing was found, as has been the standard for the evening. As Sharon, Kevin and Cindy re-enter the computer room and close the door they immediately hear a “grating” or “dragging” noise outside in the hallway. The door is quickly opened yet the hallway proves to be empty of any living presence.

10:53 – The Vigil ends.

10:55 – As the team were leaving the IT room Sharon, while standing under the archway outside the IT room, suddenly felt sick and began to suffer intense pain in the groin area. As she walked from under the arch the pain receded. When she moved back under the arch it returned. Colin had also suffered abdominal pain while under the arch.

Vigil 3 – Back Grounds facing Old Pelaw Cemetery

Time Started: 11:37pm

Temperature: not taken due to rainy weather

EMF Reading: 0

The team wandered around a bit to get accustomed to being in an outside location.

11:45 – All four team members developed problems with their cameras at the same time. This happened when Colin was standing at the bottom of the old gun tower, and Cindy, Sharon and Kevin were trying to photograph the tower. Colin’s camera again began to read “write error” and would not take any photos. Cindy, upon trying to photograph the tower, managed to snap off a few shots. About 4 out of 5 attempts resulted in the camera “locking up.” Kevin and Sharon experienced the same problem. Now Sharon’s camera card was reading as “full.” Kevin’s camera would not function at all. Upon moving away from the Tower the cameras, except for Sharon’s, functioned normally. Cindy saw a shadow moving inside one of the windows. When she stepped back and took a few shots the images later revealed a strange vertical burst of light. Kevin’s shots of the tower, that he managed to capture in-between malfunctions, revealed a strange orange mist-like light.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

11:56 – Vigil called to a halt due to rain.

Vigil 4 – Reception Area

Time Started: 1:00am

Temperature: 23.5

EMF Reading: 0

Kevin not present as he was doing a solo at the top of the stairs.

1:03am – Colin, Sharon and Cindy all heard the sound of a door handle being rattled down the hall near the base room (Main Lounge), as if someone (something) were trying to open a door. This occurred after Cindy encouraged any presence to make its self known.

1:09am – As Colin video-taped an orb that was moving in front of him Cindy and Sharon heard a male voice, but the words spoken were too low to understand.

This Vigil was ended at 1:30 as team members were feeling particularly tired and worn out.

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