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Corinth Primitive Baptist Church & Cemetery

Corinth Baptist Church at cemetery2 6 19 07 002Corinth Primitive Baptist Church & Cemetery is located in Bareah, Polk County, Florida

Polk County was formed from Brevard and Hillsborough Counties in 1861. It appears that what became Bereah was originally in Hillsborough County.

Bareah was later changed to the spelling of Bereah sometime after 1932.

Regarding Census – in 1920 Bareah is listed as Precinct 34

Regarding 1880 census – Bareah is in the 1st and 2nd Election Precinct

The old Altman house was the post office in later years. John and Nancy Altman probably built the house and were living in it at the time of the 1860 Hillsborough County census. In 1861 the county boundary changed and the Altman’s found themselves now living in Polk County. They are listed in the 1880 census for Polk County.

There was a mine at or near Bareah called the “Old Colony Mine.”

Bareah was an area known for having moonshine stills up until the 1950’s.


Wiley Pollard

Elias E. Johnson

John Altman

William & Mary Raulerson, 1880

Alfred Albritton

William King

Rhoden family

Many of the families from the Bareah area were buried in Bowling Green, Hardee County.

Some claim that the tree below, an old Elm, located near the cemetary, was the local “hanging tree.”

Hangman's Tree 6 19 07 0111

The Investigation Reports

1st Report – Bereah Cemetery and Corinth Primitive Baptist Church

Report for 7-03-07

Members presents: Steven, Scott, Greg, and Louise


We arrived at the meeting point, after an hour and 15 minutes driving 15 minutes early, and shortly after our arrival, Steven showed up. We talked for a few minutes about the investigation place we were going to, and I asked Steve if we could venture inside the empty houses. He said that most likely the houses would be locked. There were no toilet facilities available, I told him we came prepared with a portable toilet I had just bought which is self contained.


Scott arrived and parked next to Steve’s van and said hello to everyone. Steve then said the journey to the cemetery would be around 20 miles away from the meeting point, so we got into our vehicles and followed Steve.

Approximately around 8pm:

We arrived at the cemetery. I was a little concerned with Greg because he had forgotten his jacket and I thought it might be chilly during the night, but the temperature remained warm with no winds or anything natural to cause a chill.

The cemetery looked very well kept and clean. No overgrown bushes or weeds. The church looked modern and well kept as well. The feeling I got as soon as I exited the vehicle, was of peace and calmness.

We got our equipment and I sprayed myself with bug repellent from head to toes and off we went to venture into the cemetery.

The sun was starting to set, and the sky looked beautiful and colorful. Thank goodness the rain had let up earlier so it was just a slight drizzle on and off and soon that ended as well.

Steven wanted to show me the Indian grave-site. It was a very nice looking gravesite with an Indian Eagle post facing the tombstone and it had some kind of handmade necklace, most likely something he wore in life, or some kind of memento from a loved one. Steven mentioned that he had found the necklace on the ground when he had previously visited the cemetery, and that he placed it back around the eagle’s neck. Maybe the wind from the previous rains had knocked it off from around the eagle’s neck or someone or something had taken it off. The tombstone stated the person buried had served in the Navy.

While Steven and I were looking at the tombstone, I mentioned to Steven that I had read in the API website, that you wanted a picture of the oldest grave from 1860’s, so we went off looking for the oldest grave. I found one from 1863 but it was a woman’s grave. They had it engraved backwards too, with the death first and the birth second which I thought was strange. I took a photo of it.

Approximately into an hour of the investigation:

Greg noticed a truck parked in the distance on the side of the church. The truck had the lights on and the driver kept the engine on. He kept an eye on us for about a half hour or more then left.

Approximately by 9pm:

By this time, we were outside the cemetery entrance and by our vehicles.

It was dark, and Steven wanted to go over to the where the hanging tree was. So we headed off walking towards the hanging tree, which is outside the fenced area of the cemetery in front, towards the left, as you are driving towards the cemetery.

It was very dark and we needed flashlights to see where we were walking. Just as we turned in front of the cemetery to continue walking in front heading left, Greg’s emf meter sounded of and I immediately looked to see what it was. Scott came over and looked at his emf reader too, and they were comparing the readings which were stating 3.5. I took pictures right afterwards to see if anything would show up, and later on I noticed when I was going through the photos, that there was an orb next to the entrance sign and another orb by the ground near by.

We reached the hanging tree and took many photos of the tree. In two photos I capture orbs around the tree and in one photo; I captured a big orb right in front of Steven and Scott.

After thoroughly inspecting the tree, we decided to walk back to the vehicles. Once there, I started taking photos of the church because I kept getting feelings of activity around the church. I captured a big orb on the top corner of the church, and a bright spot in front of the steps. I also kept seeing a shadowy figure moving in front of the church.

About 9:30pm:

Steven wanted to go back to take another look at the Indian tombstone, so Scott went with Steven, and Greg and I stayed by our vehicle because I needed to spray myself again with the bug repellent. As I was spraying myself, I heard what sounded like someone talking or making some kind of sound, and I asked Greg if he could hear people talking, and he said no. So we decided to join Steven and Scott at the Indian tombstone, and as we were walking in their direction, I got an overwhelming feeling someone was following right behind me, and I snapped a picture over my shoulder and captured an image, possibly my hand, I thought, but then when we reached Steven and Scott, I told them about the incident and showed them the photo in the viewfinder and Scott thought it had a shoulder and neck to the shape.

I sent that photo to Steven along with the other photos I sent him.

We then went back to the vehicles, and Steven, Scott, and I, all smelled a fragrance of some kind of herb. Scott thought it might have been sage.

I mentioned to Steven about the sound I heard coming from the back side of the church, and he said he and Scott had heard a noise at that same time, and Steven had even flashed his flashlight in that same direction thinking it may had been an animal. I captured the sound on the digital recorder and my asking Greg right afterwards if he could hear people talking.

About 10pm:

We were still around the vehicles and Scott noticed something bright streaking across the dirt road in the distance, where I had been snapping photos. I found, as I was going through the images in the viewfinder, that I had captured what Scott had seen streaking across the road.

About 10:20pm:

A vehicle showed up and told Steven and Scott that the place was private property and that we needed to leave there. Steven mentioned something about his uncle or a relative who owned or owns property around there, and the person seem to know who he was talking about and told us that we needed to leave anyway. The man left before us and that’s when Steven mentioned about another place he knew of where you can see a ghost in the distance.

About 10:25pm:

We got ready to start leaving and head towards an area Steven had mentioned where in the distance you can see some kind of light coming towards you on the road. We got to this destination, and began taking photos. The photos on all our cameras showed a reflection in the distance from street signs, but in one of my photos, I captured an orb next to the signs. And I believe Steven may have captured something similar as well, in his camera.

About 10:40pm:

We said our goodbyes and got back in our vehicles and headed home.

From my personal view:

The group worked well together. And we all listened to one another on opinions and suggestions. And we did really well for being the first time working as a group.

Evidence gathered:

Greg captured 6 good EVPs.

And one good photo of an orb by the side of the church.

Louise captured 16 good orb photos and one extra photo comparing the difference between a street lamp light and an orange orb.

The photos were sent to Steven to send to Cindy Nunn, head of API.

2nd Report – Corinth Primitive Baptist Church & Cemetery-Bereah, Florida

3 July 2007

API Orlando group

Members present-Steven, Scott, Louise, Greg

Arrival time-Around 7:17 PM at McDonald’s in Lake Wales for our meet-up. Left there 7:24 PM. Drove to Bereah and arrived at Corinth Primitive Baptist Church & cemetery at 7:42 PM.

Weather-Very overcast, damp, cloudy and a light breeze. The temp in my van’s built-in thermometer read 75 degrees.

Occurrence Details-Well, once we arrived at the church we got all our equipment together and headed straight for the cemetery. It was still daylight somewhat.

The oldest headstone I could find there dated back to a death in 1884. We never found a headstone for the 1860’s. I believe Louise might have found one from around 1879. The one I found was of Elias E. Johnson, born 2/15/1818 and died 8/24/1884. Yes I did get a picture of it.

Around 8:20 PM we had a visitor that came up through the groves in a black vehicle and sat there watching us for a good 15 min. or so. We were a bit concerned and exited the cemetery for a bit. He or she eventually left quietly.

8:30 PM we we’re taking pictures in front of the church and Louise saw a visible shadow pass in front of the church doors on the outside.

8:39 PM we decide to walk towards the hangman’s tree to get some pictures. On the way there in front of the cemetery Greg’s EMF meter begin picking up activity. Scott came over and turned his on and it was picking up as well and peaked at 3.5. There were no visible electric or phone wires or anything that looked like it could be transmitting energy, so we can’t explain when we were picking up.

At different times there was a strange smell of a sweet herb like scent smelled by Scott on three separate occasions, Louise once and Steven twice.

9:12 PM Louise captured a really good blue orb on the left corner of the church towards the roof.

9:16 PM A male voice was heard by Louise and Greg towards the back right of the church that said “uh huh” and at the same time Steven and Scott were in the cemetery and heard an “unexplained” noise in the exact same area as Louise and Greg.

9:25 PM Steven bought a brand new flashlight and batteries for this trip and when he walked past the Indian grave-site, he turned off his flashlight, heard a noise and tried to turn it back on to find the batteries were drained completely.

9:35 PM An unexplained light that wasn’t a headlight, flashlight, or anything like that streaked two separate times in the same area approx. 4ft off the ground at the main road coming into the church. Scott was witness to this and I believe Louise caught it on camera as well.

9:52 PM An older man in a gold colored car came up to us and asked us to leave there. He wasn’t hostile, but said it was private property and he didn’t want us there. We told him we were not destroying anything and we are doing an investigation for an organization. He asked how we found out about that place and I told him my cousin showed me. He then asked who my family was and I mentioned my uncle who was well known around that area and he said he knew him and he seemed to be OK, but still thought we should leave. I thanked him for coming by and told him we’d leave so as not to cause any problems. So we packed everything in and left there.

10:00 PM Steven takes the group where the ghost light is supposed to show up and we get a few pictures then we all said our goodbye’s and left for home.

***Steven’s personal thoughts-tonight seemed to be a little quiet there as far as activity goes. We did have some experiences that we can’t explain and I believe everyone caught orb’s. My personal opinion is I definitely feel there’s activity there, it’s just catching it at the right time! We still have to go through all the film and listen to the recordings. Everyone in the group was wonderful and we all did a really good job. I think this group will really work well together. This was our first time as a team and I’m really proud of everyone! I can’t wait to get everyone together including the new members that we decide on…

3 thoughts on “Corinth Primitive Baptist Church & Cemetery

    • Hi Angie,

      That was just a control number on the photo for filing purposes. I didn’t realize it had been included in the title. Thank you for letting me know. Is there a story behind her gravestone? We included the photo because of its beauty 🙂


      • Yes my aunt died at birth my grandfather and father made the Headstones for our family(Roberts) and they also poured the cement on the graves. My grandfather put pieces of broken marbles to make the names stand out. I so loved my father bringing me to see all of the graves of our family members, the Hartzogs and the Roberts were my family. Thank you for answering my questions. Ps love the church and all the graves of the soldiers.


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