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Fantasy of Flight – Polk City, Florida

piccadilly01Fantasy of Flight is an aviation-related attraction in Polk City, Florida, USA that takes visitors back to the pioneering days of early flight, World War I, World War II and beyond. The attraction opened in November 1995, and houses the world’s largest private aircraft collection on display. It became the new home for much of owner Kermit Weeks’ collection of aircraft that were previously housed at the Weeks Air Museum in Tamiami, Florida and were damaged to varying degrees by Hurricane Andrew in 1992. On April 6, 2014, the attraction was closed to the public, though is still being maintained and is available for private events. On January 30, 2015, Fantasy of Flight opened a scaled-down museum attraction to display some of their aircraft to the public in the interim while the rest of the facility is upgraded and planned to reopen sometime between 2017 and 2020. Fantasy of Flight was the only attraction in the world to offer daily aerial demonstrations (weather permitting) of aircraft in its collection. Most of Weeks’ aircraft are airworthy and may still be seen flying from one of the facility’s grass runways or its seaplane runway. In fact, Fantasy of Flight fields more airworthy aircraft than the air forces of Austria, Cuba, Denmark, Kuwait, Portugal or South Africa. Counting strictly fixed-wing aircraft, Fantasy of Flight fields more airworthy fixed-wing aircraft than either the Royal Navy or the Indian Navy.

The Investigation Reports

Fantasy of Flight Investigation Report for 2/16/08
Saturday 8:30pm meeting time
Louise Hoyos

7:35pm- Greg and I arrived early, so we went to a nearby gas stop to get something to eat.
7:55pm- We arrived at the Fantasy of Flight gates and Steve and Christina were waiting there. The security guard came to the gate, but said we would have to wait for Beverly, to arrive to get inside. Beverly arrived shortly at 7:57pm.
We drove to the front of the building and walked around the outside taking pictures as we waited for Scott to arrive. The temperature was 68 degrees, but the night quickly became colder as we were waiting for Scott.
Christina and I immediately started sensing activity outside the building. I saw something walk quickly towards the building, and Christina sensed someone inside the restaurant looking at us. In addition, on the side of the building, Christina and Steve felt someone lurking around where the north and south hangers are located. I also saw someone walk in front of the building wearing a dark color shirt with rolled up sleeves.
8:36- Scott arrived and the rest of the women who would be joining us in the investigation. They were Beverly, and two other females.
We all walked inside the building and into the restaurant where we would gather to get our equipment ready.
We all signed papers and gave our donations to Beverly.
8:57- Lights were turned on to set up equipment in different rooms.
8:59- Setting one webcam in emersion room. Felt cold spot under B17 right wing. We also captured orbs by the jeep.
Temperature in immersion room is running between 62-64 degrees Fahrenheit.
MF readings= .5 to 1.5
South hanger mf readings= .5 to 1.5.
9pm. We went to the North hanger to look around and went to look at the big white passenger plane. Christina felt chills going towards this plane, and fell as she was stepping into it. When she came out, she said of all the planes in the hanger, this one gave her the most chills because there was something about the plane that was creepy.
9:10 Lights were turned off to begin the investigation. As we all began walking towards the B17 room again, there was a sudden loud noise coming from the room next to the North hanger and we all went to see what it was. It sounded like someone was dragging something heavy in the dark room. However, as we inspected the area, it turned out to be a large ice machine Beverly was not aware of it being there. As we examined the room, suddenly the dragging noise changed to a more mechanical sound and we moved on to the B17 room.
Steve said he heard music coming from the B17 room when he had gone in there by himself, but when Christina and I went in there, the music must had stopped because we couldn’t hear the music playing.
Steve suggested the women should go inside the B17 plane to see if we could pick up any activity among the women, and the guys went off to investigate different areas.
I started the evp session by asking for names, and the women followed with questions of their own. One of the ladies, present, felt someone whisper something in her right ear that sounded like, “no way”. This was after a series of questions we asked about if they preferred being in other men’s company instead of the women.
One strange occurrence was the walkie-talkie kept going on and we heard a man’s voice talking. We all had our walkie-talkie set to the same channel, but the talking would come in only in one at a time. When we were in the B17 plane, it came on saying what sounded like, “we can’t live forever, that’s why we’re here”. Then Christina asked if he could move something, and the walkie-talkie came on saying “nope”.
I felt something brush against my right side of my face, and another girl felt someone touch her hand.
We managed to capture a few evps sitting inside the B17 plane.
11pm- Steve came back to the plane and wanted to take turns inside the plane. By this time, the women wanted to take a short break.
Steve, Scott, and Greg, went inside the B17 plane to see if they pick up activities.
11:15pm- The women ventured through the dark tunnel to see what we would experience, and found the projector running in the briefing room. We then went back to the B17 plane and Christina asked Steve if the projector was running when they went inside the briefing room, and Steve answered “yes”.
I told Greg we were going to take a break, and he decided to join us. He told me when he and Scott went into the South hanger, the video projector turned on by itself. This happened several times whenever they would walk inside the South hanger.
They checked to see if it was a motion detector, but it was not. In addition, only the audio would turn on, not the video. Moreover, the occurrence happened about 3 times.
Greg had left the camcorder recording in the upper floor of the South hanger to see if maybe the audio was on a loop system, but it never played when the room was empty.
The room was too dark to capture any visual scenes, but it captured many noises like tools dropping constantly in different areas of the hanger for the one hour it recorded.
We all gather again, and investigated all the different rooms together and eventually finished the investigation roughly around 2:30am.

Fantasy of Flight Investigation Report for 2/16/08
Saturday 8:30pm meeting time

Shortly after pulling into the parking lot, I looked into where the cafe is (which is just inside the entrance). I saw a shadow go from the third window to the fifth. Then just disappear. While setting up the equipment in the WWII room, I as well as others could feel a drop in the temperature around the B-17 plane. As we proceed to the North hanger myself and Louise get chills. As we approached the Sunderland MK5 (the big white and blue plane), I get this very strange and uneasy feeling as we got closer and closer to the plane. I went into the plane and felt very uncomfortable being in there. One of the girls who went in just before me said she heard foot steps/shuffling of feet behind her and someone/thing say psst. Scott and Greg come from south hanger where they tell us that the video machine is playing the audio but not the video. So we proceed over to the south hanger and sure enough you can hear the audio but no picture. As soon as the whole group got around to the machine it quit playing the audio.
Investigation time WW2 room: When time for investigating Louise and I decided we wanted to be in the B-17 plane while the guys walked around outside of it. While the guys were in there nothing happened. As soon as they were gone we started hearing banging noises. Louise, myself and one other were asking questions for EVP’s. After a brief silence Louise’s two-way radio cut on and said “That is why we are here.”
I kept seeing the metal on the gun I was sitting beside glow. It was a greenish glow. I asked one girl if she saw it and she said no. I snapped a picture and the result is an unidentified male in the pic. Right after that I saw a shadow go behind the gun. When I mentioned it, the girl next to it also said someone just whispered in her ear “No Way”. I felt something caressing my upper right thigh. It was a very gentle touch. Louise had something touch her face. One of the girls had something touch her hand and another on her ear.
North Hanger: Again as we entered the North hanger I got chills. The ladies decided to go into the Sunderland. We sat in the lower section for a bit and while inside, myself and one of the other ladies felt very uneasy. We proceeded to the upper level where we heard a banging noise from around the bar area. I just felt as if something was in there with us.
Officers Club (North Hanger) 1st time: The first time we went in there it felt very heavy in there.
South Hanger: All but Steve went into the South hanger. We decided to go up on the cat walk. We got to the one corner in the south hanger and I could not catch my breath. Finally after I did Louise and Scott were asking questions and we heard what sounded like tools dropping onto the ground. I also saw two shadows in there.
Officers Club 2nd time: Steve was already in there when Beverly, Darcy, Bev’s daughter, and myself joined him. Louise, Greg and Scott were in the north hanger. While in the club we heard some banging then we can hear a plane. It started very softly then it was loud enough to hear it good. It was as if it took off then was ascending and descending. As we approached one of the doors in the room I opened it and the noise stopped.
I just want say this was a very exciting experience. Thank you to Kermit and staff at Fantasy Of Flight for allowing our team to come in and investigate. To the team for making my first investigation with the group a great one…you were fantastic. To Cindy Nunn, thank you for allowing me to join the team. I look forward to many more investigations.
~ Christina ~


API Florida Investigation Report for Fantasy Of Flight (2/16/2008)

By: Steven

Christina and I arrive at the gate to Fantasy Of Flight right around 8:00 PM. Not even two minutes after we arrived, Greg and Louise pull up beside us. A security guard pulls up on the inside of the gate and questions why were there. We tell him and he’s under the impression we are to be there around 9:30 PM. within about 10 minutes of being outside the gate, Beverly (an employee with Fantasy Of Flight) and her two daughters arrive and let us enter and she tells us she’ll wait outside for Scott to arrive. So we enter the grounds there and head towards the front of the establishment. Once there, we begin to unload our equipment and Louise tells us she sees a shadow moving from the side of a fence where we were near and it moves towards the back where the hangars are located. So naturally, we go around and start firing off pictures in hopes of capturing the shadow. Just before Scott arrives with Beverly following behind him, Louise and Christina tell us they see a shadow moving inside Fantasy Of Flight in the restaurant (Compass Rose) area. The inside is dark with only security lights lit. Scott arrives and we all greet him and grab our equipment and head indoors.

Inside, we set up our base camp in the restaurant. This is a pretty good sized area and it’s easy access for us to take breaks and to have a snack. We talk for a few minutes and gather the equipment we needed to set up the rooms and to do base readings with. Before we began, I asked Beverly to let me read the papers that were drawn up so we could sign them and get started. We signed their waivers and I had the team sign API’s release form as well.

After all is settled, we make our way to the main focus of our investigation…the WWII room housing the awesome B-17 bomber airplane. No sooner than we arrived in this room than the temp dropped significantly, enough to feel the difference without using a thermometer. The team comes to that area and everyone feels it. There were no air conditioners on and there were no drafts in the area. We took some pics of that area and caught orbs where it was cold. We turn on all the lights and begin getting base readings and I set up a camcorder in the front of the plane, facing towards the jeep so I can catch any action that might happen in that general area. I climb into the cockpit after getting the cam rolling and I place a digital voice recorder in the lap of the co-pilot and the external microphone on the arm of the pilot dummies inside the cockpit, and then we go lights out in that room. We head out toward the north and south hangars. We are all walking through these areas, checking them out and I place a digital recorder on a wing of one of the planes in the south hangar. We are going to start making our way back to the WWII room when we hear an odd noise coming from one of the storage rooms. We figure out how to get inside that area and by the time we get cameras on and get to the area where the noise was, it stopped. It sounded like someone dragging boxes across the floor. We go back into the hangar and everyone starts to leave. Scott and Greg remain in the hangar for a few minutes. Shortly they come out of there saying one of the displays is talking. We go in the room to find a display on the side that has a TV and it was playing a recorded message about the planes but the TV was not on. Beverly stated it was turned off. This happened three times throughout the night and it wasn’t looping because the times varied.

So, we make it back to the beginning to start our investigation at the WWII room. We are lights out at this point and we start walking around taking some pictures. The girls decide they want to start a vigil in the B-17, so they make their way inside. Scott, Greg and myself stay below and take more pictures before they decide they want to check out the hangars again. I stay behind and decide this would be the perfect opportunity to do a solo. I was hoping to get a chance to do this. I make my way out back to the beginning where the gift shop and restaurant is, so I can go through the whole immersion environment, room by room. I step into the start…an area that is like a plane that you have to jump out of, except you don’t actually jump out of it. As I’m walking through it, I turn off my flashlight and walk slowly. I feel something and I hear another set of steps behind me. I turn on my light and…nothing! This happens to me just about the entire night, especially when I’m alone. I go through the different rooms taking pics and I get to the back of the WWI room where there are two beds set up. I sit down beside one of them and ask some questions for my voice recorder and spent about 15 min. in there when the lights suddenly go out. So I make my way back to the B-17 and the girls are finishing up in there. They tell me they were asking questions and got an answer on the two-way radios saying “that’s what I’m here for”. There is also a pic taken that shows a male hanging onto the outside of one of the windows where the guns are. They also inform me they heard with their ears a male voice and that they were being lightly touched. They head off to the hangars and I get inside the plane. Not too long after, Scott and Greg join up with me inside and we sit there in darkness asking questions and taking readings. It’s after midnight and everyone takes a break except Scott and myself who stay in the B-17 for a few more minutes.

Break time! We meet up in the base camp to rest a bit and reflect and get some much needed caffeine and snacks. We look over the evidence gathered so far and discuss the investigation up to this point. After a few minutes we head back out towards the hangars. I take the immersion route while the rest go through the side door. Again, I get followed in the immersion environments and end up in the B-17 room again. I’m in there for a few minutes when toward the back of the plane, I hear what sounds like cinder blocks or bricks being pushed along the floor. Then I look straight ahead to the front of the exhibit where the snow covered trees are and I see a shadow go from right to left behind the trees. Right after that I smell a smoky scent, and I decide it’s best at this point to radio the team and find where they are so I can join them. We all meet up in the south hangar and the girls and myself climb into the Short Sunderland MK5 plane. They sit below and I go into the top part. I catch orbs in the top portion. We switch and I sit below and they go above. As I exit this plane they tell me later on that they were hearing lots of noises down below after I had left. A little later on, we are all in the south hangar together and I decide to venture into the Officer’s Club. As I’m going in, I get two orbs on film. Toward the bar area, I hear a bang. I ask it to repeat if it can, and I hear it again. I ask a third time just to make sure my mind isn’t playing tricks on me and I hear it once again. The girls join me and we hear what sounds like a plane cranking up and flying around and the sound was in this room only and isn’t heard anywhere else. It sounded like the plane was throttling up and down and moving around us. After about five minutes of this, it suddenly stopped. We go back out into the hangar and Scott and Greg tell us they got a male voice on their two-ways that said “as soon as I get this oil changed, I’ll take off”. We stay in that hangar and get a few more pics before making our way back out and start breaking the equipment down. By this time we are all exhausted and worn out. We get our equipment packed up and make our way outside at 3:00 AM. Everyone said their goodbye’s and we left the gate and Fantasy Of Flight.

*My personal thoughts…WOW, what can I say. I never in a million years expected to pick up so much activity. It was like something was happening there almost constantly. The team worked really great together and I’m proud of everyone’s hard work and their patience in waiting for API Florida to land this venue. Thank you team!!! Being patient really paid off for us last night. Everyone was blown away by what we were experiencing and I know the team is very excited and looking forward to a return trip next month. I think Fantasy of Flight will be pleased with our findings. I also want to thank Beverly and her two daughters for putting up with us and the activities we were getting. Those three ladies were awesome and I’m glad they were able to experience what we experienced! I think it changed them…in fact I think it changed us all a bit. And a big thank you to Mr. Kermit Weeks for trusting in us and giving us the chance of a lifetime to investigate Fantasy of Flight. I hope he’ll enjoy what we found, and I wish he could have been a part of this with us. Hopefully he’ll allow us future investigations, because I believe we have just barely scratched the surface of the paranormal happenings there. There’s lots of other places we didn’t even have the time to check out last night. Thanks again team…great work! I’m looking forward to March and I’ve already started planning it out. See you guys soon…


Fantasy of Flight

16th February 2008

Weather Report

API Florida Investigation (Feb. 16, 2008)

*Weather Report*
Fantasy Of Flight, Polk City FL

Tonight, mostly clear with areas of late fog. Low of 59F.
Winds from the east at 5MPH.

Precipitation: 0%
Humidity: 82%
Dew Point: 59F

Sunset: 6:19PM
Moonrise: 1:47PM
Moonset: 3:32AM

Moon Phase: Waxing Gibbous
Weather conditions at 8:00PM at Fantasy of Flight: Very mild and calm. The temp was reading between 63-65F. The EMF meters were not picking up any activities outside.

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