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The Ghost Ranch Apparition

Back in a canyon, down in a valley, surrounded and protected from the world by hills, mountains and rocky outcrops, sits a location known as “Ghost Ranch.” This is not its official name, but it is the name that the caretaker and construction workers have given to the location, and it is the one we will use in order to protect the location from vandals and curiousity seekers. When the sun goes down the tough, hard-as-nails contruction workers clear out… quickly!

Why? What could strike such fear into the hearts of men who deal with things like rattlesnakes, wild boar, mountain lions, bobcats, and the occassional bear in this area?

An apparition, a shadow figure in a cloak and hood, about 20 feet tall, that appears to float 5 feet off the ground, moving at a fast pace of about 25 mph across the field, going in a north to south direction. Thecloak does not move with the wind, but instead stays static, as if caught in a motionless moment in time. One witness states that he saw a glimpse of a distorted face in profile and kept thinking…”Holy shit! Please don’t turn your head and look at me!”

One of the witnesses has drawn a photo of what they’ve seen and other witnesses concur. The image does not fully capture the much darker, sinister look of this apparition.


During our investigation on Friday night, August 5th, we went to the field. While there four of us saw some sort of shadow figure heading right at Cody. I snapped a photo and captured an orb right in front of him.


We are still analyzing all the video, audio and photographic data, but more coming soon on this location.

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