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The Pass Club – Prelim

Prelim Investigative Results of the

The Pass Club

7535 Susana Pass Road, Simi Valley, California 93063

July 12, 2016 – 1:30 pm to 3:00 pm

Participants: Cindy Nunn (API Founder), Rob Wlodarski, John and Pattie Childress, Colin Nunn, Christy, Dave, Rick

Prepared by: Rob Wlodarski for API Reloaded

International Paranormal Research Organization (IPRO)

8701 Lava Place, West Hills, California 91304-2126

Telephone: 818-340-6676 – E-mail:

All rights are reserved. No part of this work covered by the copyright hereon may be reproduced or used in any form existing or yet to be developed; graphic, electronic or mechanical without the prior express permission or consent of the individuals, companies, or consignees listed under the copyright contained herein. Any request for photocopying, recording, taping, reproduction or storage on information retrieval systems of any part of this work, shall be directed in writing to the publisher.


C Copyright 2016, Robert Wlodarski & Anne Wlodarski/ITF: Bones & Ghosts, Inc; International Paranormal Research Organization; G-Host Publishing Page 1

NOTE: Report prepared by Rob Wlodarski or IPRO. However, the investigation is being conducted by Anomalous Phenomena Investigations (API Reloaded), founded and run by Cindy & Colin Nunn


Built in 1954 by Paul W. Coons and his wife Mildred “Millie” Coons with associate Johnny Johnson. Served as a local gambling club from the 1950s to circa 1981 when Millie died and the gambling license was revoked. After the death of Paul Coons, Mildred remarried to Joseph James Sekyrk. The building has been remodeled and is still in use by a caretaker and friends. The property lies between Corriganville and the 118 freeway to the north and Rocketdyne to south. Numerous tragedies including a worker killed during the construction of the railroad tunnel, the Metrolink disaster and Spahn Ranch, a murder and plane crash occurred nearby. A lot of deaths in the general area.

Begin Tape 1, Side A

RW arrives at 1:10 pm and meets Rick, the caretaker and Dave an employee. As RW walks inside, he spots a woman peering out the west-facing window. He is over 60 and wearing what appears to be a blue dress. He gets the letter “M” for her first name. The woman vanishes and RW tells Rick about the encounter. Rick and RW talk about the ghost encounters inside: the phantom conversations; a woman who calls out constantly; children playing and other unexplained events that continue to occur. Staff report things moving and strange sounds all the time. The interior has been substantially remodeled and the main room that probably contained the gambling paraphernalia has been sections off into individual rooms. Rick has no photographs of what this once looked like.

049 A female says, sister.

050 A male says, the news.

RW sets up the analog tape recorder and Raggedy Ann trigger doll. RW senses a string female, male and children.

061 A male says, he swiped my bullet.

063 A voice says, soon.

The Raggedy Ann doll when turned on, never stops flashing… probably the high amount of EM energy from the power generators and cell sites adjacent to this room.

Rick takes RW outside and RW leaves the tape going. No one else is in the room at the time.

From 063 to 11 – slight whispering; footsteps and something being dragged.

181 Rick and RW return to the building.

RW, before coming back into the house, told Rick that he saw the same woman in blue staring out the window at us.

RW definitely feels a female presence and as we talk we hear a voice coming from the back room – sounds male. John, Pattie, Colin and Cindy arrive at around 1:55 pm

205 RW explains what has been going on and a female says, our house.

209 As RW talks to JC, a voice, sounds male, says, Do you recognize him?

210 A male says, Dave, I just saw Becky.

215 A male says, Dick, say Hello; then another voice says, remember to forgive me; then another voice says, wagon.

217 One male says, black, then another male says, stone.

218 One male says, I lived in the house, then another voice says, eight.

Rick’s friend Dave comes in the room and talks about all the paranormal activity.

237 Someone is talking about the area below on the property near the train tracks and a voice says, pile of dirt.

RW begins setting up the table as others come in, walk around and take photographs.

314 What sounds like a child saying, Hello there… then a gruff response (can’t make it out)

We set up an Ovilus III; parascopes; cross; crystals and sage; anomaly meter; EM pumps; and a decks of cards and poker chips as trigger objects. We also have a couple of ghost apps on telephones.

336 A screechy voice says, gllllllaaaaaasss (glass) – drawn out.

The time is 2:03 pm

451 A female says, count on us. RW says what was that?

RW says the opening prayer.

478 A voice says, it’s okay, I’d like to support them.

We have trouble reading the OvilusIII screen, which got very dark.

The parascopes spike as we begin the question session. JC and RW report getting chilled. We are told that the woman who ran the place until her death was Mildred “Mille” Coons.

The temperature is 84 degrees and the parascopes light up.

526 A male with an accent says, you can’t go yet.

529 A female, sounds young, says, here.

OvilusIII: Project: Outside, clouds

Abby the dog comes over. Cindy comes over along with Colin and we begin the question session.

OvilusIII: Project: Sixty, teacher, although

RW pulls out a King of Clubs from the card deck and asks for Millie to step forward.

OvilusIII: Pat, holiday, foliage, Jim (Mildred remarried to Joseph James Sekyrk), carrier, night (is this about a money bag and gambling at night?),

RW brings out his dowsing rods and asks where Millie is, and they point between Pattie and John.

RW asks if he is speaking to Millie and the dowsing rods point to yes.

629 A female says, going to a bistro.

OvilusIII: Eat, V, coarse

End Tape 1, Side A – Begin Tape 1, Side B

OvilusIII: Dirt, Paul (Paul W. Coons built the place in 1954)

GhostApps: Unknown, Carlos, Russia, aim, down, last, Johnson

RW asks if there are other spirits here and the dowsing rods cross for yes.

JC says his GhostRadar app shows a dot (spirit) where RW is sitting.

RW asks Millie if she recognizes the name Pat, and the dowsing rods cross for yes.

GhostApps: Correct, bottom

Cindy talks about a murder that took place adjacent to the property circa 1961 where a man shot and stabbed his wife to death and threw the gun away…. Possibly on this property at the bottom of the hill.

RW asks where is the gun — OvilusIII: Outside, disaster – Earlier, Rick said that a plane crashed nearby killing several people (July 12, 1949: The battered fuselage and wing section of a C-46 Standard Airlines passenger plane lies on a mountainside near the Chatsworth Reservoir after it crashed, killing 35 people. Fourteen survived. The plane, which took off from LaGuardia Airport in New York, was bound for Lockheed Air Terminal in Burbank. The Times reported that shortly before the crash, a fist fight had broken out between two men on board. Survivors later said the fight was not the cause of the crash and that the pilot was flying too low.)

050 A voice says, back.

Cindy says that during the construction of the railroad tunnel below the club, one or men were killed. We ask if there is anyone here who died from the train tunnel construction.

056 A male says, trouble.

060 We ask if the victim was named Paul and the Ovilus says, unclear.

GhostApps: Jane, wave, compound, tree, size, metal, chips (gambling?)

OvilusIII: Pine, supper, Africa

075 A male says, this was a supper club (one of us??? Rick)?

086 A gruff sounding male voice says, I’ll ask him.

GhostApps: Change, send

093 A child yells out, who is there.

Christy brings in a gun they found on the property.

111 A voice says, I’ll come over there.

We ask if the gun is related to a murder and the dowsing rods cross for yes.

OvilusIII: Demon

GhostApps: Rates

We ask if there are any children here and all the equipment lights up.

GhostApps: Boy, Uncle, business,

OvilusIII: Business

167 Right after the word business, a male says, table for two.

GhostApps: Fast, largest, anywhere, pendant

182 As the word pendant shows up, JC pulls out his new pendant from his pocket.

It’s as if the energies here are checking us out. There is a sense that some of the energy here is imprinted and not interactive.

GhostApps: Fiddle, shove

OvilusIII: short, observe, Tom

252 A woman with an east coast accent says, water. Then another female says, welcome.

We all begin feeling a clod breeze below the table and can’t find the source. We check everywhere. There is no air conditioning in the place and it is in the 80s inside; below the table is about 71 degrees.

OvilusIII: Hallway

283 A female says, tobacco.

286 A gruff-sound voice says Ethel followed by a female who says honey.

Colin goes in the kitchen after we hear a distinct sound like a child crying… although someone said it sounded like a chair being dragged. There was no one in the kitchen at the time. Dave and Rick say they hear sounds like that all the time coming from the kitchen when no one is in there. Colin says he has a headache and felt like he was punched in the stomach and face. Rick says the back room where Colin was, was once the ice locker for the club.

GhostApps: Informed

310 A male says, hard to say. Then another voice says, it’s a link.

GhostApps: Saw, figure, voices

OvilusIII: Linger, holiday

It is 2:55 pm – RW packs up, says a closing prayer and leaves – We will be back for an investigation on July 29th.

End Tape 1, Side B – The End


The Pass Club sits on what was once the original stagecoach road, named Twilight Canyon Trail. It led directly to the old stage station where the train tunnel is now located, down in Corriganville.

Mildred Julia “Millie” Coons

Millie was born 29 March 1909 in Illinois. Her parents were Kenneth L. WILLIAMS & Susan Ellen ARDINGER

Married Paul W. COONS in Chicago, ILL sometime before 1930.

Paul Coons was born 6 May 1907 in Illinois, possibly Danville. Believe his parents were William B. COONS & Audra BASINGER.

Paul died 24 November 1954, in a boating accident off of Paradise Cove.

After Paul died Millie remarried to Joseph James Sekyra.

She died 12 March 1980, in Sierra Madre, Los Angeles County, CA. She is buried in:

Grand View Memorial Park
Los Angeles County
California, USA
Plot: Section M, Tier 47, Grave 79

Daughter Betty Jane/June was born in Chicago, Ill., 13 March 1930. She married, circa 1956, “Buz” Wear. They had a son named Jay Allen Wear, who was born 1 Aug. 1957, in Van Nuys, CA. Jay died in Los Angeles in 1988.

Also had daughter named Carol, born 25 Jan. 1936, who married Albert Garziano. They took over ownership of club after Millie died. Carol died 28 March 1998 in Newbury Park, CA. Children of Carol and Albert are Paul & Cathy.

Paul Coons purchased the 40 acres of land that the Pass Club sits on in the 1940’s, when he also purchased a gambling license. Club was built circa 1950, which Paul built with his own hands after leveling the top of the mountain it sits on. It is possible that there were two other joint owners – Frank H. Bell and Blanche Irene Bell. Indicators seem to point to Elmwood Lumber as the supplier of the building materials.

The Pass Club burned to the ground in 1959 or 1960. Was quickly rebuilt. This is the current building.

One of the managers of the club (possibly a part-owner) was Howard G. Kinsbury, according to a 1965 article. She soon severed ties with him and her club was re-opened.

Believe that Barbara J. Howell and Auburn W. Howell were owners of the property in 1982.

Ovilus III is a device used to facilitate communication with ghosts/spirits. It generates words to a screen that are purported to be coming from a paranormal source.

Ghost Radar works in the same way. Both of these devices at times picked up the same, or similar words.



the News

he swiped my bullet


Our house

Do you recognize him?

Dave, I just saw Becky

Dick, say hello

Remember to forgive me




I lived in the house


pile of dirt

hello there

glaaaasssssss (the word glass drawn out)

count on us

Its okay, I’d like to support them

you can’t go yet













going to a bistro






























this was a supper club

I’ll ask him



who is there?

I’ll come over there






Business (again)

table for two
















hard to say

its a link
























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