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The Pass Club – The Investigation


The Pass Club Investigation

July 29th / July 30th, 2016

EMF Baseline: Due to the large power sources on the property a baseline EMF reading was unobtainable.

Temperature Baseline: The baseline temp was 78 degrees, with spikes throughout the night of 83.1, 85 and 87.

Weather Conditions: Hot at 75 degrees, humidity was 41 %, wind at 2.48 mph, barometer 29.81. The sky was clear.


Cindy Nunn

Colin Nunn

John Childress

Michael Hanna

Gary Robinson

Sandra Robinson

Cathy Garziano – Cathy is a granddaughter of Paul & Millie Coons. She drove out from Arizona to attend this investigation, and brought all of the old photos and trigger objects. We were honored to have her attend.

Rick Josker

Rosalba Ramirez


Brian Logan

Brandon Logan

Cody Logan

David Sambrano



Nikon D3200 Camera

Nikon D5300 Camera

Laptop w/ Windows 7

P-SB7 Spirit Box with DAS108 Bluetooth Orbital Speaker & Bluetooth Transmitter

Blue Snowball iCE USB microphone

Digital Dictaphones (2)

Thermal Imager

Infrared Thermometer Gun

EMF Cell Sensor

K2 EMF Meter

Ghost Radar

Bell and Howell DNV16HDZ-BKFull 1080p HD 16MP Infrared Night Vision Camcorder

Audacity audio recording program

Trigger Objects:

Original Pass Club cigarette lighter

Original Pass Club cards

Original match book

Original photos

Original Pass Club poker chips

Original green card table cover

Coons / Garziano family mementos


Baseball cap

Billiard ball

We have absolutely no video footage. Although the video recorder was operating, and had been tested at number of times during the night, upon uploading for reviewing it was found that the files were completely empty…. not visual, no sound. This seems to tie in with other malfunctions of equipment throughout the night, including cameras refusing to focus or snap a shot, and batteries suddenly draining down to the red zone and then upon leaving an area would shoot back into the green.

The two Dictaphones that were placed in the billiards room and the second hallway leading to the bedrooms yielded the following EVP results…

Laptop Recording Sessions

Session 1 yielded the following EVP results. We have interpreted the results to the best to our ability to do so. This is not an exact science, so our interpretations are based solely on what we appear to be hearing. Positions refer to location on the digital recording.

At position 8:58.680 – the response given appears to be “Please”

At position 8:47.08 – the response given appears to be “No.”

At position 7:10.695 – there appears to be a response to the question “Are you in the room with us right now?” Can’t decipher.

At position 5:56 – In response to the question “Did you own a gun?” it appears to be answering “Umm hmm.”

At position 8:58.680 – Can hear a response to the question “What year were you born?” but can’t make it out.

At position 18:43.103 – A response to the question “I can hear a woman and a man. Is that right?” can be heard, but not deciphered.

At position 26:37.812 – Nobody was manning the laptop at this point. The words “Help me” or “Gary” or something else.

At position 34:15.221 – Appears to be a response to the comment “We’ve come all the way from the UK just to see you.”

At position 28:44.720 – Can hear the response “Yep!”

At position 28:11.783 – Appears to be saying – “F**k that!”

At position 22:57.059 – Appears to be saying the name “Dick,” unless of course, it is calling someone by the expletive form.

At position 20:55.433 – Appears to be saying the name “Betty,”

At position 18:57.685 – Appears to be responding with the words “the Woman.”

At position 19:03.478 – An answer in response to the question “Who is the woman?” Can’t make out the reply.

At position 14:56.406 – Responds “I’m okay” to the question “Are you angry?”

At position 1:56 – Sounds like “No” or “Go”

Session 2 yielded the following EVP results.

At position 4:42.343 – unidentified

At position 6:38.153 – unidentified

At position 9:52.109 – Fuck you

At position 11:18.139 – Bubble Gum

At position 11:48.464 – Coast Guard

At position 12:26.115 – Spoiled little brat

At position 14:51.983 – Get down (in reference to Abbie the dog?)

At position 15:18.981 – Coon or Coons (this was the surname of the original builders and owners)

At position 20:48.978 – Rick

At position 21:10.828 – Goulet or Goulay

At position 21:56.235 – Arthur/Author or Martha

At position 22:34.548 – Let me speak or I’d like to speak

At postion 22:36.684 – Maury

At position 22:45.159 – Brown

At position 23:03.317 – unidentified

At position 23:05.349 – Its a party

At position 23:16.796 – Author

At position 23:27.292 – Blinded

At position 24:06.290 – Repeat that

At position 27:40.041 – Let Rick speak

At position 28:31.891 – Venice

At positon 33:46.220 – Rick (again)

At position 36:49.578 – We go together

At position 38:41.403 – Property, too or Property two

At position 45:48.825 – Why, Dick?

Session 3 yielded the following EVP results.

At postion 6:35.598 – Get down

At position 11:08.363 – Get Rick

At position 11:38.793 – Good afternoon

At position 11:55.523 – Hi (whispered)

At position 13:12.520 – He won’t say it

At position 14:43.960 – What’s winning?

At position 27:50.722 – Patty or Paddy

At position 31:59.872 – All the people

At position 34:34.645 – Mia or Maya

At position 37:58.969 – Dead

Dictaphone Recordings:

A deep voice can be heard speaking at the same time as one of the team members

The sound of someone saying Hal-Low

A whispered comment that sounds like “Go.”

John’s Recordings:

John captured what sounds like a windstorm going on inside the billiards room, and at the end is some type of whispering, possibly the word “Go.”

Second EVP sounds like someone sighing next to the recorder while John is talking.

Third EVP sounds like a child crying “Mama.”

YouTube channel:

Michael Hanna, our psychic medium, came up with “Steve said you’re not going to pin it on me!” Steve was one of those present when Paul Coons was drowned off Point Dume while on a boating excursion. Some people put forth the theory that Steve had stolen all the money off of Paul’s body. However, other family members believe it was someone from the rescue crew. Another possibility is that it somehow exited his pocket and floated away.

While in the entrance foyer Team #3 – Cindy, Gary & Michael, encountered activity that gave a very strong heat signature on the Thermal Imager, appearing in the shape of a human presence, which was standing in front of Michael. Attempts to photograph the area resulted in blurry photos due to the camera’s inability to focus. Cindy took a photo of the Thermal Imager at the time and the camera refused to focus on the unit. Nevertheless, you can see the strong red heat image next to Michael’s hand.

At one point Michael and Gary left the foyer to check out the first hallway and bathroom, leaving Cindy alone in the foyer. Cindy heard what sounded like something loudly tapping on the entrance door. She opened the door and although the camera again refused to focus she managed to take a photo. Looks like she captured an orb coming through.

Sylvia came through to Michael during investigation. Michael stated that she hated Millie and thought Cathy was a spoiled brat. According to Al Garziano she was a very bitter woman who hated Millie and everyone else.

Ghost Radar Sessions – Spoken Words List:

Ghost Radar®:CONNECT Session Details Started: Jul 29, 2016, 8:46:13 PM Scan Frequency: 4.4 Duplicate Detection Threshold: 8.3 Display Impedance: 4.8 Signal Timeout: 3.0 Signal Capacitance: 6.7 5 events: @ 0:26 minutes: Spoken Word:EXPRESSION @ 0:28 minutes: Medium Weak Signal:R:0.67 A:4.19 @ 0:53 minutes: Spoken Word:BILL @ 5:32 minutes: Spoken Word:OFFICIAL @ 6:45 minutes: Medium Strong Signal:R:0.33 A:4.19

Ghost Radar®:CONNECT Session Details Started: Jul 29, 2016, 9:35:13 PM Scan Frequency: 4.4 Duplicate Detection Threshold: 8.3 Display Impedance: 4.8 Signal Timeout: 3.0 Signal Capacitance: 6.7 23 events: @ 1:46 minutes: Spoken Word:SALLY @ 3:19 minutes: Spoken Word:COW @ 4:38 minutes: Spoken Word:NEEDS @ 12:36 minutes: Spoken Word:ART @ 14:09 minutes: Spoken Word:TRIANGLE @ 15:02 minutes: Spoken Word:PACKAGE @ 15:16 minutes: Spoken Word:FORGOTTEN @ 16:09 minutes: Spoken Word:SOAP @ 16:35 minutes: Spoken Word:CUP @ 17:15 minutes: Spoken Word:BEGINNING @ 17:42 minutes: Spoken Word:NEEDLE @ 18:35 minutes: Spoken Word:SPLIT @ 19:55 minutes: Spoken Word:MOTOR @ 20:08 minutes: Spoken Word:ROMAN @ 21:01 minutes: Spoken Word:GENTLY @ 23:00 minutes: Audio:640-B851 @ 30:34 minutes: Audio:8D1-805A @ 32:06 minutes: Spoken Word:PART @ 32:20 minutes: Spoken Word:SQUARE @ 34:06 minutes: Spoken Word:SIMPLY @ 34:33 minutes: Spoken Word:VALUABLE @ 34:59 minutes: Spoken Word:MINERALS @ 37:33 minutes: Audio:959-9898

Ghost Radar®:CONNECT Session Details Started: Jul 29, 2016, 11:04:30 PM Scan Frequency: 4.4 Duplicate Detection Threshold: 8.3 Display Impedance: 4.8 Signal Timeout: 3.0 Signal Capacitance: 6.7 23 events: @ 0:26 minutes: Spoken Word:COUNTRY @ 5:50 minutes: Strong Signal:R:0.20 A:6.28 @ 6:25 minutes: Spoken Word:MAKE @ 6:35 minutes: Medium Strong Signal:R:0.50 A:3.13 @ 6:39 minutes: Spoken Word:MATERIAL @ 6:59 minutes: Strong Signal:R:0.50 A:6.28 @ 10:04 minutes: Audio:3F9-B925 @ 11:09 minutes: Audio:344-997D @ 11:13 minutes: Medium Weak Signal:R:0.33 A:2.10 @ 11:18 minutes: Spoken Word:COMPOUND @ 11:58 minutes: Strong Signal:R:0.33 A:6.28 @ 12:34 minutes: Medium Strong Signal:R:0.67 A:4.19 @ 12:38 minutes: Spoken Word:SIR @ 12:51 minutes: Spoken Word:BOX @ 13:04 minutes: Spoken Word:SNAKE @ 13:10 minutes: Medium Weak Signal:R:0.67 A:4.18 @ 13:17 minutes: Spoken Word:SOCIAL @ 13:31 minutes: Spoken Word:ADDITIONAL @ 23:11 minutes: Medium Strong Signal:R:0.33 A:4.19 @ 23:15 minutes: Spoken Word:RECALL @ 26:09 minutes: Audio:D8F-8A46 @ 29:27 minutes: Medium Weak Signal:R:0.33 A:2.08 @ 35:56 minutes: Audio:F69-8EA4

Ghost Radar®:CONNECT Session Details Started: Jul 30, 2016, 12:20:44 AM Scan Frequency: 4.4 Duplicate Detection Threshold: 8.3 Display Impedance: 4.8 Signal Timeout: 3.0 Signal Capacitance: 6.7 36 events: @ 0:35 minutes: Medium Weak Signal:R:0.45 A:2.84 @ 0:40 minutes: Spoken Word:BEAT @ 1:33 minutes: Spoken Word:THREE @ 2:26 minutes: Spoken Word:DIFFERENT @ 2:28 minutes: Strong Signal:R:0.45 A:5.70 @ 3:15 minutes: Medium Strong Signal:R:0.10 A:4.20 @ 3:19 minutes: Spoken Word:SIGHT @ 3:46 minutes: Spoken Word:LOCAL @ 3:51 minutes: Medium Weak Signal:R:0.25 A:1.57 @ 5:15 minutes: Weak Signal:R:0.25 A:1.57 @ 5:30 minutes: Medium Weak Signal:R:0.25 A:1.57 @ 6:07 minutes: Weak Signal:R:0.25 A:1.57 @ 9:45 minutes: Spoken Word:CROP @ 9:50 minutes: Medium Strong Signal:R:0.65 A:4.08 @ 9:58 minutes: Spoken Word:WRITTEN @ 9:59 minutes: Medium Weak Signal:R:0.65 A:4.07 @ 10:08 minutes: Weak Signal:R:0.33 A:1.36 @ 10:11 minutes: Spoken Word:CORN @ 10:17 minutes: Medium Strong Signal:R:0.22 A:4.08 @ 10:49 minutes: Medium Weak Signal:R:0.25 A:1.57 @ 10:51 minutes: Spoken Word:POSSIBLY @ 11:34 minutes: Medium Strong Signal:R:0.33 A:2.10 @ 11:45 minutes: Spoken Word:CALM @ 11:58 minutes: Spoken Word:MAINLY @ 12:19 minutes: Medium Weak Signal:R:0.67 A:2.10 @ 14:25 minutes: Audio:178-BD9A @ 14:38 minutes: Spoken Word:EXPRESS @ 14:48 minutes: Strong Signal:R:0.50 A:4.72 @ 15:17 minutes: Spoken Word:PAPA @ 15:33 minutes: Medium Weak Signal:R:0.75 A:4.72 @ 15:49 minutes: Medium Strong Signal:R:0.33 A:4.71 @ 15:58 minutes: Medium Weak Signal:R:0.33 A:2.10 @ 16:37 minutes: Medium Strong Signal:R:0.67 A:4.28 @ 16:37 minutes: Spoken Word:TAX @ 17:06 minutes: Weak Signal:R:0.25 A:1.57 @ 21:19 minutes: Audio:CFC-B39D

Ghost Radar®:CONNECT Session Details Started: Jul 30, 2016, 12:42:14 AM Scan Frequency: 4.4 Duplicate Detection Threshold: 8.3 Display Impedance: 4.8 Signal Timeout: 3.0 Signal Capacitance: 6.7 14 events: @ 1:33 minutes: Spoken Word:FORTH @ 1:38 minutes: Medium Weak Signal:R:0.50 A:3.13 @ 1:54 minutes: Strong Signal:R:0.50 A:6.28 @ 5:32 minutes: Spoken Word:ENGINE @ 5:46 minutes: Spoken Word:DEAD @ 5:53 minutes: Medium Weak Signal:R:0.25 A:1.57 @ 6:48 minutes: Strong Signal:R:0.50 A:3.14 @ 6:52 minutes: Spoken Word:GATHER @ 6:57 minutes: Weak Signal:R:0.75 A:4.72 @ 7:13 minutes: Medium Weak Signal:R:0.25 A:1.57 @ 8:23 minutes: Audio:592-8753 @ 9:05 minutes: Spoken Word:WEREN’T @ 9:06 minutes: Weak Signal:R:0.40 A:2.51 @ 12:52 minutes: Audio:677-B04C

Photographic Evidence:

Cindy’s photographic captures include:

_DSC9964_DSC9933 - close up_DSC9933

  1. An orb entering through the open front foyer door.

  2. A human shaped heat image on the Thermal Imager.

John’s photographic captures of orbs include:

  1. Outside photo near the wires

  2. Near the billiard ball on the pool table

  3. Near the top right corner of the window on the left (south) wall

  4. Top right of the slot machine, in the general area Michael is indicating a presence

  5. Near the pool cue hanging on the north wall, near Michael.



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