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Ghost Ranch – First Investigation

DSCF0008Our investigation was conducted within hours of our first visit to this location, so we were not able to do a lot of preliminary base readings, nor were we able to determine interior conditions, such as windows and doors with drafts, cracks in walls or window glass, creaking floor boards, etc. However, a quick examination showed that two of the buildings were pretty solid. The other two residential buildings will be investigated at a later date, due to the condition of those buildings and a need to make them safe for any guest investigators to attend.

The weather was clear, calm, dry and cold.

Those present from the API California team were:

Cindy Nunn

Colin Nunn

John Childress

Michael Hanna

We were joined by Cody Logan as a guest investigator.

Observers present were Dave, Brian, Rick, Angie and Rosie.

Equipment used:

2 Fuji-film A101 point-&-shoot cameras

1 Kodak point-&-shoot (used for documentary photos)

John’s point-&-shoot camera

1 analog tape recorder

2 digital voice recorders

Laptop w/ Windows 7

P-SB7 Spirit Box with DAS108 Bluetooth Orbital Speaker & Bluetooth Transmitter

Blue Snowball iCE USB microphone

Digital Dictaphones (2)

Infrared Thermometer Gun

EMF Cell Sensor

K2 EMF Meter

Ghost Radar

Bell and Howell DNV16HDZ-BKFull 1080p HD 16MP Infrared Night Vision Camcorder

Audacity audio recording program


Because of the lack of electricity and water on the property Brian brought a toy-hauler for our use, equipped with kitchen and bathroom facilities. A very much appreciated gesture, especially for those of us who like hot coffee to keep us going, and prefer to not relieve ourselves in the bushes, where wild boar or other wildlife could be hiding.

The locations investigated on this visit were the 1940 ranch house, the “chapel,” which was probably the original homestead, and the north field, where the cloaked apparition has been reported to appear.

We broke up into two teams:

Team 1 – Cindy, John, Cody

Team 2 – Colin, Michael, Dave, Angie & Rosie

Brian (the caretaker) & Rick stayed at the toy-hauler. Rick was there mostly to provide further background and witness accounts, but he did join us later for the investigation in the north field, despite the fact that he was wary of it, due to his past experience with the cloaked figure.

Team 1 went to the 1940 ranch house as their first vigil location, while Team 2 went to the “chapel.” The vigil period lasted for roughly 45 minutes.

This report is incomplete as we still have a lot of data to go through, and we will be doing more thorough investigations in the future. This first one was just a quick run to become familiar with the location.

We set up the laptop, P-SB7 Spirit Box with DAS108 Bluetooth Orbital Speaker and Audacity audio recording program in the ranch house, along with the video camcorder. One digital voice recorder and the analog recorder were also set up in this location.

Team 1 felt that there was medium level of activity in this location, and numerous times more than one team member heard, at the same time, intelligent responses given through the P-SB7. Orb activity was also captured in this location, many times in conjunction with a photo being taken at a time when something was physically felt or seen with the naked eye. The chair and footstool in the living room, obviously favored by the last resident before she died, were particular hot spots. We felt that our time in this location was fairly intense and that we would have some good data. For the record, we had a baseline temperature reading of 85 degrees in this location, and when a presence was suspected the temperature would drop to as low as 73 degrees. An interesting note… in the bedroom is an antique dresser & mirror, and on the dresser stands an antique doll. Cindy took numerous photos of this doll and piece of furnityre, and a few minutes later reviewed the photos. However, upon arriving home and downloading them from the camera to the computer, Cindy found that every one of those photos was corrupt and could not be opened for viewing.

Team 2 also felt that their location, the “chapel,” was pretty active, with the team’s psychic medium Michael, picking up some intriguing readings and vibes. Colin also came away with some interesting impressions that he felt were indicators of past activity in this building. We had the other digital voice recorder in this location. A review of photos shows orb activity in areas that Michael is indicating as being active with a presence. More information will be filled in once all reports are in.

During the break period Dave decided to sit in the ranch house alone, to see what he could feel or sense. He sat in the chair just to the left of the window in the bedroom. Cindy, Cody, Rosie and Angie went in to check on him after about 15 minutes. While in the bedroom Cindy asked if any spirits present could give some sort of sign. All people present heard three loud knocks on the window. Cindy took a photo. A quick check reassured us that nobody was outside the house. The photo revealed a nice orb at the window.

After a short break period for coffee, snacks and downtime, the teams changed up locations, with Team 1 going to the “chapel” and Team 2 to the ranch house.

One has to wonder if the resident ghosts have already formed a preference for certain people, as both teams reported that their new locations seemed to have very little activity. Some orb activity was captured at the “chapel” by Team 1, but this was mostly right outside the “chapel,” and not inside, which seemed pretty quiet. Team 2 had some impressions, especially Michael, who felt like a “river” of spirits passed through the ranch house on one particular course through the house. During this vigil Michael began to feel ill in his stomach and had to leave when it became too overwhelming. Dave, Angie and Rosie also left at this time.

During the next break Cindy, John, Cody and Rick decided to go out to the north field, with Brian refusing to go along. He has a healthy wariness about that location at night. While standing in the field all present saw some sort of shadow figure heading directly towards Cody. Cindy and John took photos, both of which show orb activity. Cindy captured an orb directly in front of Cody at the time the shadow figure was seen heading to him. Shortly after a growl was heard behind the team. We turned on the flashlights and scanned the area, but could see no source for the sound. After we turned off the flashlights and turned back around to check out the filed the growling was again heard behind us. At this point we left the field and went back to the toy-hauler. Rick left right after this.

Since the team sizes had been reduced Cindy and Cody decided to go back to the ranch house for a few more minutes, John stayed with Brian at the toy-hauler, gathering information, and Colin went out to the field. This session last for about 20 minutes. Cindy and Cody both heard intelligent responses to questions through the P-SB7 at the exact same time, and also encountered a few incidents of knock or tapping that could have been of paranormal origin. Colin reported that he had no activity in the field.

We felt satisfied with our first investigation of this location and are looking forward to going back again. Keep watching for the publication of video footage, more photos and digital EVP recordings!

To listen to EVP’s that we currently have:

We know that the capture of “orbs” and what they are is hotly debated. But we still like to include photos of those we have captured.

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