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Ghost Ranch – Update


During the night of the investigation two people, Colin, team leader, and Michael, team psychic medium, were getting the strong impression of a child, a woman in distress, and an angry man. They were picking this up in the building in the image below, that is now known as “the chapel,” but may have been the original homestead.


These are the exact words of Michael, our psychic medium….

Cindy, I was just looking at the reports from the Ghost Ranch. I don’t know if I told you everything that night or you knew about it and we are still investigating the tape in the chapel… I think there was three different presences was male one was female and one was a child ..I don’t know if the child was unborn or born because I was not picking up a full energy force ..the male energy was very angry the female was more gentle..she felt like a cool breeze on my right hand he felt like fire on my left hand..I felt him slash or cut her in that shower space ..whatever he was doing I felt he had his hands on her neck or upper body….this played over and over in my mind’s eye… Had to go outside at that point …on the backside of the chapel between the water tower type of building in the back of the chapel I felt a little line or flow of people energy come drifting through … That Rocking chair photo I was standing where that Rocking chair was and walked away ..when he shot that picture after I had told him I felt energy on both sides of me …if you look at that picture there is a myst on both sides of that rocker…

Because I had experienced so much energy flowing through that area, I started to get nauseated and that’s why after sitting with Colin for a little while I had to go..which I am still sorry I left but I could not take it anymore.

Cindy was a bit surprised, since as far as she knew no children had been born at that property in a very long time, probably at least since it was part of a larger rancho, before 1911, or even when it was mission-owned property further back in time. There was also the possibility that Michael was picking up on the earlier inhabitants who lived here, the Tongva group of indians.

The woman who purchased the property as a homesteader in the early 1900’s was a married woman, but, she had not lived with her husband for a very long time, since the early years of their marriage. They had lived together, unmarried, in the state of Minnesota in the census records for 1870 and 1880. In the 1885 State Census she was living back home with her father. In the year 1886 they were formally married. By 1889 they were separated, and eventually she moved to the state of Washington, where she formed some sort of a relationship with another woman. By 1910 she was living in Southern California, and her husband in Northern California. The female companion soon followed her to California. No children were born of her marriage.

The next owner was a man from a fairly prominent local family, who later lived on this property for many years with his female companion, but they never married, and no children, as far as is known, were born of this union.

So, Michael and Colin both getting the strong impression of  child was a bit of a mystery. However, on August 14th Cindy researched late into the night and came up with some surprising information. The last owner had indeed been married, many, many years ago, with the marriage lasting for less than two years. It also was found that a child, a son, was born of this union. Being devout Catholics the man and wife never divorced, and from what can be found it seems that he had little to no contact with the child born of their marriage. Both the man and his wife lived in the same general area until their deaths.

So, the questions need to be asked…

  1. What caused the breakup of the marriage?
  2. Why was there little to no contact with his son? Was there some reason to question paternity, and this in turn caused the breakup?
  3. If paternity was questioned, could it have caused the man to act out violently against his wife, which would explain what Micahel was feeling?

Cindy has only found two very brief mentions of this son, and can find nothing further. His birth was mentioned in the local newspaper, but only the mother’s name was mentioned, and her father’s name, giving a clue that she had left or been kicked out before the child was born. The other mention was a somewhat cryptic reference on the mother’s social security application papers. No further mention is found, at least nothing definite. Cindy does have one strong possibility and is researching further. So, there is the possibility that another spirit is haunting the location, other than the ones we would expect.

On another note, Colin and Cindy went back to Ghost Ranch during the daytime on Sunday, August 14th, to take some more photos and get a better grasp of the location. While in the outside breezeway of the burned out Spanish-style house a rock was thrown at Cindy when she had her back towards the door that leads from the house to the breezeway. The rock struck the old door that is laying on the ground. At the time Colin was on the south side of the house, just in front of where Cindy was standing. Nobody else was present at the location. She got a bit startled, turned, and took a photograph. She didn’t get the feeling that the rock was intended to hit her, but to merely get her attention.


When she turned back to face the other direction she got the feeling that something was standing in front of her, so she took another photo. The image below is the result.


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