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Shadow People -Messenger, Guardian or Evil Entity?

shadowpeopleThere is a hotly debated topic within the ranks of paranormal enthusiasts regarding who or what “shadow people” are. Some believe they appear as a warning or to bring some sort of message, while others contend that they are evil entities.

Descriptions of these “shadow people” vary, with the most frequent encounters or sightings being described as a man with a fedora-style hat or a frightening hooded figure.

Experiences and interactions also vary widely, with some claiming to have been attacked by a shadow figure (pressing or sitting on chest, choking), while others have found their encounters to be unsettling but not dangerous. It could be that different types of shadow people serve a particular purpose, such as guardian, harbinger, negative force, disembodied spirit or ghost, etc…

I have seen, on many occassions, a shadow man in my home. He looks nothing like “hat man” or the hooded figure. He looks like a normal man, but a very dark and shadowy one. He isn’t frightening, except when he suddenly shows up in a dark corner of the house. He isn’t negative or destructive. He just “is.”

However, I have had an encounter with “Hat Man” that I will never forget.

In 2002 I was living in England with my British husband. At the time my sister back here in the United States was diagnosed with breast cancer. We couldn’t afford the costs for me to fly back home, so on the day of her surgery (early evening in UK time) all I could do was wait restlessly for a phone call to update me. About 7:00 pm UK time (11:00 am California time) I decided to try and take a nap. I went upstairs to my bedroom and closed the curtains, leaving the room in a gray semi-darkness. I tossed and turned and could not fall off to sleep. I flopped over from my right side to my left, and for some reason opened my eyes and looked towards the bedroom door. Through the gray gloom I was startled to see a tall black figure, dressed in a long coat and fedora hat, staring back at me from the corner near the door. I closed my eyes and opened them again. It was still there. Almost instantly a feeling of fear for my sister washed over me. I yelled for my husband, who came running in from the den next door. I told him what I had seen and then what I was feeling. He didn’t laugh or say I was seeing things. Instead, he agreed that I needed to phone the hospital.

I reached for the phone and called the main desk of the hospital, who put me through to the floor where the operating room was located. I was surprised when the nurse at the desk told me she was putting me straight through to the operating room. I have never known this to be done before. An operating room nurse answered my call. In the background I could hear a lot of activity going on, but couldn’t make out any of the words. The nurse informed me that my sister had come through her surgery and was doing okay. I breathed a sigh of relief, thanked her for the information and ended the call. I knew that my sister’s husband, my parents, my brother and his wife were all at the hospital so instead of hanging up the phone I decided to phone my brother to let him know that I had spoken directly with one of the operating room nurses. My brother answered his cell phone and just as I finished telling him that she had come through the surgery the doctor entered the family waiting room to inform the family that my sister had gone into anaphylactic shock and had died on the operating table. They managed to revive her but her chances of pulling through were very slim, and they didn’t expect her to live through the night. The anaphylactic shock was caused by the contrast dye they had used to mark the cancer in her breasts. Contrary to what the nurse had told me, she had not come through her surgery, because they were not even able to perform the surgery. If she lived she would have to go back in for surgery without the use of contrast dye to help guide the doctor. I fully believe that the “Shadow Man” in my room was bringing me a message that I needed to call the hospital.

I am happy to say that my sister did pull through and a few weeks later had her surgery. She has been cancer-free for 14 years now.

The one question that I ask myself is this…why did I phone the hospital for an update on my sister? Why didn’t I just phone my family in the first place, as I normally would have done? Why was I put through directly to the operating room, something that is not common practice? Why did the nurse tell me everything was fine, when in fact all the activity I heard going on in the operating room was the sound of doctors and nurses trying to bring my sister back to life. Who knows. Maybe in some way the spirit or soul of my sister heard my voice on the other end of the phone and it helped to bring her back. If I hadn’t seen the “Shadow Man” I may not have made that call.

Have you experienced an encounter with a “Shadow Person?” If so, please share with us in the comments section.

6 thoughts on “Shadow People -Messenger, Guardian or Evil Entity?

  1. My fiancee had a brief encounter with the shadow man. We were sleeping, he woke up and looked towards our closet and noticed the shadow man. When he had made eye contact with the shadow man, the shadow man then backed into the Closet and dissapeared. He had only seen his face and arms. I myself have had several encounters not with shadow man, but with something I was unable to see. I’ve had long fluorescent light bulbs come out from behind a cabinet and being pointed at me and one at a time would shatter. There were 4 lights total. I was sitting at my kitchen table on my computer. I just screamed and covered my face. My fiancee saw the whole thing. Another time, I was walking in My kitchen and felt a burning on the back of my neck. I had my son take a look and he said I had scratch marks. I had a couple of other incidents but I don’t have time to write them down. They are all very unsettling and seem to be trying to hurt me. Except for the shadow man. I’m concerned that I could really be harmed in the future.


    • Hi Melinda. Thank you for sharing your fiance’s experience with a shadow man, as well as your own paranormal encounters. I have also had an encounter with something paranormal shattering a light bulb, and I have to admit that it was somewhat frightening and unsettling at the time. I’m going to try to put your mind at rest by saying that in my opinion nothing is trying to hurt you, but is instead attempting to get your attention for some reason. Too many of these “ghost hunting” shows on television, which tend to be over-dramatized for the benefit of the audience and ratings, put the wrong ideas in people’s heads that “demons” or other negative entities abound. Fear is your worst enemy when dealing with the paranormal. It puts you at a disadvantage since ghosts/spirits/entities feed off energy, or at least that is the theory. I believe that even harmless paranormal entities can “act out” if exposed to more negative than positive energy. Kind of like giving someone too much sugar or caffiene. Even the calmest person will get wired and end up bouncing off the walls. Your best method for dealing with this is to remain calm, and then, in a strong, firm, but non-threatening voice, explain to “whoever” it is that you are aware of their presence and that doing things that frighten or hurt you are unacceptable. I am personally not religious, but if you are, it doesn’t hurt to use prayer or some other religious form of personal protection, which helps to keeps things more positive instead of negative.


      • I want to thank you for corresponding to my comments on shadow have set me at ease for now. I would really like to know what they want or trying to tell me. Thanks cindy!

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  2. I saw a shadow figure in my house on Monday 18/3/19. I was looking down at my phone (watching YouTube video clips) on the couch. It was a bright sunny day and that part of the house is well lit. From where I was sitting I had a view down the corridor, but the view down the corridor was obstructed by two open doors (both white). I was watching music videos, felt someone looking at me… looked up, and saw a hooded shadow person as tall as the white door facing me. It was obviously there as it was well contrasted against the white door. As soon as I saw it, It VERY QUICKLY darted into the side room. I ran to check who it was… and no one was there.

    On Saturday 23/3/19 (5 days later) my dad had a motorcycle crash, and he died on Sunday 24/3/19. That Sunday night I saw a black orb floating around near the ceiling at home.

    What was all that about??


    • Hi Ben. First, let me extend my deep sympathies to you on the loss of your dad. Both of my parents died within four years of each other so I understand how difficult this must be for you.

      Most people in the arena of paranormal studies have different views about what a Shadow Figure is and what its purpose might be. Some have a very narrow view that Shadow Figures are always negative and harmful forces. Others believe that there are different types of Shadow Figures. I fall within the latter, based on my own experiences. This is just my opinion, but I believe you were visited by one of the Shadow Figures that appear as a forewarning of something getting ready to happen that could be very unpleasant or cause sorrow. I suspect that your Shadow Figure, unlike the one I encountered, darted away quickly because even though you were being forewarned there was nothing you would be able to do to stop what was coming. In my case I was able to pick up the phone, call the hospital, and have a very rare event happen… I was actually patched through to the operating room phone. I believe that hearing my voice coming through the phone brought my sister back.

      Regarding the Black Orb…this is another subject that many disagree on, and again,can have many interpretations. I personally believe that a Black Orb appearing after the death of a loved on is an indicator that the deceased is showing heavy or sad emotions over having passed too soon and unexpectedly to say good-bye. I do not believe it is demonic or negative in origin. Had you witnessed a Black Orb under different circumstances, such as in a location known for having very negative hauntings, I would then think it possible to be a negative energy. But in your case, no, I think it was more a display of sorrow, regret, sadness.

      I hope this has helped in some way, and I welcome other readers to share their opinions.


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