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Prior’s Hall – The Strange Mist

Tynemouth Field Practice

15 June 2005

During another field practice at Tynemouth on 15 June 2005 the team members decided to split up to cover different areas. It was a quiet day, with very few visitors in sight. Jo was at the Oratory of St. Mary Chapel (aka Percy chapel), Colin was covering the castle, Chris at the Battery and Cindy went to the Prior’s Hall.

Tynemouth Priory 039

Prior’s Hall – A view of the barred wrought iron door.

The former Prior’s Great Hall is now mostly ruins, but one room remains intact, guarded and protected from entry by a wrought iron barred door. Behind the safety of the door, scattered about on the floor, are many relics and artefacts that have been collected and gathered from the priory site. Among those relics are two tall 13th century stone effigies which at one time covered the graves of two women of high rank or some importance in their community.

Cindy was the only person near the Prior’s Hall, which on most days gets very little traffic anyway, due to its seemingly innocuous appearance. Many do not realize that there is a door here. While standing at the gate and looking in Cindy began to feel a sudden chill, and decided to start snapping photos by putting her arm through the bars of the door. As she stood there taking photos she saw a strange mist forming, and then moving towards her. As soon as she could feel the mist on her skin she pulled her arm out and made a somewhat hasty retreat out of there!

The photos below are the result of her few minutes of bravery in her encounter with the mist. For the record… no, this is NOT cigarette smoke. Smoking is not allowed on the property.

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