5 Reasons Why People Should Not Be Afraid of Ghosts

ghost-1124531_1920People fear the spirit world and unfamiliar things such as spirits, ghosts and unexpected sounds. Would you be terrified if confronted by an apparition?

Millions of people would answer yes to this question and to the possibility of something prancing out at them in the still darkness, but is this ghost representation accurate?

We have all heard the many stories of different encounters like the cold breeze that we feel across our neck when there are no windows opened in the house, or ghost-like apparitions either in photos or in person. Other episodes may include Ouija Board experiences when there is movement and spelling without any help on its own from possible ghosts, rocking chairs that rock with no one in them, along with numerous other spiritual encounters.

If these millions of stories are true and ghosts do exist, should we fear them?

Reasons Why People Should Not Fear Ghosts

In thousands of movies, ghosts and spirits cause harm to people and animals. They have incredible force and powers to control and attack individuals, but is this truth or fiction?

Thousands of investigations and case studies of the paranormal show the exact opposite to what popular movies and books want us to believe.

The following are five reasons why people should not be afraid of ghosts.

1. Paranormal investigations indicate that ghosts do not harm people.
2. Individuals do not change personalities after death.
3. Spirits of the dead are not vengeful.
4. Most ghost story telling consists of helpful encounters, such as when a ghost prevents someone from falling.
5. There has never been any documentation to show that ghosts hurt humans.

Any type of evil manifestations that has surfaced from research noting demonic activities, have been linked not to ghosts or spirits, but to possible poltergeist activity. When people are attacked or objects are thrown by an unexplained force, it is usually believed to be that of a poltergeist such as the unconscious working of an actual human being who is not at peace.

We all have a spiritual being; does this mean then that we are all ghosts?

If you heard unexpected noises in the house, perhaps in an upstairs bedroom when no one else is supposed to be at home, would you not be reassured to find nothing or no one there, rather than some stranger?

People may well fear many humans rather than ghosts, as there is much more evidence of people being hurtful and dangerous than ghosts.

Perhaps people are afraid of what ghosts represent, and are afraid of the unknown.

by Louanne B.

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