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Useful Freebies for Paranormal Investigations

Anyone who has ventured into the world of paranormal investigations has quickly found out just how expensive it can be. From the costs of buying decent equipment to the price of gas and travel expenses, it all adds up to a tidy sum. Fortunately there are some good free offers out there that help to cut down on these costs, and in some cases negate the need to buy certain items.

For audio recordings we personally prefer to use Audacity Audio, a free multi-track audio editor and recorder.This is a full-feature program, and the best part is that it is super easy to use, even for audio novices, so don’t be afraid of its sleek, complex look. Runs on Windows, Mac OS X and GNU/Linux.



Can’t afford the more expensive noise generators or ghost boxes? There are a couple of good alternatives out there that you can download to your laptop, play online or use with your cell phone.

Afterlight Box is a ghost box software with many features to simplify spirit communication. Comes with both special chosen sound banks and internet radio stations. There’s even an Ovilus* like feature integrated, called Sanctus talk.


For the techie who likes to experiment, EVP Maker, an experimental software for the generation of acoustic “raw material” for recordings of paranormal voices on tape, also known as “Electronic Voice Phenomena” (EVP).

EVP MAKER screenshot

White Noise & Company offers a free online noise generator in various color spectrums, including white, brown, pink and grey noise. Don’t have a laptop to take along to an investigation? No problem! Just download the free app to your cell phone.

White Noise

Naturally, you will no doubt be taking photos, either with a camera or a cell phone (we recommend lower end digital cameras, like Fuji FinePix A101), so you will at some point need a good photo editing program. We highly recommend GIMP, which is on a parr with some of the highest quality programs out there.

Supported platforms: GNU/Linux, Microsoft Windows (XP SP3, Vista, 7, 8), Mac OS X (10.6 and newer), Sun OpenSolaris, FreeBSD.


For a free, full spectrum investigative tool, you can’t beat the original Ghost Radar Classic, available as a free download from Spud Pickles. Ghost Radar attempts to detect paranormal activity by using various sensors on the device on which it is running. We have personally tested out all of the Ghost Radar products (Classic, Legacy, Connect) and use them on a regular basis as additional tools during our investigations.

Platforms: Android, iPhone, Windows, Kindle Fire, Nook, & BlackBerry.

Ghost Radar

Ghost-Tech Paranormal Investigator is a free tool to help you log and store data of your paranormal investigations. Add pertinent information, notes, media files, witnesses, activity encountered, etc… A very easy interface to work with. Always a bonus.


Some of us still like to be a bit “old school” when keeping logs and data of an investigation. For those who also prefer to write things on paper, check out this free Ghost Hunting Log offered by Angels & Ghosts.

And, if you still haven’t had enough excitement after using all your cool new freebies on a paranormal investigation, chill out (or scare yourself witless!) with some of the free creepy games offered by JumpScare Games – Online.

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