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History of Property at:

29-31 Heaton Hall Rd. & Falmouth, Heaton, Newcastle upon Tyne

May 2005


Current Status of Property: The property is a 3-storey Maisonette with a cellar, commonly referred to as a 2-up, 2-down. Number 29 is currently used as a residence and number 31 is Alter-Native Art, a combination tattoo shop/café/internet café. Dan Lake and Bryn Hodkin currently live and work at the location. Dan (Daniel James Lake) is also an actor whose credits include Badger II – Purely Belter – Byker Grove (Series 9 & 10) – Scene of the Crime – Dinner of Herbs – Virtually Famous – Downtime – Our Friends in the North – John Doe – Various Commercials. In Purely Belter he played bad-boy Matthew Brabin.

It is believed that the property is haunted, with the common belief that the spirit of a woman named ‘Mina’ is responsible for strange occurrences. It has been reported that Mina died in front of the fire while clasping a hot water bottle. So far as I can determine this death would have occurred sometime between 1914 and 1972. Research of the history of the property leads me to believe that ‘Mina’ is not the only possible ‘spirit’ responsible for the alleged haunting of the property. This property has had a number of tenants and purposes since the year 1898. A few years ago an exorcist was called in to put an end to the haunting. It doesn’t seem to have worked.

History of Property: Number 31 has had a long and varied history. However, some years have still not been researched so there is a gap. Here is a listing of the known business enterprises to have been operated at number 31 Heaton Hall Rd.

1898 – In 1898, in the Ward’s Directory for Newcastle, we find a T. Blackett, Wine & Spirit Merchant, listed at 21 Heaton Hall Road. The nearest listed address after that is 33 Heaton Hall Road. It is possible that 29-31 wasn’t listed as it was only a residence at this time.

1899 – 1900

L. Evans – construction Engineer resided at number 29, but is not listed after that year.

1899 – 1906

Barry Noble was a chemist at 31 from 1899 – 1906. He was also listed on the census from 1901.

1907 – 1908

Mrs Israel Phillips resided at number 29 from this year. Her surname and maiden name were Bertha Levinson (Lewenson). She was born in 1868 in Newcastle, and was the daughter of Fybus and Sarah Lewenson, who were from Germany. The family at some time changed the spelling of their surname. This family is listed in the 1881 census for England. Bertha married Israel in 1889. The chemist at 31 changed names – for reasons not known to me, yet – and became M. Davison, Chemist.

1909 – 1914

At number 29 there was no register of anyone living here for this period – again, I’m assuming that the proprietor of the shop below were living here. Number 31 was now listed as Mrs. E. West – confectioners.

1914 – 1917

Still no register of anyone at number 29. But number 31 became T. W. Gordon, still a confectioners, as listed in the Kelly’s Directory for 1914.

1918 – 1932

No register for 29.

Number 31 remained a confectioner but was listed with T. Whitehead.

1933 – 1940

No register for 29.

Number 31 was still a confectioners but changed to Mrs. R. Whitehead – presumably her husband passed away.

1941 – 1946

These years were absent from the Library records


Both number 29 and 31 were registered to Mrs Violet Whitehead and the shop was a tobacconists.

1948 – 1949

These years were absent from library records


Both 29 and 31 were registered as H. Chilvers – Bakers

1951 – 1952

Absent from library records

1953 – 1956

Both 29 and 31 were registered as Halls Bakeries – Bakers – prop. George Hall

1957 – 1958

Absent from Library records


No listings for number 29

Number 31 was registered as J. Norton – Drapers

1960 – 1964

Absent from library records


No listings for 29

Number 31 was registered as Dano Bakeries

This was as far as the business records could be traced, at the library in any case.

1967 – (up to February)

Number 29 occupied as a residence. However, in October of this year, there was no one registered.

1969 – 1970

Wilhelmina Mackie lived at 29, (this is probably the lady who was found dead) A Wilhelmina Mackie, born in Newcastle upon Tyne in 1896 has been found. This might be our “Mina” if she never married. I find no record of this Wilhelmina marrying in Newcastle. Further research will be conducted to see if this is the correct Wilhelmina Mackie. This is also the woman who is suspected of haunting the location.

1971 – 1972

Number 29 occupied as residence.

1972 to 1983 – Three different businesses were operated from this property at various times, a hairdressers in 1972, and then sometime after that it was first a set of offices and then an offset printer.

2001 – A retail shop called ‘Memories,’ which sold memorabilia and antiques

2002 – A coffee shop called ‘Coffee Connection’

2004 – Alter-Native Art Tattoo shop

List of Sources:

1901 Census

Ward’s Directory of Newcastle on Tyne for the years 1910, 1916

Kelly’s Directory of Northumberland – 1914

Electoral Rolls

Report prepared by: Cindy Nunn and Jim Gilbert


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