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Preliminary Report

Anomalous Phenomena Investigation
Preliminary Report For Investigation at Alter-Native Arts
12th May 2005
Date of Investigation: Saturday 7th May
Venue: Alter-Native Tattoo Studio
Newcastle Upon Tyne


It is believed that the property is haunted, with the common belief that the spirit of a woman named ‘Mina’ is responsible for strange occurrences. It has been reported that Mina died in front of the fire while clasping a hot water bottle. So far as I can determine this death would have occurred sometime between 1914 and 1972. Research of the history of the property leads me to believe that ‘Mina’ is not the only possible ‘spirit’ responsible for the alleged haunting of the property. This property has had a number of tenants and purposes since the year 1898. A few years ago an exorcist was called in to put an end to the haunting. It doesn’t seem to have worked.

This was to be API’s first official investigation, and was to be extremely interesting. Before the investigation started, base readings were taken throughout the house.

Areas to be investigated were as follows:

Ground floor passage and staircase

First floor Landing, Bathroom, Toilet, bedroom and Living Area

Second floor Staircase, Landing and Kitchen Area

Readings were as follows:

Ground Floor

Entrance/Passage…………………………….13.3 degrees C…………EMF 1

Staircase to 1st Floor…….…………………….17.5 degrees C…………EMF 2

First Floor

Landing to Bathroom…………………………18.0 degrees C………..EMF 2

Bathroom……………………………………….18.2 degrees C……….EMF 2

Toilet……………………………………………17.8 degrees C………..EMF 1

Bedroom…………………………………………17.2 degrees C……….EMF 1

Living Room (Baseroom)………………………18.7 degrees C……….EMF 1

Second Floor

Staircase (from 1st Floor)……………………18.4 degrees C………..EMF 1

Kitchen………………………………………..18.8 degrees C………..EMF 1

All readings were taken at approximately 9:30, EMF readings in the lower entrance were inconclusive as there were electrics behind the wall.

With all readings completed it was time for the invo to start.

Investigators Present

Cindy Nunn A.P.I

Colin Nunn A.P.I

Jo Carnegie A.P.I

Chris Carnegie A.P.I

Jim Gilbert A.P.I

Darren Ritson Ghost In-Spectres

Suzanne McKay Team Phenomena

Glenn Hall Ghost In-Spectres

The best way to approach the investigation was to split into two teams, with each one investigating separate areas of the house.

Team 1

Cindy, Suze, Glenn & Chris

To investigate the 2nd floor area and staircase to 1st

Team 2

Colin, Darren, Jo & Jim

To investigate the ground floor area including first floor landing

Time Investigation Began: 10:00pm (22:00)


Darren Ritson’s Report

(Anomalous Phenomena Investigations)

Private Residence, Heaton Hall Rd.
A haunted house.
Sat 7th – Sun 8th May 2005.


On Saturday 9th April 2005, 2 members of my team The North East Ghost In-Spectres and Myself were invited along to investigate an alleged haunted house in Heaton, Newcastle, by Cindy Nunn and the rest of her Team, A.P.I. The house is about 120 years old by all accounts and has been used for all sorts over the years and has seen a lot of changes and history. Not long ago the house was featured on a BBC News programme regarding the haunting and an exorcism attempt, which was to be carried out on the premises by a local priest. By all accounts the exorcism turned out to have failed and the alleged haunting continues. The current owner claims to have experienced seeing things moving out of the corner of his eyes while in the house alone, and finding his possessions and belongings moved around again when he is in on his own. The ghost of an old woman is also said to have been seen in the house on a number of occasions. We arrived at the venue at 8.30pm on the night and Cindy and Jo greeted us outside the premises. We were promptly shown around the premises to get familiar with the building. As we were walking around on the tour of the house, certain feelings we picked up by myself, Glenn and Suzanne. Feelings of dizziness, giddiness, shaking and numbness were all reported but what it meant we don’t know yet. Cindy had reported that her team members had felt as though they were being touched and prodded, experienced cold spots and heard whisperings and this was even before the investigation had begun. The baseline tests and preliminary readings were taken by the API team before our arrival and are shown as follows.

Baseline readings.

Just before we started our vigils myself and Suzanne smelt a lovely sweet smell of incense in the base room, I don’t know where it came from but it was nice. Paranormal or not we don’t know, but it was certainly odd. Location One for our group was downstairs and the first floor landing, we had split into two teams to cover the house and in group one there was Jim, Colin, Jo and Myself and in group two there was Cindy, Chris, Suzanne and Glenn. At 9.52 pm we sat ourselves down on the stairwell and waited. As I was walking down the stairs I had my left arm and elbow blatantly tickled or touched and when I turned around to see what it was no one was near me. I took some digital still to no avail. When I was snapping away it seemed Jo had picked up on a black shadow lurking at the top of the stairs, she said it was just standing there motionless and observing what was going on. She then picked up on the spirit of a small girl called Ruth who was 4-5 years old. She had on what Jo describes as a Victorian style white petticoat, or a long nightdress down to her feet. (She could not tell).

She also said she had on a bonnet, which I feel indicates she would have been wearing the petticoat or dress as I doubt she would have been wearing a nightdress with a bonnet on. So it looks as though we have a Victorian girl aged 4-5, in a long dress and hat, named Ruth. At 10.12pm I feel dizzy at the top of the stairs and at that point I received the name Albert. (From where I don’t know). At the same time Jim catches an orb fly right down my torso and disappear on night vision camera. Could the black shadow sensed by Jo earlier, who lurks at the top of the stairs be Albert? At the minute we can only speculate. Then a smell of paraffin is smelt and the names Charlie and Jack are picked up as well as the presence of a dog. By now we had been in this location for about 1hr and 50 minutes and it was time for a break.

During our break it was reported that 4 of the investigators present had slight problems with their left eyes. Mine was putting and twitching as was Glenn’s during the first location and then into the break, Colin’s eye was also playing up in the respect that he was partially blinded by something which led to his eye watering, and another team member suffered odd sensations with the left eye. Could all four of us been picking up on the same eye injury, or a possible blindness or even someone with only one eye. Further research into the property will have to be carried out in order to ascertain the truth.

Location Two saw us in the upstairs section of the house on the top stair landing and in the kitchen while the other group took vigil downstairs. It was now 11.30pm and Colin senses a woman with a hunched over posture and claims to hear a shuffling of feet as though someone is tramping along with slippers on. The woman Colin sensed is apparently in one of the bedrooms we were not allowed in to investigate. He gets the name Annie and says she stares out of the window. At 11.50pm in the Kitchen an EMF anomaly shows up in the middle of the room where previously there was no reading at all. It read about 2-3 milligaus, which is interesting to say the least as earlier on it read zero. Jim and myself swapped places and the reading vanished for a short period of time before re-emerging in the same place. Very odd indeed. Also when we were up on the top level, it was noted that Jo picked up on a body hanging over the top of the stairs, I got the same impressions. However I though suicide and Jo thought murder. It was now 12.45am and time for our second break.

Now it was time to all re-group and take vigil in the main living room. At 1.45am we turned out the lights and attempted to contact any spirits by calling out into the atmosphere. Cold spots and draughts were reported as well as people feeling cold and the psychics claiming to pick up on certain spirits were documented. However not much happened in the way of definite good evidential phenomena, apart from some photographs of orbs taken by myself, which of course could be dust particles. It must be said though, that one incident did occur, in which I feel is definitely worthy of a mention in the report and that is the fact we think Chris underwent either went under a slight possession, or the spirits in the room drained him completely of his energy. He felt ill and weak and said he had to leave the room and when he did so he almost collapsed upon the floor. Suzanne and myself helped him out the room and into the corridor. During his funny turn in the circle, Jim took some digital stills and it was observed that my face in the photo was of a normal colour, but Chris’s face was blue! Also it is interesting to add that when Chris felt his head being pushed forward, a photo was taken with a blue orb behind his head!

A very strange occurrence indeed and what ever it was, weather it be partial possession, spirit energy drainage or even a psychological occurrence, it shook Chris up quite bad and he wanted to leave there and then. He experienced something for definite, but what it was exactly we will never know. It was now 3.00am and we had another break before we packed up our equipment and left.


I was impressed with what the psychic people picked up on and how a lot of the data correlated.

Alter-Native Arts

Investigation Report – Part 1


First Investigation for API

Saturday 7th May 2005


Our first Investigation – API steps from the realms of Idea’s and into reality. All team members were hoping that this would be an investigation to remember.

Read On!

We arrived at the site – Alter-Native Arts Tattoo Studio – at 8:35pm

Weather conditions were Dark & Wet – it had been raining/Sleet earlier with some thunder and lightning (kinda sets the scene doesn’t it!)

There was an ambient outdoor temperature of 13 degrees Celsius.

Outdoor light conditions were Dark.

A bit about the place now. The area of investigation was to be the flat/maisonette above the Alter-Native Tattoo Studio. Both Dan and Bryn had agreed for API to come in and investigate the site for paranormal activity.

In all honesty, I don’t know a great deal about the history of the place – and this was going to be to my own advantage. With no real knowledge of the place, there were no ideas or notions that could influence my reactions to what would happen.

We were to investigate the cellar – situated below the shop – but were unable to do so due to some unforeseen technical issues. So the investigation was contained in the maisonette itself.

On behalf of all team members here at API, I would like to thank Dan and Bryn for letting us come into their home, and explore the Paranormal Activities reported therein. (And on a personal note – for two belting Tattoo’s which – Dan – I will be back to get that one finished OK). It was very kind of them and we hope they will not be disappointed in our findings.

Members and Guests Present


Anomalous Phenomena Investigations

Cynthia Nunn

Colin Nunn

Jo Carnegie

Chris Carnegie

Jim Gilbert

Ghost In – Spectres

Darren Ritson

Glenn Hall

Team Phenomena

Suzanne McKay

The investigation was to be carried out as follows:

Two teams – 1 and 2 – consisting of four people in each, would carry out invo’s in separate areas of the place, and then both groups would join for the final vigil on the first floor for the remainder of the night.

The basic layouts of the maisonette are as follows:

Through the front door and into a long passage. From this lower passage, a flight of stairs leading to a short landing – straight on into the bathroom, toilet to right – at the head of the stairs, the landing leads around to a couple of steps and onto what is the main landing of the building. 3 Rooms are grouped together here, a large bedroom, a living room and a second bedroom (which we had no access to by request of the tenants). From here, up another flight of stairs and around onto another short landing. 3 rooms again here, 2 bedrooms (again – no access to these by request) and the kitchen. (Ground floor – First floor and second floor).

Upon our arrival, after team introductions, both myself (Jim Gilbert) and Chris Carnegie began base tests.

Lower floor to 1st

Lower Passage – 13.3 degrees C (EMF 1 – electrics situated here)

Stairs – 17.5 degrees C (EMF 2)

Bathroom – 18.2 degrees C (EMF 2)

Toilet – 17.8 degrees C (EMF 1)

1st Floor

Stairs to Passage/Landing – 18.4 degrees C (EMF 1)

Baseroom (living Room) – 18.7 degrees C (EMF 1)

Bedroom – 17.2 degrees C (EMF 1)

Bedroom 2 – *** No Access***

Staircase to second floor – 18.4 degrees C (EMF 1)


2nd Floor

Stairs to Passage/Landing – 18.4 degrees C (EMF 1)

Kitchen – 18.8 degrees C (EMF 1)


Bedroom 1 and 2 – ***No Access***

All rooms listed were to be investigated.

The investigation start time was 10:00pm and the teams were set up as follows:


Cindy – Chris – Suze – Glenn



Colin – Jo – Darren – Jim


With all base readings completed, the teams made to their respective invo points. TEAM 1 were to remain on the Second floor, whilst TEAM 2 would remain on the ground to first floor landing.



Team 1

Vigil 1

2nd Floor – Kitchen – Landing – Staircase





 Dowsing Rods moved when Suze asked for confirmation of a spirit presence – temperature increase – (top of stairs). Dowsing Rods were ‘pulled’ down – and video camera went out of focus.


Suze heard a voice say/whisper ‘No

Glenn’s hand went numb


Cindy felt something press on her Left side above the hip, as if her rib cage were being squeezed. The sensation was very uncomfortable and painful. It was relieved by kneeling down to the floor but returned upon standing up again until position was changed to a different area.

Dowsing Crystal on tripod frame was going crazy


Glenn was tickled on his face


Tap heard in wall to the right of stairway

Suze sensed the initial ‘J

Suze also sensed a tugging sensation on her leg and tightening on her neck. Feeling of sadness.

At this time, Glenn sensed a feeling of satisfaction, possibly in connection with Dan and Bryn, the current tenants.


Glenn sensed ‘rolled up or stacked up Bank notes’ and accountants – the temperature rose to 19.3 degrees C



2 brothers working together was an impression Glenn received; again, possibly in connection with Dan and Bryn.


Suze felt her head pulled backwards – feeling the presence of a ‘Guy in black Mac’. Also at this point, Suze was almost taken.


Glenn sensed a man, a working class man cleaning his boots at the bottom of the stairs. He then felt someone/thing brush past his legs.


Suze felt the presence of a stubborn, tight man – possibly had a stroke – and used to live here

Glenn got a pain in his temple and said his eye feels lazy.

Suze was touched on the back

Glenn felt his back being tugged – both him and Suze felt ‘cold’ and the temperature dropped to 18.5 degrees C



A cold breeze was felt (temperature rose to 22 degrees C)


Cindy got an acrid smell


Glenn sensed the name ‘James


There was a cold sensation around Suze (temp 19.7 degrees C)


Suze and Glenn both felt the presence of a small dog, a Jack Russell.

Glenn got the smell of sick in his nose – and that a man drowned in his own vomit


Suze had the feeling of being lifted – of floating.

Glenn ‘saw’ the legs and upper body of a man in his pyjamas


The presence of a female who wanted Suze to sing ‘Be innocent of Jesus’ Romans 15 19:10

Glenn saw a visual orb (correlate with camera)

Suze sensed a ‘Happy Clapper’ also known as a ‘Holy Roller’ in the United States.

Temperature dropped to 18.8 degrees C




Alter-Native Arts

Investigation Report – Part 2


Anomalous Phenomena Investigations 
Section 2
12th May 2005
Date of Investigation: Saturday 7th May


Venue:        Alter-Native Tattoo Studio

                    29-31 Heaton Hall Road


                    Newcastle Upon Tyne

                    NE6 5NQ


Objective: Confirm Paranormal Activity

 Status: Invo Complete – Evidential Confirmation


The Investigation Begins

Team 2

Throughout the invo – I have documented video imaging to correlate the following report.

The invo started at 10pm, both teams went to their respective areas.

Team 2 were situated in the lower area of the house – ground to first floor landing, although only part way along so as not to interfere with Team 1’s invo.

Colin sat at the bottom of the stairs with dowsing rods and crystal.

Jo remained in the passage at the foot of the stairs. Darren was at the top of the stairs and I (Jim) was about half way up the stairs.

About five minutes into the invo, I started my video camera recording.


Jo began to pick up on the presence of a little girl aged about 4 or 5 years old and wearing a long white garment, which covered her feet. Jo said the little girl was playing up and down the stairs, running and laughing.

The pendulum was also swinging slightly at this time – video footage can confirm.

At this time I had handed the video cam to Colin, whilst I made some notes. Colin panned the camera back to me after Jo had said the girl was running very fast up and down the stairs.

At about 10:15 Colin felt a ‘throttling sensation’, which caused him some discomfort. As a result, Colin began meditating – in a hope to alleviate his rapidly increasing headache and to try to contact any spirits present.

A further check on the video footage showed a small orb traveling across the step towards Colin at this time.

Upon later inspection, there was a small orb caught on camera, which traversed across my legs.


Darren was stood at the top of the stairs, close to the bathroom. Jo said that he was stood ‘right where the man stands’, and that ‘he was not very pleased with Darren as he was standing in his way.’

Colin had returned the camera to me, and, through curiosity, I began to film Darren. On two separate occasions, within a 3 to 5 minute period, I caught two orbs – one of which I saw with the naked eye – on video – truly fascinating.

Darren picked up on the name ‘Albert’ for the ‘male presence’ that Jo had seen. However, Jo thought his name may have begun with the letter ‘C’ – research would have to be done on this.

Colin, still in meditation, thought he could smell fire – as if the place had been burnt out at some point. Again, research would tell.

The young girl – Ruth – was still playing.


Colin still had the smell of burning in his nostrils, as did Jo – we later agreed that this may be cigarette smoke from a neighbour, although this was the only time it was ‘sensed’.

During his meditation – Colin also sensed the presence of a dog, along with the name ‘Jack’.

Jo confirmed the name she got earlier as being ‘Charles’.

Darren remained adamant that it was ‘Albert’

This area will be researched through public census records at Newcastle City Central Library.

Jo suggested that one of us go and check out the bathroom area, so I volunteered and took the video cam. I sat there for about 5 minutes and sensed nothing.

However, after my session in there, I came back to the top of the landing and commenced filming the upper landing. Here I captured 2 orbs, on traveling at speed in a straight line from right to left on screen, and a second spiraling up towards the ceiling.

Also, Jo, who was down at the bottom of the stairs, went to investigate a noise that Colin had heard. I caught three distinct shots of an orb following her there and back out.

Was this the little girl she had sensed?


I had been stood in the lower passage for approximately 10 to 15 minutes – there was nothing here apart from a cold sensation and the EMF meter bleeping a few times in short quick succession. I discounted these facts as this was the main entrance to the flat – therefore would be cold anyway, and the electric supply for the shop (31) was right behind this wall.

At about 10:55 the first vigil came to an end. With the possibility of orbs on video – this had proven to be quiet a fruitful first watch.

I finalised and changed the first DVD – labelled it ‘Disc 1’ and changed – ready for the next vigil.

After checking through the video footage of the first vigil, I have caught no less than 8 orb sightings – these are NOT caused by torches or light reflections – they are almost purpose driven spirit lights that cannot be explained ‘rationally’.


Team 1

Second Vigil

The second vigil began at about 11:30 – following a break for refreshments.

Team 1 took up their places in the lower area of the house, whilst Team 2 took up their places in the upper 2nd floor area.


Chris sees orbs on the stairs. Tests with the thermometer indicate a 2 degree drop in temperature.


Suze, Glenn, Cindy and Chris feel a strong breeze on the stairs.


Orb seen on stairs by Glenn through video camera. The dowsing rods in Suze’s hand suddenly cross with a very strong pull.


Chris feels pain in his head and left eye. There is also a sudden cold patch that is felt between Cindy and Suze. Glenn also gets the sensation of pain in the left side of the face.


Cindy and Suze hear a rapping noise on the wall. Both of them get an itchy sensation in their noses. Temperature reads at 19 degrees Celsius. Glenn checks to see if anything nearby could have made the noises, but nothing is apparent.


Chris feels a choking sensation, as if someone is pushing on his throat.


Cindy feels cramping in her left leg and foot.


Reading of temperature indicates 18.9 degrees Celsius


Footsteps are heard on the stairs behind Chris and Cindy and there is also a shuffling sound outside the toilet room area.


Chris’ video camera turns itself off, yet indicator shows a full battery. Temperature now reads 23 degrees Celsius. Suze gets the name “William.”


Glenn places crystal pendulum on floor. Its movement is stopped, but it begins to swing strongly almost immediately. Suze feels an extremely cold sensation on her back

12:01 am

Cindy asks the spirit if it is “female” and the crystal seems to indicate a “yes” response, then Suze, Glenn, Chris and Cindy see an orb. When asked by Suze to confirm its presence another orb was seen.


While standing outside of the bathroom Suze became very cold. Suze felt her hand being grasped by a child named “Jessica,” who was waiting for the “white woman” at the top of the stairs. Suze got the impression that “Jessica” she was afraid of being alone.


When asked to do so, “Jessica” caused the crystal pendulum to change direction.


“Jessica” was asked by Suze to swing the crystal pendulum towards Cindy, but there was no response.


Suze sees a man with an evil, stern looking face and gets the impression of the name “John.” Suze suddenly feels as if she were drunk.


Suze’s back, particularly the hip area, still feels very cold. Glenn and Cindy both place their hands on Suze’s hips and can feel a difference in the temperature between her hips (very cold) and the rest of her body (warm).


Cindy and Suze both see an orb. The temperature is now reading 19.6 degrees Celsius.


Temperature around Cindy drops to 19.1 degrees Celsius.


Chris feels a pain in his finger and notices what look like small human teeth marks, which are witnessed by Suze, Glenn and Cindy.


While standing outside the toilet room Cindy gets an intense and painful feeling, as if her ribs on the left side are being grabbed and squeezed. Turning away and then squatting down seems to relieve it, but upon standing up again the pain returns until she moves away from the area.


Chris and Suze both get a sick feeling in their stomachs. Glenn gets the impression of an angry man near them.


The crystal pendulum was moving quite strongly, but then came to a sudden stop.


Glenn and Suze feel that the man is at the bottom of the stairs and he is asked to come forward and up the stairs. Suze, Glenn, Chris and Cindy see an orb. He was asked again to come forward and another orb was seen. Then at least three orbs were seen to come out from one wall and then go through the wall on the opposite side.


Cindy hears a snapping sound behind her head. Glenn and Chris investigate but find nothing to account for it.


Suze, Glenn and Chris witness more orb activity on the stairs.


A cold draft of air is felt on the stairs, then is gone.


More orbs are seen by first Glenn and Suze, then Chris and Cindy also see them.



Team 2

Second Vigil

The second vigil began at about 11:30 – following a break for refreshments.

Team 2 took up their places in the upper 2nd floor area of the flat, whilst Team 1 went to the lower area.


Upon arriving in the kitchen upstairs, the pendulum was set up on the cooker, not far from the entrance to the kitchen.

Jo could ‘see’ the image of a man hanging over the banister – and said she had chest pains which seemed to belong to the man – possibly a heart attack or stroke prior to his death?

This image remained with Jo for some considerable time.

Colin sensed the presence of an old woman, crouched over and taking ‘slipper steps’ along the passage. The name he had was ‘Annie’ – and she would wait by the window as if looking for someone – her husband, we thought. Overall, there was a feeling of sadness here, much grief.

I took video footage of pretty much all of the session upstairs, not revealing much. Darren took some photos with his digital camera, revealing one orb traveling across his lap.

Soon after this, Darren was situated in the kitchen with his EMF meter, it began to make lot of noise. I joined him with the video cam and we recorded an entire session of approximately 6 – 10 minutes where his EMF continued to make erratic noises.

Jo joined us and said that she could sense the man again and that he was playing games with both Darren and myself. The EMF meter would not react when placed near a direct electrical socket (that was in use) and only sounded when placed around Darren or myself – it was a strange experience – tipping +2 on the meter scale.

There was definitely some kind of anomaly present – video proof is there to show the whole thing.

I myself had a cold sensation around me, with Jo telling me that the ‘dark’ man had taken a liking to me, could have been suggestive – but I felt this once before when I was at Chillingham Castle – the cold sensation covered my shoulders, upper back and part way down my sides for the best part of a week that time. Now, almost 2 weeks later – it lasted four days this time. That maybe my ‘sense’ – although I’m not sure what its for and quite how to tame it.

Colin was still quite tired from his ‘throttling’ sensation in the lower passage – after meditating for some time – he felt weak and unable to continue properly at this stage. He decided to take some time out.


Everything seemed to have quieted down.


Darren took several photos, got some orbs and still sensed the ‘heavy’ almost clammy cold.

Teams 1 & 2

Third Vigil

The third and final vigil of the evening took place in the living area/base room on the first floor. Both teams sat in a circle and decided to turn out the lights and see if anything happened.

The vigil commenced at about 1:30am.

This was to be the strangest occurrence yet. Less than ten minutes into the vigil, Chris became so utterly dizzy and sick that he had to be removed from the circle. He was visibly shaking and became extremely uncomfortable – sensing that the ‘dark’ man was attempting to ‘take him over’.

Almost immediately, I took 6 photographs of Chris. The first shot was with my digi cam, I took a side on photograph of Chris’s face – which later showed him to be almost covered in a strange blue/gray hue. This was not a fault of the camera, as Darren could be clearly seen beyond Chris and his colour was fine.

The next four shots were taken in quick succession with night shot – my intention to hopefully catch an orb or some spiritual presence near Chris.

These four shots showed strange shadows around his Jaw, eye and cheek area – as if transfiguration was taking place. The final shot was of Chris again in normal room light – his colour, though slightly pale after his ordeal, was normal again.

Had he been ‘possessed’? It would certainly seem that something like that had taken place.

Jo Sensed the presence of the man through out this, as did Suze and Glen, and they all said that he was extremely angry.

Suze did say that the man spoke to her, asking why he should prove himself to us – almost laughing at the investigation and us. However, he was very uncomfortable with us being there.

Suze also said that the man said that he [the man] was like Chris. We were confused about this – but Chris later confirmed that at a darker time in his past, he tried to take his own life – Chris did tell us all that the man was called Albert, and that he was wrongly accused of raping and murdering a little girl, then took his own life.

There were also footsteps heard in the passage directly outside the door. We all heard this.

Naturally, we will endeavor to find this out through more in depth and extensive research.

The vigil did end where we went to investigate the first floor bedroom – other than an extreme temperature anomaly, the evening ended soon after.

There are tape transcripts to be completed which cover the whole session, as well as video clips.


Final Word

OK, so the vigil ended and we left the house.

It had been an interesting night; there was no doubt about that. But what to make of it all?

In my own personal opinion, 29-31 Heaton Hall Road is haunted – of that there is no doubt. The extent of which was not to be realized until after all of the documents, tapes and video footage were looked at.

The following day I began to watch the video footage that I had taken – I was blown away. Within the first 30 minutes of footage, I had unwittingly captured somewhere in the region of ten moving orbs – and only one of which I had seen whilst filming.

It was a very exciting night for us all, and troubling too – those team members who felt some presence or worse, would tell you that.

The BBC did a small documentary on the place, and in it, they showed a Priest coming to the house and Blessing/exorcising the walls in an attempt to lay the spirit(s) to rest.

With the deepest respect to that Priest – but it didn’t work.

Heaton Hall Road is VERY active; we have undeniable proof of that.

To Dan and Bryn, You guys are definitely not alone – whether the spirits are malicious remains to be seen, maybe our presence there offended them and caused them some offence – maybe they will settle again and continue to let you know they are there in their own ways.

I guess that’s something for your own minds to come to terms with.

 I would love to go back, to do this all again – who knows.

 But for now, well done to API, Team Phenomena and Ghost In Spectres!

This photo shows Chris with a blue tinge. There is also an orb apparently exiting from his mouth. At blue_chris_2the time that this photo was taken Chris suddenly felt ill and “not himself.” He also appeared on the brink of losing consciousness. Upon team members placing their hands on him they found that his skin was ice-cold to the touch. It appeared to all present at the time that something had taken over, or was attempting to take over, Chris’ body.

Since this investigation took place inside a private residence we are not publishing very many interior photos.

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2 thoughts on “AlterNative Arts – Reports

  1. You trepassed and entered and filmed inside the property without the landlords consent at the time.I do suggest you seek legal advice


    • No, actually we entered and filmed with the CONSENT of Dan & Bryn, who lived there at the time and operated a tattoo business. THEY confirmed that the landlord was not only okay with the investigation, but was happy to have the results made public, and was provided with a copy of the Release of Liability that protected him from any lawsuits due to possible injuries. The BBC had already done a story on them, which talked about the haunting and the exorcism performed. We NEVER enter or investigate a property without consent. As a matter of fact, we were contacted and ASKED to perform the investigation due to strange activity. I suggest YOU stop being so negative and find out the facts before making such comments.


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