The Many Types of Paranormal Activity

Throughout history, many people have attempted to document paranormal activity. Although there is no solid evidence proving the theories that paranormal beings exist, people all over the world still believe and support the idea. There is more than one type of paranormal activity, some being more common than others.

One type of paranormal phenomena is a haunting. This is the most common paranormal activity that people have claimed to experience. A haunting can occur for several reasons. Many times, it is a residual haunting, meaning a spirit stays in a certain place because that it where they resided as a living person. Many times when a person has an untimely death, it is said that their spirit cannot cross over right away. Instead, they are left in a limbo between our world and the afterlife.

Several paranormal investigations of household haunting cases have revealed that a previous owner of the home had an untimely death. Paranormal experts believe that these victims of untimely deaths will remain at that location, sometimes for centuries. The spirit believes they still live there, or they may not even know they are deceased.

It is also believed that spirits can haunt objects. When a living person becomes very attached to a personal belonging, they can often stay connected to it after they die. There have been several cases of haunted objects all over the world. Many times, people buy items from pawn shops only to find that the object carries a wave of bad luck with it.

Another type of paranormal phenomena is demonic possession. Demonic entities are said to be extremely rare, and also very dangerous. There have been several movies and television shows that depict this type of paranormal phenomena. Many of which end with the human victim having an exorcism performed on them.

Demonic spirits are believed to be hot in temperature. Many of them are associated with bodies of water or particular geographic areas. A demonic possession can take place when a “door” is opened. It is believed that a living person can open a portal and allow demons to enter our world by doing things such as practicing satanic rituals, or using “Ouija” boards. Once there is an “opening”, demonic spirits are then able to attach themselves and prey upon the person.

Poltergeist phenomena is yet another type of paranormal activity, only it does not always involve spirits. Many people confuse poltergeist phenomena with a typical house haunting, but it is in fact completely different. Poltergeist phenomena is psychokinetic energy typically caused by an ongoing stressful situation. Many times it is caused by a teenager going through puberty, or a menopausal woman.

Symptoms of classic poltergeist activity are things such as the projection of objects. The stress from a human being can actually create psychokinetic energy. This energy can then cause physical objects to fly through walls and into different rooms in a house or building. However, Some instances of poltergeist activity are believed to be spirits who simply use objects to haunt, scare, or try and communicate with the living.

Although science supports the theory that spirits do exist, skeptics still doubt it. We may never know whether or not people who share experiences of paranormal encounters are telling the truth.

Article by Joe Ferrante

5 thoughts on “The Many Types of Paranormal Activity

      • I use to hold a similar view at one time. However after researching into near life death experiences and discovering not every account is a light at the end of the tunnel I needed to question if certain world views held a certain truth. That would leave into another a whole other discussion and I’ll just leave it there. If I may ask on what methods of cleasing does your team use?


      • As a team we currently use sage and sea salt. As a Lenni Lenape I also have my own ritual, but we don’t disclose these this type of information to non-tribe members. Just part of protecting and maintaining our heritage 🙂 Although I do not believe in Heaven or Hell, and am opposed to the teachings of organized religions, I do recognize the fact that there are real dangers that exist from the “Other Side” that we need to protect and guard against. One of our team rules is that we do not investigate a location that has a history of a “demonic” type haunting.

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