The Influence of Personal Beliefs & Types of Paranormal Activity


Article by Cindy Nunn – API Founder

In the world of paranormal investigations and ghost hunting one soon learns that people have many diverse views regarding what a “paranormal entity” is, and what it exists for. For some, the simple term of “ghosts” suffices to describe these otherworldly beings, while others prefer to call them “spirits” or “demons.” Others divide entities into different types based on how a haunting or activity occurs, such as poltergeist, elemental, demonic, residual, etc… If someone has strong religious beliefs EVERY haunting is a “demon,” no matter how benign or harmless it is. It is easy to come to the conclusion that people base their views of ghosts and hauntings on religious beliefs, cultural upbringing, societal influences, or from personal encounters.

In China ghosts are viewed as evil and harmful. Anything to do with ghosts is banned in China, including movies, television shows, games and books. You will not find any paranormal investigation or ghost hunting teams in China, at least not advertised publicly, because it would be illegal to participate in this type of activity. The Chinese government claims that it is banned because anything dealing with superstition has no place in their society. However, others would argue that Chinese ghosts are so frightening and evil that it is fear that drives this ban.

On the other hand, the Irish considered it good luck to have a ghost residing in the home or place of business and they would put up with almost any type of paranormal activity in order to keep the luck provided by their resident ghost. It was also considered an honor to sleep in the room that a ghost favored in the home.

This brings us to the next points-to-ponder, regarding how the deceased might choose the form or method of haunting when they ‘come back to haunt the living.

Is it conceivable that “paranormal entities,” for lack of a better term, take on the form after death that they would have associated with haunting types while alive? If one died with the belief that all ghosts were actually demonic, might they not then come back as a demonic type haunt, only witnessed as such by the living who believe in demons? In life, we are influenced by many things, many beliefs, and live our lives according to what resonates on a personal level. Why not the same after one dies? Maybe we create our own afterlife states, just as we create our living ones. We often argue and debate over the existence of Heaven, Hell, Purgatory, Valhalla, reincarnation, God, a Creator, and a multitude of other theories. Maybe the answer is simply that we experience our afterlives in the manner we would most expect it to be. We go where we BELIEVE we will go, we become what we BELIEVE we will become. Maybe this creation of our own afterlife reality explains why the earth isn’t over-populated with ghosts and spirits, because some people really do go to some sort of Heaven, others really do reincarnate, and some come back as paranormal entities, in one form or another.

Farfetched? Maybe. But then again, the possibilites are endless.

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