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Historic Hotel & Saloon – Kenai Peninsula

This is the investigations done at a historic hotel & saloon in the Kenai Peninsula, Alaska on 12 September 2016. Certain circumstances requite us to keep the name of the location private.

Weather: cloudy, rainy with inside temps 68-71*F

Those present during the investigation were:

Rae Clark

Eric Clark

Lisa Cloran

Scott Cloran

Stacey Wright

Others present were the front desk clerk and guests registered at the hotel.

The equipment we used:

IR Camera, digital camera, video camera, digital recorders, K2 meters, thermometer, laser light grid, ghost box, and Ghost Radar

Scott and I have previous and personal knowledge of this site but didn’t share any of this information with the rest of the team until we were finished with the investigation.

I divided the team into two groups: me/Rae, and Scott/Eric/Stacey I did this to separate the husbands and wives taking away the sense of familiarity with each other.

Rae and I investigated the kitchen first. Walking through the bar to reach the kitchen Rae’s head started hurting above her left eye. I became nauseaus, anxious, and got chills. We got a couple of small K2 hits in the kitchen but not much other activity except for words on Ghost Radar.

12:26 Be, Laugh

12:38 Own

12:40 Live

12:41 Curve (not the first time I have gotten this word here)

12:45 Nose, Mail

12:46 Brave

12:47 Smoke

12:48 Thy

12:49 Plastic

12:50 Start

12:52 Distance

12:54 Statement

12:55 Slight

12:56 You (Rae had walked out of the kitchen)

12:57 Discovery, Pink (this being my favorite color) (at this point Rae walked back into the kitchen)

12:58 Pig

From here we traded places with the other group and went to the bar area. We had no Ghost Radar words in here but Rae decided to go off the word “smoke” we had gotten in the kitchen and went into the smoking room with her recorder. She got nothing while she was in there. While she was in the smoking room I stood at the pool table just outside the smoking room asking if anyone was there that wanted to talk to me. I audibly heard a male voice but it wasn’t captured on the audio recorder. When Rae came out I asked her if she had heard a voice, but she hadn’t. I went to the kitchen to ask the rest of the team if they had heard a male voice and they also heard nothing. Rae reported that the ache in her head would come and go while we were in the bar. Also, on the wall in the bar there is a huge cross made from shingles and the way the wall is painted. When I asked if the cross bothered anyone that was there I also snapped a picture and caught two orbs high near the ceiling.

From this point we moved to the hotel part of the building. Rae and I walked the lower hallway where there have been reports of a previous employee walking the hall. Rae reported that the pain in her head was constant from this point on until we left the building at about 4am. While walking the hallway my vision became blurry for about a minute then cleared. The front desk clerk walked to the far end of the hallway with us to the laundry room where I had previously encountered a young girl. We got no evidence here and began the walk back to toward the lobby when I heard the front desk clerk walk up behind us. I turned to ask her about keys for a room on the second floor, but there was no one there.

Rae and I then went down to the basement where the K2 meter would light up when we would ask if there was anyone there that had anything to say. We also got a couple of pictures with orbs. Rae was getting a sense of a man down there who may have worked there at some point. She said he was confused and upset about the condition of the basement being in ‘chaos’. This area is very unorganized. We did get some words from Ghost Radar as well:

2:15 Partly, prevent, lamp, waste, win

2:18 stock, shine

2:19 Pacific

2:20 Stomach, at

2:21 somebody

2:22 breakfast

Rae and I then went to the lobby to allow the rest of the team to explore the basement. While we were talking about what we had felt and experienced we got these words on the Ghost Radar:

Can’t, case, result, lungs

When the other group came upstairs we made our way to the 2nd floor. Rae and I entered what is considered an efficiency apartment. As soon as I opened the door and stepped inside I felt like I was being pushed back toward the hallway. Rae entered and began feeling angry, as though she wanted to argue with someone. She said out loud, “I’m not going to argue with you so keep it to yourself”. She had a feeling that someone had been raped in here with the feelings being strongest in the bedroom area. While recording in here and discussing what she was feeling, we caught an EVP of what sounds like someone tapping on the recorder. We got only 3 Ghost Radar words:

Exact, image, crowd

While the second group went into this room Rae and I walked the hallway where there are reports of a young girl playing. We walked to the laundry room on this floor where the clerk was working. On our way back to meet up with the rest of the team we both heard the clerk walk up behind us. We both turned to look at her, only to find that no one was there, again.

Stacey reported that while they were in the kitchen her ears clogged up and she got light-headed.

While in the basement, Stacey reported they also got some K2 hits. She also said that her hands felt numb, Scott had ringing in his ears the whole time they were down there, and Eric had ringing in his ears shortly before coming back upstairs.

Both Eric and Stacey said they felt very uncomfortable while in the apartment. Eric said he felt as though if he were to stay there with Rae they would end up fighting. Eric also said that if he were to spend the night in this room he felt that if he opened his eyes in the middle of the night he would find someone watching him from the foot of the bed.

Scott got some great pics with orbs: 2 in the smoking room, 3 in the bar, 1 in the lobby, and 3 in the apartment. He also got an EVP on a video that initially sounds like screaming, but then sounds like whistling.

Stacey got several EVPs: 1 in the bar of a quick whistle, 4 in the kitchen

Words that Stacey got on Ghost Radar were:

Bar: dream, nation, forgotten, paper, bee, easy, selection, throw, written, finally, heat, replied, teacher, matter, original, eat, camera, tribe, actually

Smoking room: zoo

Tables in bar area: aid, thumb, thank home, lift, nobody (when asked how many were with us), Rome, brother, center, occasionally, opinion, topic, whether, further, bite

Basement: element, Asia, dug, everything, hole, valley, congress, such, tools

Apartment: flies, Italian, many, castle, Ben, scientific, case

When we were finished for the night I did reveal to the team that there was an employee who was very active when he worked there. He was a bouncer for the bar and at times a handyman for the hotel. He was killed in an accident several years ago when he was taking a motorcycle for a test run (he was working for Harley Davidson at the time as well) and a car pulled out in front of him and he couldn’t avoid hitting the car. He died at the scene from massive injuries, one of which was head trauma.

Also, during a previous investigation several years ago, I encountered a young girl in the downstairs laundry room who appeared to be of Native Alaskan descent. She was lost and afraid. This area of town at one time (before white men moved in a built up the town) was fishing camps. This is very close to the river and huge salmon runs.

None of us felt that there was anything dangerous here. The business itself attracts a certain type of person that can lead to some violent outbursts due to the consumption of alcohol. For this reason we all believe there are definitely some angry energies in this building.

EVPs and video footage coming soon!

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