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API Films – Future Projects

As mentioned in yesterday’s post, API Films decided to pull out of the HELL RANCH project. As much as we were looking forward to working with such recognized names as Tom Sizemore, Sarah Butler and Dave Vescio, we felt that the project was going in a much different direction than originally discussed and planned. However, positive outcomes have resulted due to this divorce from Center Circle Productions.

API Films has diversified into CC Nunn Productions & A Little Grimm Productions. Our screenwriter, Tracy Rogers, has already sent a complete draft for our first production to our script editor and storyboard artist.We also have the basic outlines of a webseries drafted and ready to be fleshed out. The creative energy being generated by our entire team is phenomenal! We cannot yet say how long it will be until we release our first project, as we want to do this methodically and in the right way, which includes having some sort of working budget in place. We don’t want to make unrealistic promises to people that we can’t keep; nor do we wish to cause undue stress to cast and crew because of improper or unprofessional planning.

We intend to produce quality projects on a micro-budget, with less emphasis on “getting rich,” and instead to be focused on just having a positive and fun experience that will hopefully entertain a loyal following of viewers. If any profit is made it is our intent that each and every person working on the production will receive an equal payout. In other words… nobody will be viewed as being “worth more” than another. I know, that’s a pretty “un-Hollywood” way of doing things, but it is how WE want to do things.

Cindy Nunn has also secured exclusive use of two locations for filming, including the original ranch property that was going to be used in HELL RANCH. She is currently working on securing a few more exclusive locations.

So, as you can imagine, we are very, very excited about these new projects we will be working on in 2017!

Of course, we will still continue with our paranormal investigations and are looking to expand our branches into other states.


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