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Voices of Eternity

Voices of Eternity is written by AA-EVP Founder, Sarah Estep. Sarah invites you to
download, read and share this book with your friends. She asks only that you respect her
copyright and credit her should you chose to quote any part of the book.

Since childhood, Sarah Estep had been obsessed with the afterlife. Then she heard about Electronic Voice Phenomena and, using a tape recorder, made a startling kind of contact with the spirits of dead friends and relatives.

This book is made available to you by the American Association of Electronic Voice
Phenomena (AA-EVP) with the permission of Sarah Estep.

Foreword by Harold Sherman xi
1: Is it Possible? 1
2: The Background of Spirit Communications 8
3: The Voices on Death and Dying 16
4: The Voices Tell About the Next Dimension 28
5: Both Sides of the Coin 38
6. The Voices Tell About Their Lives 48
7: Some Experiments 59
8: The Voices Demonstrate Clairaudient, Clairvoyant,
Precognitive Abilities 77
9: The Voices and Reincarnation 90
10: What We Can Learn from the Voices 96
11: Communications from the Well-Known 113
12: Voices from Egypt 124
13: The Voices and Other Worlds 131
14: Communicating with Other Worlds 140
15: The World of Other Experimenters with Electronic Voice Phenomena 154
16: A visit to Luxembourg 165
17: How to Communicate with the Voices 182
18: The Voices Tell Us How and Why They Communicate 197

You can download and read the entire book, for free, at this link…. Voices of Eternity

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