Personal Encounters

The Night Time Visitor

My wife’s father died in my house when she was 17, his ashes are buried in the back yard under a rose bush. His name was Roscoe Jackson but everyone called him ” Jackson” so we named our son Jackson after him. When my boy was 5 or 6 he used to come into our room in the middle of the night and stand on my wife’s side of bed and just stare at her till she woke up. One night I had that feeling of being watched so I opened my eyes and saw the outline of what I believed to be my boy standing on the wife’s side so I say “Jackson! What you need??” At that exact moment this young boy shot out of the room at lightning speed and the fan in the room started to pulse!!! So I did what all big tough guys would do…. I pulled the covers over my head and tried to make sense of what just happened, then I realized this thing ran towards my son’s room so I bolted in there & he was sound asleep still tucked in. I’ve seen this boy in my home many times since. I believe it’s my father-in-law in younger form visiting his only grandson (his name sake).

Another thing that happens is if I sleep with my feet out from under the covers someone or something likes to tickle the bottom of my feet. I also see a full bodied female apparition walk into my dining room on a regular basis. This is just the stuff that happens in my Home.

Oh also get a phantom smell of roses in the hallway. (Father in law is buried under rose bush in backyard) ~Don Gibbons

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