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No Trespassing – Permission First!

With summer now in full swing those in the paranormal investigations world are more active and looking for new locations to explore and investigate. In order to keep things sweet for everyone we like to remind participants to ALWAYS seek permission before entering a location. There are a number of ways that you can track down ownership and request permission.

  1. Contact the county tax assessor. Owners of property will be required to pay taxes, so should be registered. If the property is being foreclosed on check local upcoming property auctions. Some tax assessor sites allow you to search online for owner information.
  2. If you know the address and the owner’s name calling 411 might get you a phone number. Also try using reverse address searches.
  3. Try the county recorder’s office where property deeds tend to be recorded.
  4. Ask around locally. Someone is bound to have information.


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