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The Past Hangs On – North Idaho

In August 2018 I was asked to do a covert paranormal investigation of a business located in North Idaho. The name of the business and it’s exact location are being kept private.

In 1871… this land was sold to Frederick Post by Chief Andrew Seltice of the Coeur d’Alene tribe of Indians.

In 1876 this was still the property of Frederick Post, founder of the village, and then town, of Post Falls, Idaho.

On August 7th, 1908, Frederick Post died in a chair in his home. He and his wife Margaret celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary on that day. Interesting, I was asked to come in and investigate almost 110 years to the day that he celebrated his wedding anniversary AND died! Remember, I went in on August 8th, which would have been my 37th wedding anniversary with my first husband and my sister’s 48th wedding anniversary with her first husband. Frederick was buried two days later, on August 9th, 1908.

In 1913 this property was owned by the Heirs of Margaret Post! So, correction, it was NOT part of the Northern Pacific Railway line. However, it was surrounded by the many different railways coming through from Spokane and other points, according to the legal description of property boundaries.

In 1952 the Johnson heir of Margaret Post subdivided this property into the Johnson’s Subdivision. The legal description mentions IRON pipes being used as boundary markers. (See “IRON” in the word list below)

In 1959 this property was still owned by the Heirs of Margaret Post.

Later ownership records of this property are being kept private.
Date & Time of Prelim Investigation: 8/8/2018, started at 1:30 pm and finished at 3:00 pm


The owner was actually present when I arrived. I wandered around a little bit and when I got near an empty display case I felt a tightening band of pain around my forehead. I also got the impression of not one, but THREE “ghosts” causing the haunting activity. I feel that it is two men and one woman. One man is “attached” to the owner, while the other is related in some way to the woman haunting the location.

I decided to walk past where the owner was at and as soon as I did I got another shot of pain in my head, like a band tightening, and at that moment the name “Al” popped in to my head, and it was as if whoever put that name into my head had a strong dislike for “Al.” I moved away from here and went around a corner. When the employee working at the time followed me I asked her who “Al” was, if it was familiar to her. She informed me that this is the name of the owner’s husband, and then she whispered to me that he was a mean man, always yelling at his wife, and employees avoid him. So, my tentative conclusion is that this is a male spirit who keeps an eye on the owner and most definitely does not like Al!

Further impressions I got are that the woman “ghost” is the one making all the noise and causing the activity of things being moved or pushed off counters and on to the floor. I don’t feel she is malicious, just wants to be recognized as being there. She is seeking attention. I suspect the other male ghost is popping in once in a while just to look after this female “ghost.” Most likely he was related to her in life… husband, father, son, brother, something like that. I feel that she is confused by all of the products in this shop and wants to know why they are there, in HER place. I suspect that this property was never intended to be sold, that it was FAMILY property, and she isn’t happy about it. But she isn’t evil or dangerous. She just wants someone to talk to her and acknowledge her. More in depth research shows that at one time Frederick and Margaret Post, founders of Post Falls, had their home in this area in the 1870’s. When Margaret died the property went to her children under the Heirs of Margaret Post Trust. These children subdivided and sold the family property! Could our two related ghosts/spirits be Frederick and Margaret Post??? Could Margaret be upset that her children and their spouses divided up the family land and sold it off for development?

Ghost Radar Readings:

Path – this came up as soon as we stepped in to the building and were deciding which direction to go.

Black – Susie pointed to a tin on a shelf and said “tea.” At that moment the word “black” came up. The tin actually said BLACK tea. Seems “someone was correcting her.

Verb – not sure what the context of this is.

Let – not sure what the context of this is.

Rising – Think I know the context on this one. Reading the obituary of Frederick Post and the phrase “located where the town of Post Falls later grew up.” Maybe this is in reference to the size of the town growing, or “rising?” However, this could also be in reference to the the Nez Perce War that broke out in the region of Spokane where Frederick and Margaret were living before founding Post Falls. It was this up-rising that caused them to move over the border into what would become Post Falls, Idaho.

Iron – This word came up when I was saying that something else was here on this property a long time ago and I would have to research. Thought maybe it was referring to an iron works or something to do with iron had been on this property at some point. However, research shows that at one time the old Northern Pacific railroad, as well as other railroads, ran near this property. Could “iron” be referring to an “Iron Horse,” ie… steam train? Or simply to the old iron tracks? Another couple of explanations after further research… this property was part of the original mill site of Frederick Post, husband of Margaret.

Ability – this word came up just as the owner was saying how younger people these days have an easier time working with newer business machines.

Won – This came up just as the employee finished doing something to a business machine, and then she said…”I did it!” She had been doubting whether or not she could do what needed to be done.

Hearing – No idea other than maybe the female “ghost” was conveying that she was listening to us. She could also have been confirming that the noises the employees report hearing are being made by her.

Russia – Still trying to figure this one out! There were a lot of Russian immigrants in this area, so maybe some kind of business or personal dealings with one?

Herself – This came up while talking to the owner about her business and how it started, as did the following word of “Success.” (see below).

Success – See above under “Herself.”

Save – This came up as we were walking out the door and leaving.

All of my thoughts on what these words mean are conjecture, so any other opinions or ideas are very welcome.

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