Ghost Children


I watch a lot of shows about the paranormal. Some I watch because I think the investigators are actually doing a great job, and others I watch just to see the locations they are at. And then there are one or two I watch because it is like a train wreck I can’t take my eyes off of, as much as I would like to. One show in particular drives me nuts solely because of the psychic. Her fellow investigator is fantastic, but the psychic, well, it’s like watching one of those religious fanatics who stand on the street corner preaching doom, gloom, the end of the world and the Gates of Hell opening up. Everything she encounters is “evil,” “demonic” or “malevolent” and 9 times out of 10 wants to kill her. Yet, on those occasions when she encounters the ghost/spirit of a child it is always a “good” ghost that is being trapped by a “bad” ghost.

Herein lies the problem for me. The assumption of “goodness” and “innocence” that so many paranormal investigators and ghost hunters make regarding the ghosts/spirits of children. Have they never seen a spoiled rotten child throwing an unholy temper tantrum? Have they failed to witness any bullying in a schoolyard? Are they completely ignorant of the fact that some children do pull the wings off butterflies and set worms on fire?

Not all children in life were good or innocent. Currently, the youngest murderer on record is Dedrick Darnell Owens, who, at age 6 years, shot and killed Kayla Rolland, also 6 years old. Mary Bell of England was 10 years old when she strangled to death Martin Brown and Brian Howe. The world’s youngest serial killer is Amarjeet Sada of India, who, at age 8 years, killed at least three infants, and some say possibly four. His first two victims were his cousin and his sister. Andrew Golden, age 11 years, along with 13 year old Mitchell Johnson, killed five people in Arkansas. Then there was 12 year old Piedad Martínez del Águila of Spain, who poisoned and killed four of her brothers. This is just a very small sampling of children who have killed. To read a more extensive list visit these sites:

List of Youngest Killers

Murder Committed by Minors

The current fad for some investigators when called to a location that is plagued by an “evil” or “malevolent” energy, and they encounter a child ghost/spirit, is to then jump to the conclusion that there MUST be another, adult/demonic entity causing the disturbance, and that the child ghost/spirit is somehow being held captive by this energy or force. I call bullshit! It’s time for these people to stop with the ignorance and assumptions and jump back into reality with the hard, cold facts that some children can be evil, nasty and cruel little monsters in life, and when they die they come back to haunt with those same bad habits.

Paranormal investigators and ghost hunters need to use more deductive and rational thinking when encountering the ghosts/spirits of children in a location that is claimed to have a negative presence haunting it.

Oh, and to the female psychic who believes all energies she encounters are evil and demonic and want to kill her… maybe they aren’t evil or demonic at all. Maybe they want to kill you because you are annoying and histrionic. And please, stop ending every sentence as if you are asking a question.

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