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Lake Malibou’s Lady of the Lake

spooky-2580548_1920Nestled in the hills of Southern California is the beautiful Lake Malibou community, home to the rich, famous and those who like to live away from the hustle and bustle of the city. It’s an idyllic setting of towering mountains and green trees, with a lake for boating and swimming. You can often see Great Herons flying to their nests in the treetops, adding a feel of the prehistoric to the area.

But, according to local legend, all is not as peaceful and calm in the lake as one would think. Some have claimed that the lake is haunted by a woman who drowned there, and if you look down into the water while boating or kayaking you can see her floating or swimming below the surface.

This ghostly “Lady of the Lake” has been identified as Margaret Hersh Robertson, a former home owner in the community who, while alive, had a regular regimen of swimming in the lake every morning. It has been claimed that she drowned in the lake one morning in 1993 and has been haunting it ever since.

First, the facts…

Margaret was born as Margaret K. Hersh in Missouri on 21 November 1907, to parents John Henry Hersh and Hattie M. Durfey. Sometime before 1920 her family moved from Missouri to Riverside, California, where her mother died in 1919. Sometime before 1935 she married Robert Montgomery Robertson. The 1940 census states that she was employed as a nurse and husband Robert was a police officer. As far as can be determined the couple had no children.

On 12 September 1967 Margaret’s husband died. At this time they were living at Lake Malibou. Margaret never remarried.

Now, contrary to local legend, Margaret did NOT drown in the lake in 1993. She actually died in Laguna Hills, Orange County, California, on 20 July 1992.

However, this does not mean that she isn’t haunting Lake Malibou, a place where she loved to swim every day.

In 2011 Antonio Mecheri directed a film based on the legend.

It is also possible that the lake is haunted by the ghosts of two Hollywood stuntmen who were drowned while working on a movie there.

Nowadays the mountains and trees are no longer green, thanks to the devastating fires that recently rampaged through the area. But for the “Lady of the Lake” time stands still and the area will remain forever green.

Just a warning… this is a private community. Do not go into the lake or area to explore without permission from someone who lives there.

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