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Ghosts in the Hills!

Ghosts in the Hills: The History and Haunts of Quail Run Ranch.

Publication date is set for October 28th, 2019.

Rich in history, the property that Quail Run Ranch sits on can be traced to back before the arrival of the first Europeans. Originally the lands of the native Tongva people, it eventually became the property of the Catholic church fathers who used the labor of the native tribes to build their missions.

In time, the Spanish settlers convinced the church fathers to parcel out the land, most of which went to a small handful of rich Spaniard and Basque families. When the rancho system began to wane the land was again parceled out to homesteaders who began to form communities and towns. Our area of interest is predominantly in what would become the towns of Santa Susanna in Ventura County and Chatsworth, Canoga Park and Winnetka in the San Fernando Valley.

The hills located near these towns have always had tales of ghosts and other supernatural activity, so it is not unusual that Quail Run Ranch also has its own ghosts and unexplained phenomena, including eye-witness accounts of the very tall, looming shadow figure of what appears to be the ghost of a monk.

If you enjoy history with a touch of the supernatural thrown in I think you’ll enjoy Ghosts in the Hills.

Ghosts in the Hills COVER

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