California / Ghost Ranch

Ghosts in the Hills – What’s in Store!

In just 27 days my latest book, Ghosts in the Hills: The History & Haunts of Quail Run Ranch, hits the bookshelves. However, you can also pre-order it NOW!

Quail Run Ranch, a place forgotten to time, sits hidden in the hills of Southern California. The land it sits on has a rich and ancient history, going back to the Tongva people. This land holds the stories of prehistoric settlement, Spanish conquest, enslavement by a powerful foreign master known as the Church of Rome, and abuses by mission fathers who promised salvation in exchange for obedience. The very stones hold the memory of western settlement and a family of master masons and artisans, descendants of a defrocked priest from Switzerland, who left an indelible mark on the land in the form of the buildings they constructed by hand and decorated with superb craftsmanship. With the last owner gone, the ghosts of those who once lived here have chosen to stay.

Most of the spirits are benign and gentle, except for the Shadow Monk, who has caused grown men to flee in abject terror.

Does the ghost of a former San Quentin Prison inmate walk the grounds of Quail Run Ranch looking for more victims? Is he doomed to roam forever as penance for his crimes? Buy the book to find out more about this 1940’s parolee who once stayed at the property as a long term guest, a nephew of the original homesteader.

Pre-order HERE!

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