Ghosts By the Numbers


Ever wonder where the most ghosts are? Or the weirdest and scariest? We’ve gathered a few quick stats to help you out.

Where the Ghosts Are:

Countries with the highest percentage of those who believe in ghosts:

1. Malaysia 57%

2. United States 47%

3. Canada 43%

3. Phillippines 43%

4. Australia 39%

4. Russian Federation 39%

4. Spain 39%

5. India 37%

5. United Kingdom 37%


Country with the Weirdest Ghosts:

Japan has to win this one hands down! They have a bumper crop of ghosts of specialize in haunting bathrooms and toilets. Here are just two of the many ghosts that can interrupt your magazine reading on the porcelain throne.

Toire no Hanako-san is very similar to our “Bloody Mary.” Legend says she was a young girl killed during WWII. You can summon her by going to the third stall and knocking on the door three times while repeating “Are you there Hanako-san?” At this point she will appear in some way, either by slowly opening the stall door and revealing herself, or as a ghostly disembodied hand.

Kashima Reiko is another young girl said to hang around haunting bathroom stalls. It is said that she was killed when a train ran over her and severed her legs. If you hear a creepy little voice asking “Where are my legs?” you better give the right answer before she tears YOUR legs off! Oh, so want to know the answer, just in case you decide to visit a Japanese bathroom? The response is “On the Meishin Expressway,” so you better write that down.



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