Personal Encounters

Unwelcome Visitors

These personal encounters are shared with us by Dustin Wiggins…

It was late one night, alone in my room, around 10 pm at night. My family had just got home from a Valentines Day party, about an hour before what would take place next.

I’m in my room, sitting at my school desk at around age 9 or 10, when I was about to have my very first experience of what would be many in my room located at the end of the hall.

We’d just moved into a brand new home that had been rebuilt, after the old one from the previous tenant had burned to the ground sometime before. The story goes that it was a Christmas tree fire and 3 large dogs were killed in the fire. Remnants of this are buried in the backyard. I personally dug them up myself in the far right corner of the odd-shaped backyard. Found an old rug and knew I’d stumbled onto something I probably wasn’t supposed to. Just wanted to give a little back story here.

Moving on, so I’m sitting there at my school desk in my room, when all of a sudden I hear a very well-pronounced knock coming from INSIDE the room, off to my left and near the window. From then on, it would start to get more and more eerie once the sun was down.

Next story

It was a Saturday afternoon, I was around 9 or 10. I was in the living room with my dad, sitting on the couch, when I hear a door of the Oldsmobile Cutlass parked in our closed /locked garage, open then slam shut!!! Right after, I heard the back door, which was also closed and locked, suddenly slam shut, as well. This startled us and we both jumped up and ran to check it out, but everything looked and seemed okay. The car door opening and closing happened for months, until we got rid of it.

As for the garage door leading out to the backyard, you’d hear it slam from across the house. It shook the whole house each and every single time. It wasn’t very long til we started hearing the refrigerator starting to open and shut as well. This continued for years, until they got rid of it. They’d had that thing .since before I was born. That home had a very eerie feel to it and I still wonder what caused all of it.