Personal Encounters

An Encounter with Bloody Mary

I had just finished 5th grade, and was hanging with the wrong crowd when I was introduced to something. I was taught to play a game, with sinister results, that still haunt me til this day and that game was Bloody Mary.

At first, when I called her name in my bathroom, nothing happened but then something did!

It was a mirror with a medicine cabinet built into it, made flush with the wall, with the mirror being the door that opened and closed. So later that night, I’m laying in my bed at the end of that eerily, dark, hallway and I hear the medicine cabinet open and shut. Mind you, my mom, dad and sister were all sleeping at this time in the middle of the night, so when it happened, I knew something was up. Cold spots were very clearly around, and the hair on my arms and neck are fully standing at this point, there in my hallway stood Bloody Mary and she was just as eerie as the urban legends say she is.

I think 🤔 she just wanted to scare me, but I inadvertently set off a domino effect of things that would happen in my home that would continue for years in the form of something sitting on my chest and trying to strangle the life right out of me.

By Dustin Wiggins

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