Personal Encounters

The Strange Death of Uncle Larry

My Uncle Larry had passed away under mysterious, circumstances on April 17, 2002 and I’ll never forget it.

After he passed, I started seeing him in my garage thru the window looking into the garage, built into this door. It wasn’t the first place I saw him either. Right after he passed, my mom wanted me to go in his room, where he breathed his last breath, like the very next day or so. Something told me not to!

So, I let her go instead and retrieve whatever it was she needed to retrieve, I don’t remember at the moment.

This next part comes with a warning of read at your own risk:

Now my uncle, was a freakishly large man. He was into odd stuff and always felt alone (I can relate), so at his funeral, they couldn’t put him directly over his grave. He was crossways over it and looked like someone had opened up his mouth, poured in water 💦, then clamped and sewed his mouth shut. I’m getting to why that is.

When he was last awake, he was wanting to go for a drive with my Granny. It was Fort Worth, Texas and it was a very dark thunderstorm ⛈. My Granny knew it was getting bad and they needed to go home. My uncle’s face looked all dejected 😞 like all the color had gone out of it, I’m sure, as I know he didn’t wanna go back home. He lived at the back of my Granny’s house. The front end of the house was nice and lively, the back was dark, creepy and eerie. I’m talking demons, shadow people, you name it. That back room seemed to just swallow you up to another dimension, just like the red room in Haunting of Hill House on Netflix. So he goes back there that evening and NEVER came out again. It was the last time he’d ever be seen alive. His friend he had was supposed to spend the night but couldn’t, and he had smoked Marlboro Reds, Camel, Kool, whatever he could get his hands on, so much so he’d cough all the time just trying to catch his breath.

This would be the end of his story, as no one would be there to help keep his head up . He’d been dead 💀 for HOURS by this point, all ballooned and bloated. It took authorities 9 hours + after, to get him out of that home. It was the bad part of town and not fun once the sun went down.

His death photos that were taken were very chilling. It was so eerie to look 👀 at, I put it away and never looked at it again.

The way he looked at his funeral freaked my Granny out so much she refused to have a funeral, opting to be just cremated immediately once she passed in 2015. My Uncle’s funeral should have been a closed casket, tho I’ve been to many open casket funerals, his was one of the worst I’ve ever seen. We went by the cemetery 2 days after the funeral and it looked like someone just chucked him in dirt and didn’t even bother to smooth it out. My mom and I talked to the groundskeeper mgr, who also disapproved of it, and it was later fixed.

After that funeral, I decided to not be buried, opting only for cremation instead. Part of which will involve burial at sea.

At my parents, now former home, in Burleson, my dad installed mini blinds over the window so I wouldn’t see my Uncle out there anymore. My Uncle always said at his funeral he wanted pizza 🍕 and balloons 🎈, but nobody really was up for either given the circumstances.

By Dustin Wiggins

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