About API

Welcome to Anomalous Phenomena Investigations International (API)

Founded in December 2003

Founder Cindy Nunn is also a published author of historical non-fiction books through Fonthill Media, Arcadia Publishing & The History Press, under the name of Cynthia Ackley Nunn.

API started out as a Northeast England based team. Due to much interest in the team, as well as other factors, API began to form international branches in Arizona, Texas, Florida, Alaska, California and South Africa. Cindy Nunn, Colin Nunn, Jo Carnegie and Chris Carnegie  founded API in the UK. American ex-pat Cindy Nunn and Colin Nunn founded the International teams in the United States. Upon returning to the United States in 2008, the founders, Cindy & Colin Nunn, put the team on temporary hiatus. Teams are now operating in California, Alaska, North Carolina, South Carolina and North Idaho with more forming in other states, and a possible revival of the UK team.

The API team gained a spotless reputation for being a no-nonsense team who worked professionally and responsibly, ensuring that all team members and guests adhered to the rules set in place. This reputation gained them entrance into locations that ranged from historic castles to popular museums, and every other type of location in between, including private residences.

In August 2006 the team were filmed by the popular BBC One television program Inside Out North East & Cumbria, and the feature aired on October 30th, 2006. Talk of a possible television series was brought up, which the team turned down, out of a desire to maintain their professional standing and reputation.

The API team also continues to hold the distinction of being the first team to ever conduct an official, sanctioned investigation of a WWII prisoner of war camp in England.

We believe that there is a difference between ‘ghost hunting’ and ‘paranormal investigation.’ We conduct paranormal investigations seriously with particular goals in mind, using set rules, regulations and varied experiments. When we have completed an investigation we analyze all data and evidence. Our team of researchers also locates pertinent history about the location, as well as information and genealogies about the people who once inhabited it.

 Although most of our team are believers in the existence of ‘ghosts’ or ‘spirits,’ we still maintain that all purported evidence must be analyzed to the fullest extents possible to determine any rational explanations. Each team member has their own unique qualities, strengths, abilities and talents which greatly enhance our experiences.

 Every one of our members takes a very active part in promoting the team, seeking locations, doing research, writing reports, raising funds and various other team related activities. We are serious about and devoted to the investigation of paranormal activity and treat all requests with prompt and courteous attention. We are very flexible in scheduling meetings and appointments with a client or potential client and will always strive to meet with the client’s needs.

All of our members are expected to conduct investigations with strict confidentiality and conform to a code of ethics that ensures the protection of privacy. Details or information about an investigation will never be released, publicized or published in any way without prior agreement or signing of release and consent forms. We provide our own ‘Release of Liability’ and ‘Permission to Publicize’ forms designed to protect the location owner as well as the team. We also require that for some locations our members and any guests sign ‘Non-Disclosure’ agreements.

We strive to maintain a respectful, responsible and sensitive demeanor towards the location owners and their property. We also insist that all team members conduct themselves in a respectable manner and treat the general public with courtesy. We also operate with the thought in mind that ‘ghosts’ and/or ‘spirits’ were once somebody’s loved ones…a spouse, parent, grandparent, child, etc…We behave towards them as we would wish our own loved ones or ourselves to be treated…with respect, dignity and courtesy. We consider ‘ghost baiting’ to be inappropriate behavior and strongly discourage it.

It has been our experience that working with a smaller team is preferable. This avoids wasting precious time that can quickly be eaten up when trying to deal with the problems of organizing a larger team. We believe that this policy also helps to build a tighter, stronger and more close-knit team. It also ensures that we always have more reliable team members.

Our team is a non-profit organization. All equipment and other essentials are purchased out of our own pockets or through donations made by sponsors and donors.

We do not believe in charging a subscription price to any guests who attend our investigations. We do not believe it is fair to ask guests to pay monies towards the purchase of our team equipment. For some venues there will be a set amount required to attend, with any and all monies collected going to the owners/trustees of the location as a charitable donation, which also covers any electricity usage on our parts. We will never charge a guest more than we ourselves pay. If the venue is free for the team, it will also be free to guests attending. If there is a charge of $5, or any other amount, to ourselves, it will be the same charge for guests.

The team is composed of a well rounded mix of believers, skeptics and non-believers, and every effort is made to first find a non-paranormal explanation for any claimed hauntings, which on occassion has lead to the debunking of famously “haunted” locations, much to the consternation of those who wished to maintain the claims due to the draw of tourists (and their money!) that such claims can generate.

API has never charged a fee for investigation services, and always provides an in-depth and exhaustive history of locations, as well as the genealogies of those who once occupied them.

 If you are looking for high drama or sensationalism, you’ve come to the wrong place. We proceed with calm, cool heads, and, as much as everyone would like to witness actual activity, we will never fabricate or create the appearance that something paranormal is happening when it isn’t. Honesty, integrity and ethics are our key words.