How We Investigate

How we conduct an investigation

1. We at API like to do as much research as possible about a location and it’s history.

2. We always seek the location owner’s permission before attempting an investigation. For those locations that are harder to locate an owner, we contact the local city Civic Centre.

3. We like to thoroughly check our location at least a few days before the investigation, depending on the schedule of the owner. The purpose of this is to familiarize ourselves with the location, as well as to perform preliminary risk assessment and note any danger areas that will need to be properly safe guarded prior to the investigation.

4. We check to make sure all equipment is working properly.

5. We keep a written record of the weather conditions, phenomena and the times of occurrences.

6. We prefer to not allow  “non-serious” people to assist us in our investigations. We feel that such an attitude can only impede serious investigation.

7. Sometimes we use two-way radios to keep in contact with team members, even in small locations, depending on conditions and terrain. We also carry mobile phones.

8. We respect the privacy of a property’s owners and make sure to seek permission first before making any findings public. We also honor any contracts or agreements made with the owner of a location and all of our team members are expected to abide by those rules.

9. We do not allow the drinking of alcoholic beverages before, during or directly after an investigation. Inebriated persons are a health and safety hazard to everyone and a responsible team will consider the welfare and safety of all, including the general public. It also shows a lack of respect for the team, the rules, the founders and the owners/managers of locations. Since alcohol tends to impede rational thought processes it would also invalidate any claims of paranormal activity. The use of illegal or controlled substances is disallowed.

10. We dress appropriately for the location we will be investigating.

11. We always have at least one First Aid kit on an investigation, with members trained in tending aid.

12. All team members are expected to be respectful of the property, it’s owners, and the general public. We dispose of our own rubbish, clean any surfaces and areas we may have used and conduct ourselves in a responsible manner. We do not leave a mess for the owner to tidy up.

13. Baseline readings are conducted before the commencement of an investigation.

14. We also provide our own security officers for those locations where privacy and security are necessary. They do not participate in the investigations.

15. Occasionally will we publicly announce the location of an upcoming investigation. We prefer to keep most locations private until after the investigation has taken place, unless we are otherwise contracted to keep it completely private and unpublicized.

16. We prefer to not perform séances or use Ouija boards during an investigation. It is our personal belief that if a ghost/spirit is already active it does not need to be called forth by such tools or techniques. We also believe that séances and Ouija boards could be quite dangerous and possibly attract or summon something malevolent that has previously been unable to come through.

17. We absolutely do NOT allow provocation, baiting, shouting, swearing or any other negative behavior as a method of encouraging activity. We keep in mind at all times that if ghosts/spirits do exist, they at one time were someone’s family member/loved one. Disrespect is not allowed. This is non-negotiable.