Finding and Testing a Psychic Medium

We do not currently have an official team psychic medium on all of our team branches, but we do have one for our California team.

It seems that many teams have the misconception that it is necessary to have a team psychic medium. This is not so! Many very good teams do not have one. In some cases having a self-proclaimed medium can be more of a drawback than a benefit because someone who is not genuine can break your team’s reputation.

Finding a psychic medium isn’t very difficult. Merely advertising the fact that you are looking for one will bring many self-proclaimed psychic mediums out of the woodwork. The hard part is determining who among them is genuine.

One of the main problems that arises when trying to find a genuine and competent medium is the near impossibility of testing them in such a way that is infallible. Here are just a few ideas for testing someone who claims to be a medium.

  • If you regularly investigate a location that you have not publicized or have withheld pertinent findings about arrange for a trustworthy team member to transport the ‘psychic medium’ to the location without letting them know beforehand where they will be going. It is best to use a location that can not be easily researched over the internet or in a local library. The problem with this method is that critics can claim that the trusted team member in charge of transport may have given information to the medium during the drive to the location. Without fitting a wire to the team member and also installing CCTV in their vehicle it is pretty much impossible to categorically deny such a claim.
  • Appoint a team member to be the sole interviewer of potential psychic mediums. The interviewer would also need to keep the identity of the chosen ‘psychic medium’ secret until they arrived for the investigation. This removes the possibility of other team members having contact with the ‘psychic medium’ via telephone, letter, email or in person before the investigation. This is another fallible method as it could be claimed that the interviewer intentionally or unintentionally revealed information to the potential psychic medium.
  • Take the potential psychic medium on a walk-through of the location, videotaping them as they reveal what they claim to be picking up from the location. These ‘psychic revelations’ can later be compared against known information about the location. Again, you will run into the problem of sceptics and critics claiming that the psychic was fed information by another team member, was told about the location ahead of time and did some research, or they made some very good guesses based on some knowledge of history. No matter how honest you are, and no matter how secretive you are about information, there is really no way to prove to critics that you are being truthful about testing conditions and the care taken to keep the ‘psychic medium’ in the dark. Prior knowledge of history is also a very valid point. In the North East of England if a medium claims that someone named ‘George Dixon’ was somehow connected to a location in the late 1700’s or early 1800’s they would probably be right. Why? Because Dixon is a very common surname in the North East, and it was fashionable to name a son George in honour of King George III. If you examine birth registers between the years of 1760 to 1820 you will see that many families had a son named George.
  • Request that your potential “psychic medium” do a cold-reading for you via private message/chat. For our own team psychic medium I found this method to be very effective, particularly since I requested information regarding a location that I have been scouting for a future investigation, and not one that we have already visited. Even my team members were in the dark on this one.

You will never be able to satisfy all the critics and sceptics. There will always be something that is questionable about your testing methods. You could have James Randi sitting in and watching your methods and even if he proclaimed to the world that your medium was genuine and your testing methods foolproof there would still be another critic out there ready to claim that James Randi must have been fooled as well. Its a no-win situation. All you can really do is this… test a potential medium with methods that you and your team find satisfactory. If you truly believe that your chosen medium is honest, genuine and has integrity then go with your gut instincts and ignore the critics. But also bear in mind that anyone can claim to be a medium. Some will so badly wish to be a medium that they’ve convinced themselves that they do indeed possess the gift, while others know that they do not possess any gifts of mediumship but they are very good at deception. Only you and your fellow team members can decide who is trustworthy enough to be given the title of Team Medium.

Article written by Cindy Nunn