Music as an Investigation Aid

One of the things we love about investigating are the seemingly endless possibilities to experiment with new methods. From the very beginning of our team’s founding we have been using music as an aid to encourage paranormal activity. We believe that the type of music used should be something that would have been familiar to former occupants of a location. At The Keep in Newcastle we played Gregorian Chants and Scottish bagpipes, which we believe may have provoked some of the interesting occurrences which took place that night. At The Grange in Hurworth we either played pre-recorded music from the Victorian and Edwardian eras or Colin would play one of the pianos at the location. Naturally, when we did the Harperley POW Camp we played music from the WWII era.

We also believe that certain music can be used to provoke particular emotional responses from ‘ghosts’ or other paranormal entities. Because of this belief we tend to avoid playing genres of music that might encourage a violent or unpleasant reaction, such as punk, heavy metal, acid house or thrash. Of course, these genres of music might be the best type to play when investigating an old battlefield due to the emotions that the rhythms and beats might promote.

If you wish to use music during an investigation the best thing to do is experiment and keep a record of the perceived changes in the atmosphere according to the type of music being played.

Article written by Cindy Nunn