The Teams

We currently have teams in North Idaho, Alaska, Arizona,California, North Carolina, South Carolina, Wisconsin and England (on hiatus) with more in the pipeline.

The “Mother Team,” located in North Idaho, is headed up by the founders, Cindy Nunn & Colin Nunn. Members are:

  • Cindy Nunn – Founder
  • Colin Nunn – Founder
  • Susan Griffin
  • Heather Cowan
  • Erin Kingsbury
  • Dustin Wiggins
  • Shayne Craig
  • Chris Heilman
  • Maggie Heilman
  • Renae Yates Horner

The Alaska team has the following members:

  • Lisa Langsdorf Cloran (team manager)
  • Scott Cloran
  • Stacey McAda Wright
  • Rae Clark
  • Eric Clark

The Arizona team has the following members:

  • Cathy Flip Garziano
  • Carolyn Garziano
  • Jenna Lynn Hulette
  • Mandy Briers

The California team has the following members:

  • John Childress (team manager)
  • Pattie Childress
  • Michael Hanna
  • Don Gibbons
  • Cheryl Krause
  • David Nelson (also of CalGhost Paranormal)

The North/South Carolina team has the following members:

  • Michael Kuntz (team manager)
  • Raymond Rolon
  • Michelle Vella-Rolon
  • Howie Eury
  • Mary Jessica-Elaine Dodge
  • Carolyn Sue Lohr
  • Chris Hickerson
  • Kaitlyn Eury
  • Bobbi Goodman

The Wisconsin team has the following members:

  • Patty Brungraber (team manager)
  • Amanda Kaker

The England (U.K.) team, currently on hiatus, has the following members:

  • Sharon Brentnall (team manager)
  • Ivan Brown
  • Sharon Cobb

Our Researchers & Advisors:

  • Cheryl Natriello (USA)
  • Darren W. Ritson (UK)