The Teams

We currently have teams in North Idaho, Alaska, California and North & South Carolina, with more in the pipeline.

The North Idaho team is the “Mother Team,” headed up by the founder, Cindy Nunn. Members are:

  • Cindy Nunn
  • Colin Nunn

The California team has the following members:

  • John Childress
  • Pattie Childress
  • Michael Hanna
  • Don Gibbons
  • Rick Rockwell (Northern California solo member)
  • Cathy Flip Garziano (Honorary Member)

The Alaska team has the following members:

  • Lisa Langsdorf Cloran (team lead)
  • Scott Cloran
  • Stacey McAda Wright
  • Rae Clark
  • Eric Clark

The North/South Carolina team has the following members:

  • Michelle Vella-Rolon (team lead)
  • Raymond Rolon
  • Michael Kuntz
  • Howie Eury
  • Mary Jessica-Elaine Dodge
  • Carolyn Sue Lohr
  • Chris Hickerson
  • Kaitlyn Eury
  • Bobbi Goodman
  • Sharon Biehl

Our Researchers & Advisors:

  • Cheryl Natriello (Florida)
  • Sharon Brentnall (UK)
  • Jenna Lynn Hulette (Arizona)